Fighting for Your Family: How to Win Custody as a Father
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Fighting for Your Family: How to Win Custody as a Father

Divorce is a hard process to deal with. The more laborious process, however, is finding a way to get child custody. This tends to be much worse for fathers.

In 9 out of 10 families, the mother tends to get preference when it comes to custody. This was the legal truth because of the “tender years doctrine.” Even now in its abolishment, it still happens.

In any event, is there a way how to win custody as a father? Is there a chance of changing custody from mother to father?

What if we tell you there is?

In this article, we’ll teach you simple ways to get ahead of the custody battle for fathers. These will help you get more time with your kids. Whether you’re fighting for full custody for fathers or filing for joint custody, this is what you need.

1. Pay Your Child Support

In the custody battle for fathers, the top priority of courts are the children. The court will ask you to provide for the children. To improve your chances of getting custody of a child, set the right child support payments.

Make an agreement with the mother and provide your dues to your kids. Maintain records and receipts of transfers. Create a way to make sure that the kids have enough for all their needs.

2. Build A Relationship With The Kids

The next thing courts look when filing for joint custody is the relationship with the father. Courts give the children to primary caregivers – the one left at home to care for them. If that’s not you, you want to make sure you build a good, kind relationship with your kids.

Many courts will take into account the children’s opinions of their parents. You can do this by spending more quality time. While changing custody from mother to father takes time, you can be close with your kids by giving them your time and loving attention.

3. Be Ready With Details

When you’re fighting for changing custody from mother to father, judges will ask about details. You want to make sure you are ready in case this happens. Judges will ask pertinent things that will help you accommodate the children.

Getting custody of a child means a good, safe space for them to live in. This also means you can provide not only financial but emotional support as well. This takes into account how you prepare to educate your child and their after-school activities.

4. Start Arbitration

In a custody battle for fathers, legal mediation or arbitration is the best solution. You want to start small so a legal arbitration can help you set your case for custody first. If you feel confused, you can find out more at Hardesty Law Office.

Only when things go ugly would you want to go to court. Settlements are fantastic. These are the best when filing for joint custody.

Court hearings tend to be adversarial and expensive. If you can create a mutual settlement with the mother in your favor, that’s the best outcome you can get.

This Is How To Win Custody As A Father

Full custody for fathers is expensive and stressful. If you want to know how to win custody as a father, you need to work. Provide for your kids and connect with them, so they prefer your time.

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