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What Laws You Should Consider When You Decide To Make An Interior Renovation

Before proceeding with the apartment renovation, you should carefully study the law and it says:

  1. The owner is prohibited from doing repairs in the apartment on days of rest and holidays if they are considered public.
  2. A schedule of work is being established. It must be strictly observed by the owner of the apartment in order to avoid quarrels with neighbors. It is allowed to start repairs at 10.00 am and finish at 19.00, not later. In some regions, the law allows for the repair of an apartment until 22.00.
  3. The duration of the working day is 6 hours, not more. But there is an exception if complex work is being carried out, for example, electrical wiring. In this case, take a short break. Only in new buildings, all finishing works are carried out from 7.00 am to 11.00 pm without a break.
  4. According to the law, the time for repair work in public houses is three months.
  5. There is a provision on the noise level, it is equal to 40 dB, no more. All construction tools that emit a loud noise and have a vibration effect that exceeds the established standards are prohibited to use. If you violate this law, you can be brought to administrative responsibility.
  6. Homeowners are prohibited from breaking walls between adjacent rooms. If such changes are included in the repair project, it is imperative to coordinate your actions with neighbors and obtain their consent in order to avoid conflicts in the future.
  7. Strictly monitor the collection of debris and construction waste, so as not to obstruct the staircase and the access of residents to the elevator. The houses must have all the conditions in case of danger for emergency evacuation.
  8. Properly use the public elevator to transport building materials, they must be transported in special packages.
  9. Carrying out repairs outside the regular hours must be agreed upon with the neighbors, as well as get their written consent. This will enable you to carry out repair work in the apartments for rent in Charlotte NC without conflict.

Noise Excess Statement

Noise Excess Statement

Our article introduced you to the main provision of the law on the conduct of repairs in an apartment of a residential building. We are ready to analyze some of them in more detail. According to lawyers, the noise level cannot be exceeded, since this is a violation of the law of on repairs, as well as sanitary standards. There is a law “On Silence”, where this fact is considered a violation of civil order.

For example, 40 dB noise is perceived as 50 dB noise easily and does not cause irritation. This example shows that the noise effect for each of us is acceptable if it is from 30 dB to 60 dB. Therefore, according to the law, loud noise from repairs is petty hooliganism. This means that in order for an unscrupulous tenant of the house to bear administrative responsibility, it is necessary to measure the noise level. Then, if it is exceeded, draw up a protocol and call the owner to account.

Holiday Apartment Renovation Act

The current law on apartment renovation on weekends states that it is permissible to engage in noisy work during this period only after obtaining consent from neighbors. It is strictly forbidden to make reconstruction on such days, that is, install partitions or demolish walls in the apartment. If the repairmen do abuse and disrupt your vacation by carrying out repairs, there are several ways to find a way out of this situation:

  1. First, try to negotiate so that they are quieter. Call or make a visit.
  2. If, after a conversation, the noise of a neighbor’s repair work continues, you should call the police.
  3. If the work is in progress and the noise does not stop, make a statement, also ask the neighbors to sign it and send it to the district police officer. The representative of the law must warn violators of the silence or impose a fine for their illegal actions.

Required actions before starting repair work

Required actions before starting repair work

  1. To get acquainted with the regulation on carrying out repair work in a residential building. Know the noise standards for your area.
  2. Know exactly the time set for conducting noisy work and strictly observe it.
  3. Coordinate your actions with neighbors so as not to cause dissatisfaction with the noise of the work performed.
  4. Another option is to solve your problems through the court. A list of documents should be provided, this is an act drawn up on the violation of silence, a list of residents who live in a noisy apartment. It will also serve as a confirmation of the violation of the provision on silence, audio or video recording of the noise, and the protocols provided by the police.
  5. If the owner is carrying out illegal redevelopment in his apartment, whose actions are not confirmed by the relevant authorities, you should contact the housing office. Such violation threatens with penalties, in the worst-case – eviction.
  6. The right to conclude a work contract or the provision of services

How it works. If you hire workers for repairs, it is better to conclude a contract with them. Workers can take the money and disappear, ruin an expensive laminate when installing ceilings, flood neighbors, or delay repairs for six months. Without a written agreement, it will be difficult to get compensation from them and generally prove that they owe something.

The type of contract depends on the result. If in the end, you have to hand over something that can be touched – this is a work contract. There, it is not the process that is important, but the tangible result of the work: a staircase, an arch, a glazed loggia.

A service contract is concluded when they pay for the process: laying laminate, installing ceilings, wall insulation. There may not be a clear division between these agreements, but they have different consequences. For example, it is possible to hire third parties under a work contract, but not under a service contract. In the work contract, you need to prescribe a ban on the involvement of subcontractors, and in the service contract – permission.

The contract can be concluded with anyone: with a company, individual entrepreneur, self-employed, or an ordinary individual.



Determine for yourself what kind of apartment renovation you want to do. Based on this, make an estimate, plan funds, think over the amount of necessary building and finishing materials, tools. Include the cost of the work of the construction crew here and leave some of the funds for various unforeseen situations.

You need to immediately determine what kind of wallpaper you will glue or what kind of tiles you will lay since some materials must be ordered in advance and wait for them for several months. This also applies to the furniture you are planning to buy. The best way to make it is to do it online, due to the larger assortment in the designs and styles. New York Furniture Outlets is one of the best online furniture shops that provide qualitative client service and stylish furniture pieces.

We hope that you learned from our article about the law for repairing an apartment. This means that it will help to avoid conflicts when transforming your apartment. Success is depended on your actions. Thinking over all sorts of ways, you can solve different controversial issues arising at each stage of repair work.

Only the correct distribution of your time, observance of all norms stipulated by the legislation, will help you successfully make repairs in the house and avoid all problems. Naturally, circumstances arise differently, but only the ability to listen and understand the people around you will help you successfully carry out repair work.


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