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How To Know If A Used Truck Has Been In An Accident

Investing in any used vehicle which has been in an accident can have long-term consequences especially if the accident was a severe one.

Some damages can go undetected if you don’t perform a thorough inspection of the vehicle.

Here are some ways you can know if a used truck has been in an accident.

Find Out If A Used Truck Has Been In An Accident

Ask For Service Records

Service records can give you a good idea of the maintenance history of the truck. A fully detailed service record will keep track of any parts which have been replaced, the oil changes which have been made, and all the previous owners of the truck along with other important contact information.

If a used truck has in fact been involved in a minor accident, you should ask for all the details regarding it. You should also get the contact information of the seller’s insurance company or the truck accident lawyer if they have been involved.

Badly Concealed Defects

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Make sure you perform a thorough inspection of the body of the truck in broad daylight. If there is an inconsistency in the color or texture of the paint in different parts of the body, it is most likely the indicator of a quick paint job.

This might have been done to cover up any defects or visible damages which can be discovered on closer inspection. If you notice anything off with the paint, make sure you point it out and get an explanation from the seller.

Uneven Body Panel Joints

Uneven seams or body gaps between the door and frame is a definite red flag. If the panels on both sides of the truck are poorly matched, it might have been involved in a crash.

Uneven hood gaps are also an indicator of quick repair work which might have been done to the truck. If the panels along the body seem wavy or uneven, point it out to the seller.

The Tyres Show Tread Wear

Thoroughly examine each tyre of the truck for any misalignment or tread wear. Uneven tyre wear can be the result of a number of issues including a worn-out suspension.

Bald or flat spots can be an indicator of improperly balanced tyres which can result from skidding. Uneven tread wear makes the tyres more susceptible to bursts and leaks so ask for a proper replacement at the expense of the seller.

The Engine Makes Strange Noises

The Engine Makes Strange Noises

If the engine makes a knocking or rumbling sound while starting, it could indicate some deeper issues in the vehicle. Problems with the crankshaft and its wiring can cause the engine to stall and vibrate more than usual.

Accidents can cause misalignment of the crankshaft due to excessive force from the piston assembly. Although this is uncommon, it is best to discuss the issue with the seller instead of ignoring it.

Pay Attention To The Underside

Checking the underside is the best way to discover hidden damage in the truck. The presence of rubberized undercoating can be concerning since many sellers use this method to conceal damaged or replaced parts.

Ask the seller whether it is just a protective measure or if parts have been replaced. Thoroughly inspect the underside for any misaligned parts, uneven frames, poorly welded joints, or excessive rust.

Check The Transmission

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Internal issues with the transmission can result from accidental impacts. Even a small crack can affect the way your vehicle functions leading to shifting problems and leakage issues.

You can pull the dipstick on the automatic transmission to inspect the fluid. If the fluid shows a brownish tinge and has a strange odor, the transmission most probably has internal issues.

Take The Truck For A Test Drive

Never buy a used truck without taking it for a test drive. See whether there are any issues with starting the engine. Check the acceleration at different speeds including slow and highway speeds.

Listen closely for any thudding or rattling noises. Test the brakes to see whether they work quickly and smoothly. Try out different parking positions. If you feel like anything is off, clarify it with the seller.


Don’t rush the buying process especially if the truck is a used one. If you aren’t exactly sure whether the seller is telling you the truth we recommend hiring a professional vehicle inspection service to confirm the quality of the vehicle.


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