Filing for divorce online in 2019 | Mission is possible
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Filing for divorce online in 2019 | Mission is possible

Previously, the news feeds were constantly replete with reports of dirty and scandalous divorces of celebrities. We had a clear understanding that a divorce is a horror that will squeeze out of you all that is possible, leaving behind debts due to service of lawyers and shattered nerves.

Such fears were especially well supported by friends or relatives who have already undergone a contested divorce, describing it in all terrible colors. Nevertheless, the medal has two sides and now a contested divorce is replaced by an uncontested dissolution of marriage, which is quiet, fast and inexpensive.

According to, the essence of an uncontested divorce is that both spouses are ready to settle their differences and disputes in order to dissolve their marriage as quickly as possible. And with the development of modern technology, it is possible to get an uncontested divorce online.

What is Divorce Online?

Getting divorce online means that spouses prepare all the necessary documents for dissolution of marriage using special websites like Most couples choose this method because it allows them to get an affordable, fast, cheap and easy divorce. The whole process is like an interview about your marriage.

You go to the site that is engaged in the preparation of papers and answer all the questions that are relevant to your marriage and separation. Then you get ready-made forms that can be sued. Usually, the documents will be available in 2 business days after you answer all the questions and send them to the system in divorce online.

Divorce online is really a very convenient way since you don’t need to learn the laws and the details of the preparation of divorce papers. Special services will do this for you and will also send you instructions regarding your future actions. Also, many spouses are interested in the price of such services. The price is different depending on the site where you fill out the forms, so it varies from $150 to $300 for divorce online.

Please note that the court fee is not included in the cost of preparing the forms. In court, you still have to pay and depending on the county and your circumstances (for example, whether there are common minor children or not) the amount will vary, but it will not exceed $500.  

If you hire a lawyer to prepare all the necessary documents, he will take about $ 2,000 or even more for the same job. Agree, the difference is really impressive. It is also worth noting that online divorce services provide customers with detailed instructions regarding what steps should be taken next and take full responsibility in preparing the forms.

Simply put, they will do everything for you, and all is left for you is to submit all documents to the court for divorce online, which approximately takes less than an hour.

You can also download all the necessary documents from the website of your court, but in this case, you will have to fill them out on your own or with the help of a lawyer for divorce online.

Can I file for divorce online?

A couple of states allow its citizens to file for divorce online. There is a special system that allows petitioners to submit all the necessary documents via the Internet. However, it does not work in all states and counties. In addition, states that allow e-filing (for example, Texas or Illinois) have their own conditions and requirements for those who apply to the court for divorce online.

So it is better to clarify on the website of your court whether you have the opportunity to file for divorce online or to consult with the court’s clerk. Also, note that for the e-filing system you must create your own account, all forms must be uploaded in pdf format and you also need to fill in your case number. When e-filing you must pay a court fee online using your bank card.

Is online divorce legal?

The law allows plaintiffs to prepare all documents in a way that is more convenient for them. If a person wants, he can fill out all the papers on his own or use any online papers preparation system. So online divorces are quite legal and are a good alternative to lawyers.

It does not matter for the court how you fill out the papers, the main thing is that they should be compiled correctly in accordance with state law. Any error in the forms can lead to a slowdown in the divorce online or rejection the case.

And this again plays in favor of online divorces, since platforms that prepare papers have staffer lawyers who check all forms filled out by the system.

Do I need an attorney?

Lawyers are required only in the case of a contested divorce, where it is necessary to protect the interests of the ward. An uncontested divorce already assumes that the spouses agree with each other regarding all the provisions of their dissolution.

Therefore, they simply do not need a third party in order to get a divorce online. Although even if you have a small disagreement, you can use the services of mediators who direct their efforts to help the spouses make a decision that would be good for both of them.

What should I do in order to get an online divorce?

  1. The basic thing you have to do is talk to your spouse and discuss all the details of your divorce online. You must come to a complete understanding of each other and be agreeable regarding all parameters of your divorce online, including the division of property and custody of minor children, as well as solve the issues of financial maintenance of the child and alimony.
  2. Choose a company that will deal with your papers. On the Internet there are many sites that provide services for the preparation of forms, however, not all sites have a full package of necessary documents. Pay attention to the reviews of those who have already used the services of the company, they can clarify for you the strengths and weaknesses of the platform. Also, find out if the site has a money back function in case if you receive incorrect papers. Focus on those platforms that have long existed in the online divorce market. You can also get from the court’s clerk a list of all the forms that are necessary for your case in order to compare it with the papers that divorce online service will send to you.
  3. Once you have chosen a site that will prepare your forms to answer all the questions that are required, you can even do this with your spouse. In addition, some sites have the function of sending your completed forms to a spouse so that he or she has an opportunity to review all the papers before you file them with the court.
  4. When the papers are ready you should make two copies and file all forms package with the court. If your county allows e-filing, you can send them via the Internet. Whichever is more convenient for you, you can send documents to the court by mail or submit them personally at the clerk’s office. Depending on the type of your petition, you can submit documents with your spouse or independently.
  5. After the papers are submitted to the court and for them is assigned a registration number, hand over the files to your spouse so that he or she can familiarize with the case and if give a consent to participate in the process. If you are filing a joint petition, you can skip this step for divorce online.
  6. After the spouse has received all the papers, he or she needs to give a court a positive answer regarding the participation in the process of divorce online.
  7. Prepare a settlement agreement with your spouse, which will need to be sued along with the final forms (they depend on the county where you are getting a divorce). If you have common minor children, draw up a Parenting Plan in which you should indicate in detail all your responsibilities regarding the upbringing of the child, the type of custody, ways to resolve controversial issues and the time the child will spend with each parent.
  8. Once all documents are filed the court will set a date of the hearing. In most cases, the judge provides divorce in California and every state of the USA right at the first hearing, although there are situations where the spouses do not even need to participate in the court’s session in order to dissolve the marriage.

So it is Easy Nowadays

Recently getting a divorce online is becoming easier and easier. There are many services that are ready to help spouses to terminate the marriage quietly and peacefully. As well as modern technology gave us the opportunity to access almost any information without even leaving home.

Online divorce has become something familiar, without which it is difficult to imagine dissolution of marriage. Many people become regular customers of the online service and get a divorce through them from marriage to marriage. So if you still doubt whether to get an online divorce or not, just drop all doubts and see for yourself that this is an effective and easy way to end dead relationships.

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  1. Sergey

    January 30, 2019

    Legalzoom is expensive. But good quality. DivorceFiller is affordable.

  2. Sergey

    January 30, 2019

    Legalzoom is expensive. But good quality. DivorceFiller is affordable.

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