Everything You Need to Know About Car Accident Settlement Claims
Halt | July 14, 2018 | 0 Comments

Everything You Need to Know About Car Accident Settlement Claims

Have you been in a fender bender?  Perhaps your car got dinged up a bit?  Or you may have been in a major accident and either you or someone in your family was injured?  If this is the case then you’ll surely need to file an injury claim. WinWales is the place to go in the UK when you are in need of help.  When searching for a car accident lawyer look for full-service accident claim specialists that works for you to bring home a settlement.

Ok, so you’ve been in an accident, someone was hurt and you need to file a settlement claim.  What should you do? Below is a list of the pertinent actions you should take.  

Document Everything

When you get in an auto accident you should always document everything.  It’s even more important when the accident involves an injury since you’ll possibly be going in front of a court or mediator.  Luckily we live in a world with cameras and video at our beckon call. Remember to take photos and or video of all of the damage to both your car and the others involved.  

You’ll also want to make notes on a piece of paper or your phone’s notepad about every detail you can think of from the accident.  This also includes taking pictures of any injuries, keeping receipts, and a journal of your mental state in the days following the accident.  Another thing you’ll want to do is exchange information with the others involved in the accident.

File a Police Report

Even if things don’t seem too dire directly after the accident, you should still call the police.  This will be important if you do file a claim in the weeks following the accident. The police report will contain small details that you may have missed on your own and could end up making or breaking the verdict on your settlement.  One thing to remember is to make sure you get the police officer or officers names that were on the scene.  This will make it easier for you to collect the police report later.

Call an Attorney

After you’ve received the police report and collected all of the evidence and information from your accident, it’s time to call an attorney.  You need to make sure you call an attorney that specializes in car accident claims.  They will gather your documents and police report to go over everything with you. After this, the attorney will decide if they feel you have a valid claim or not.  If it is decided that your claim is valid the lawyer will go over with you the possible outcomes of the claim.

When you are involved in a car accident especially one that leaves you or someone you love injured things can seem frantic and even scary.  However, when you are armed with a plan and or a guide on what steps to take and who to call, you’ll feel much more at ease to face the situation.


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