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How To Land A Job – Employment Guide For Ex-convicts

Employers mostly hesitate to hire ex-convicts as they are not sure if they will commit offenses again in the future. This could affect their brands as well as sometimes could harm other employees.

At the same time, more organizations are coming together to offer a helping hand to people who have a past criminal record. By helping ex-convicts get a job and maintain a good lifestyle, thousands of dollars that are used for making prisons can be saved.

If you are an ex-convict then you probably cringe when a criminal record is asked for during employment procedure.

While you wouldn’t want to lie about it as you know eventually the record will be found, at the same time, you may be apprehensive, to tell the truth with the fear that you may not get the job.

There are now many options being made available for ex-convicts to find employment. By following the four things mentioned, you can also benefit from employment opportunities.

Employment Guide For Ex-convicts

See An Attorney To Know Your Rights

How To Land A Job - Employment Guide For Ex-convicts

This is a great place to start with. By meeting an attorney you will be fully aware of what your rights are and what you can do about the criminal record. At times, with the help of an attorney, you can get your criminal record removed.

They can help you get a certificate of employment from the court that legally states that you are clear of the crime and can now be hired. Sometimes it is possible that you do not completely understand your rights and the legal protection you can get when job hunting.

The lawyer can help you take steps to correct your public record and update the database.

Check For Inconsistencies In Your Background Report

When you get a copy of your background report, you can check if there are any inconsistencies in it. It must be 100 percent correct and accurate. You can get in touch with a background screening firm to investigate and correct any errors.

If you feel that the report of your background has some terms in it that you don’t understand or feel that it has not been fairly portrayed, you can take quick action against it.

Start Applying At Places Which Offer You A Chance To Start Again

Job in the Legal Field

The most common indicator of how you will perform at a job is probably your past record. For such matters, a criminal record can be a setback.

However, there are several industries out there that hire felons, such as automotive jobs, commercial services, manual labor trade jobs, etc. Try to find these jobs for felons and hold on to them. Once you start performing well in such workplaces, you can rebuild your resume and the next job will be easier to get.

It’s like a building block wherein you start one step at a time. When you have made a positive impact in your new work environment you can ask your colleagues or employers to recommend you for other jobs.

Even a few months in an entry-level job can help you get a good reference. Be positive at work, have a can-do attitude, and be punctual. These qualities will make you indispensable at work. The road from there is only forward for you!

Be Honest In Your Interviews

There are many organizations and networks set up for ex-convicts to help them through the challenges they face. They even help people find jobs and be comfortable in interviews.

You must know that you are not alone in this situation and there is definitely light for you at the end of the tunnel. Make yourself mentally prepared for the interview.

If you believe that you have changed your ways, then your future employers are likely to see it too. When at an interview, be honest about your conviction but at the same time stress how you are planning to change your life.

This will help you start on honest terms and you will start your work journey on a positive note.

Be Honest In Your Interviews

Once you are confident that you want to bring about a change in your life, be swift and do all you need to. Start with getting your background report and understand what the employers will see.

Practice interviews with people who are close to you so you are more confident when you actually go for a real one. Know your rights and prepare yourself.

While the initial start may be hard, over time you will get over it and be able to prove yourself as an efficient employee.

Be kind to yourself and maintain good physical and mental health. Surround yourself with positive people who back you up on your journey to a successful career.


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