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5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a DUI Lawyer

Did you know that drunk driving is still a problem in our world today? It’s true! For the past ten years, alcohol has contributed to 30% of fatalities on US roads.

But what happens when you’re the one charged with a DUI? Are you worried about getting the best lawyer? Do you have any questions to ask when hiring a lawyer?

Keep reading to learn more about what questions to ask when hiring a DUI attorney!

1. What Is Your Degree and Experience in DUI Law?

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When asking about a DUI lawyer’s degree and experience in DUI law, be sure to ask what type of law they studied while in law school. Ask if there are any extra specialties they may have developed in DUI law.

Ask them how many years of experience they have defending DUI clients. Before you hire a lawyer, make sure to find out if they have any special certifications or awards they have received.

2. How Many DUI Cases Have You Successfully Handled?

It’s important to discuss this question with a DUI lawyer before making any hiring decisions. Experienced lawyers should have a generous track record of successful DUI cases. This includes past outcomes and settlements to show ability and their advocate status.

A seasoned lawyer should have a portfolio of cases from a wide range of backgrounds. This includes those with multiple DUI convictions or those with a record of DUI-related misdemeanors or felonies.

3. How Much Does Your Service Cost?

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Different lawyers may charge different rates depending on the type of case, the severity of the charge, and the hours worked. It is important to understand what the total cost for the entire process will be. This includes any extra costs for filing or trial fees.

Ask the attorney for an estimate in writing to ensure that the attorney is held accountable for any charges. It is important to find an attorney you feel comfortable working with and those costs within your budget.

Many attorneys also offer flexible payment plans that can help make the cost of representation more manageable. Be sure to discuss payment plan options before you hire an attorney.

4. What Are the Legal Strategies You Use to Fight a DUI Case?

Consider asking lawyers what type of evidence they are looking for in DUI cases. Ask how they challenge the validity of breathalyzer tests and how they prepare and present a case in court. Find out how they handle negotiations with prosecutors as well as whether they have access to expert witnesses to support their case.

5. How Familiar Are You With DUI Laws in My State?

How Serious Is DUI

This is a crucial question when seeking DUI defense help. DUI laws may vary from state to state, and you want to make sure that the attorney you hire is versed in the laws relevant to your specific case. If a lawyer is not familiar with the laws of the state you are in, they may not be able to provide you with the necessary advice and guidance to ensure the best possible outcome in your case.

Hiring a Lawyer for Your DUI Case

Hiring a lawyer is a critical step in navigating the legal process following a DUI offense. Prepare for a successful working relationship by asking the right questions. Working with a quality DUI lawyer could be the difference between an unfavorable outcome and navigating a DUI conviction without complications.

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