Top Questions You Need to Ask to Find the Best Auto Accident Lawyer
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Finding the Best Auto Accident Lawyer: The Top Questions You Need to Ask

Were you recently hurt in an auto accident? There are around six million auto accidents in the US every year. Roughly three million people are injured in these accidents every year.

If this kind of accident just happened to you, your friends might be urging you to consider hiring an auto accident lawyer. Read more here on how to find auto attorneys and the top questions to ask so that you find the best one for your case.

Auto Accident Legal Definition

The legal definition of an “auto accident” is when a motor vehicle hits stationary objects like a pedestrian, animal, or another vehicle. Auto accidents also apply to someone who is a victim of a hit and run accident. This legal term has consequences that outline out what every person involved in the accident is liable for.

When a driver applies for a driver’s license, they are responsible for demonstrating a “legal duty.” Drivers have a “legal duty” to obey all traffic laws to maneuver their vehicles safely around other drivers, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Disagreements occur when the accident victim and driver don’t agree if the driver was reckless or purposely intended to avoid honoring these legal duties.

What is an Auto Accident Lawyer?

An auto accident lawyer will represent accident victims who think their injuries were caused by a driver’s reckless behavior. Auto accident attorneys are sometimes referred to as personal injury attorneys who practice tort law.

The best car accident lawyer is one who can direct victims through negotiated settlements with an insurance company. They can also guide victims through the trial court system in the event a settlement isn’t reached.

How to Find the Best Accident Lawyer

There are many resources available to you to help you find an auto accident attorney. Ask your family members or friends who might have had an auto accident of their own, for a referral to their accident attorney. Ask these contacts to share their direct experiences with you.

If you’ve worked with another attorney on a different legal matter, ask them “can you recommend any accident attorneys near me?” You might be surprised how many referrals they may offer you.

You can also find referrals from your local legal bar association. They have networks of lawyers with experience in your case.

Interview Some Professionals

Once you have your professional referrals, it’s time to find the best accident lawyer for you! Give these referrals a call to schedule an appointment. Be sure you have the facts of your case in hand so that you and your potential legal representative can avoid any miscommunications from the start.
Questions to ask each possible candidate might include:

• What is your experience with auto accident cases that resemble mine?
• Can you estimate my odds at winning this claim?
• What is a common settlement amount for claims like mine?
• What is the cost of your professional fee?

Next Steps

Finding a great accident claim lawyer is not impossible. You just need to take the time to find a professional you are comfortable working with.

Call your local bar organization. Ask them to connect you to their service called the lawyer referral line.

Ask your co-workers to share their referrals as well. Then you can confidentially start to connect with an auto accident lawyer to discuss your case.

If you need advice, don’t forget our website. We’re here to help secure the legal services you need so you can focus on the important stuff – getting back to good health.