Family Therapy
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Family Therapy & Counseling: How It Works

There is a wide range of reasons why a family may seek to have counseling and go through the process of therapy. Sometimes families will enter into therapy of their own volition, and on other occasions, they may be put in touch with therapists from law firms such as Prime Lawyers, who specialize in family matters. This kind of therapy seeks to resolve issues in the family, to help family members heal after a traumatic event, and ultimately to try and move forwards in a healthier situation.

This is very much a tough process for all involved, and here is generally how family therapy will work.

Issues Discussed

Family therapy is often for parents who are divorcing and in such a situation it is about helping children get through the separation of their parents. This is something which is of course very hard on children and it is critical for them to get their head around what is happening and how they can process it. Therapy can also be used for families which don’t get along, to help them find out the problem and learn to get past it.

Issues Discussed

People In The Room

When families are looking to resolve the problems they are not always in the same room at the same time. There are multiple approaches but often we will see a therapist look to speak to each family member in a one-on-one situation. This helps each member to really open up about the issues which are bothering them and the problems which they are facing. The therapist will then usually bring the family together and look to mediate as they discuss in a group what is going on.

Bring Out Issues

Ultimately this kind of therapy is about helping families to recognize what the true issues are at the heart of their problem. Many of us are scared or unaware of the real issues which we have, and so we end up suppressing them and they can manifest in other ways. A therapist will work to bring these issues to the surface. Once these issues have become known, the true healing process can start.

Bring Out Issues

Length Of Time

There really is no finite amount of time that is given to this kind of situation. In general, however, counselors will not invest more than 6 months into a case unless they have seen significant progress being made during that time.

Putting In The Work

It is important to recognize that it is very much the family members who need to put in the work here. The counselor or therapist will be the one asking questions and offering suggestions as to what can be done about the situation. Families however will only have an hour or so with the counselor, and when they leave the room it is up to them to process and to continue to work on the problems.

Putting in the Work


A successful outcome is a family which is more harmonious than before, and who understands how they can better communicate with one another. In the case of a divorce, it is about making sure that a child is given the tools which they need to process what is happening. Progress cannot be measured easily and it will be up to the therapist to decide how far the family has come.

There is no shame in seeking out family therapy and there are many families around the world who have learned to get past their issues. There is no doubt that there are a huge number of success stories out there, thanks to therapy.

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