Filing for Bankruptcy in Court
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Filing for Bankruptcy in Court

It is important that while you are on the verge of falling bankrupt, you also know what kind of filing you are dealing inside the courts, as to how your bankruptcy lawyers (in Ontario CA/ ) dwell on the matter in the court.

According to Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP (2010), in their Stroock: A Guide to Bankruptcy Law in the United States, there is this part in bankruptcy filing wherein debtors or applicants must identify the type of filing they are giving the courts, and there are two (2) types: 

1. Voluntary Filing

 According to the abovementioned authors, “A voluntary bankruptcy case is commenced when the debtor files a petition under the particular Chapter of the Bankruptcy Code under which it wishes to proceed. The filing of the petition bring about the stay that is automatic (and constitutes the order for relief under the Chapter under which the petition is filed(11 U.S.C. §§ 301, 362(a)).The entry of such order for relief, however, is not a binding determination of either a debtor’s eligibility to be a debtor under the Bankruptcy Code or any other substantive matter.”

2. Involuntary Filing

 For the second type of bankruptcy filing in the court, it is the Bankruptcy Case that is involuntary, which according to Stroock,, “may be commenced only under Chapter 11 or 7 and only against a person that is eligible to be a borrower covered by the selected Chapter, unless the person is a farmer or a corporation that is not a business or commercial corporation. If a borrower has more than twelve creditors, an involuntary case begins  by filing a petition by more than three bodies holding undisputed and non-contingent allegation against the debtor, provided that such claims agglomerate $14,425 which is higher than the value of any lienor property of the borrower that secures such claims. If a borrower has less than twelve creditors which excludes employees, however, the petition that is not voluntary  can be brought by more than one body holding undisputed and non-contingent allegations contrary the debtor as long as such claims agglomerate $14,425 higher than the cost of the collateral. (11 U.S.C. § 303(b). The automatic stay can be triggered by the filling of a petition that is involuntary (discussed below in Chapter V.C.).11 U.S.C. § 362(a).”

Finally, we recommend that you check out the book made by the author mentioned in  order to extract the full details with regard Bankruptcy cases. Additionally, it is a must for any client with similar concerns as in this article to be assisted by an expert and effective lawyer from your place, or just like the LG Law Firm that has records of wins in bankruptcy cases. At the very least, this article only aims to give you a glimpse of how bankruptcy procedural cases works, for basic educational purposes.

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