Filing a Lemon Law Claim
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Filing a Lemon Law Claim with a Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney

If you have just recently purchased a new or used vehicle under factory warranty but discover that it has some serious problems after a couple of uses, you might want to consider filing a lemon law claim. But lemon laws can be confusing, and the auto manufacturer will surely fight against your claim. If you live in the Los Angeles area and are dealing with such problem, you might need the help of a Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney.

Before we go over the reasons why hiring a Los Angeles Lemon Law attorney is a good idea, let us look into some of the most common misunderstandings people have about lemon laws that eventually lead to claims failure.

They are as follows

You Need to Have a Certain Number of Repairs and Days in the Shop to Qualify for Lemon Law Protection

This is pure nonsense, but even many respected experts make mistakes with regards these areas of lemon laws. Most of these errors are due to them attempting to simplify the matter and make things clear to people who do not have any knowledge about the law.

Although lemon laws do mention a number of repairs and days a car is at the shop to establish that it is a lemon, there is no specific rule that absolutely states when a car is or not considered a lemon.

A car is considered a lemon if a ‘reasonable person’ can determine that there have been too many repair attempts done to the car or that it has been in the shop for too long.

You waited too long or Put too many Miles on the Car to File a Claim

This is just wrong. In California, for instance, you can only file a lemon law claim if it’s within 4 years from the time you established that the car was a lemon. 4 years is a long time, and there is also a reasonable standard required when you actually discovered the car inoperative and faulty. A good Los Angeles Lemon Law attorney can present persuasive arguments on when the statute of limitations clock started.

You Can’t File Because You Don’t Have Copies of Your Repair Records

While it is true that repair records are an important part of a lemon law claim, there is no law that states you can’t file one without it.

Repair records are important pieces of evidence that provide information on how many repair attempts were made on the car, or how many days it was in the shop. Repair records also include whether the history of repair is appropriate based on the kind of defect there is.

But if you do not have your repair records, all is not lost. The dealership where you had your car repaired will have copies of them as they are practically invoices of payments you made. The dealership is required to produce copies of them if you request them.

Filing A Claim is not Worth all the Time and Hassle

In most cases, people do not want to file a claim because they think it involves too much work. But, in reality, you don’t really need to do a lot apart from collecting documents. Your Los Angeles Lemon Law attorney will do all the work on your behalf.  In some cases, you might be required to give a deposition in case the claim drags out, but many cases are settled before they get that far.

For those who worry about wasting time filing a lemon law claim, fret not—most of them are usually resolved in weeks or months. Take note that your lemon vehicle is costing the manufacturer money. Apart from the legal costs, the car is also depreciating in value. It benefits the manufacturer more if they can settle the claim sooner than later so they can get the car back and resell it before its value depreciates even more.

Talking to a Customer Service agent is Better than Talking to an Attorney

Customer service managers for car dealerships may tell you that you are better off dealing with them instead of an attorney, because they offer you a quick and easy way out. But this is rarely the case. Whatever the dealership offers you, it is certainly going to be a lot less than what you could have gotten later regardless of whether you have an attorney or not.

If you don’t work with a Los Angeles Lemon Law attorney, the dealership’s customer service will probably give you a less than satisfactory offer.

Get a Los Angeles Lemon Law Attorney

No matter what kind of car or RV trouble you have, it is never a bad idea to get the help of a lemon law attorney. There are several reasons why you should, and one is that you get free legal representation.

Picture this: you’ve spent a significant amount of money on down payment, monthly payments, and yet are stuck with a car that is defective. Aside from those financial burdens, do you think it’s fair that you have to pay thousands of dollars in legal fees just to get justice from such a deceitful purchase? Of course not!

Although it’s not common to find a law that helps people without loopholes, the California Lemon Law might actually jut be what you are looking for. Apart from being one of the strongest consumer protection laws in the country, it also provides consumers with free legal representation. In accordance with its one-way fee shifting policy, the California lemon law gives attorneys permission to represent consumers with legal lemon law claims and get paid their attorney’s fees from the manufacturer who sold the client with the defective car.

With this, the attorneys can represent consumer’s cases free of charge, and still get paid for their work form the manufacturer. Consumers get justice, they get their money back, and the attorneys can make an honest means of living. It’s a win-win for everyone, don’t you think?

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