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During COVID-19 Keep Business Legally Safe

Businesses and shops have got them ‘We’re Closed’ signs permanently turned. The ‘we’re open’ part isn’t about to happen any time soon. It’s a bizarre, eerie feeling and the hive of activity as we know it is gone – and for how long?

Travel has been postponed and supply chains disrupted and Mayor Carlos Gimenez in Miami, Florida has ordered a permanent close-down unless your business is offering some kind of essential service. That means for many businesses there is nothing flowing into it and nothing flowing out.

What has your insurance policy got to say now and how are they reacting to businesses closing because of COVID-19?

Check your business policy now

Can businesses hope for some kind of reprieve?  Certainly, you should check your business insurance policy just to see what it says about business interruption coverage. You want to know where to look to offset losses and your insurance may well provide some sort of relief and different kinds of coverages.

For any businesses suffering losses and looking for coverage, this coronavirus time requires having experienced coverage advice. If there is a glimmer of hope for your business you need to know about it, and if your claim is ignored or denied, you need to know of someone in these horrendous times who can help you. You want to recover compensation for your business, and you want to get in early too before the glut begins.

Get help with understanding insurance lingo

As it is, like all insurance, business insurance is governed by the language of the policy, and for instance, the business interruption coverage in some insurance policies actually requires physical damage to or loss of the property that is covered.

If you’re at a loss and you don’t understand what your insurer is trying to say about commercial property insurance and coverage for any suspension of a business as a result of Coronavirus, you need someone with property claims adjusting and legal representation experience on your side. This is because as far as you can see the virus hasn’t caused direct damage to your insured property and you don’t know what it all means for you and your business.

Some business insurance policies have endorsements that cover business interruptions that haven’t been caused by physical damage to your commercial property, and this can extend coverage to the likes of disease and canceled booking.

Insurance policies for businesses that have this sort of an endorsement will allow the policyholder to perhaps have a glimmer of hope that their business has been interrupted because of COVID-19 and that it should be covered under the policy.

Go for compensation now!

Don’t wait and wonder – take action now and get help for your floundering business. After all your insurer has got an attorney working with them to ensure you don’t get compensation so that means you need a stronger attorney working for you. Make sure your business insurance claim is in good hands and do something now if you need compensation.


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