Common Reasons to File a Car Accident Lawsuit
Halt | October 29, 2018 | 0 Comments

Don’t Get Wrecked: Common Reasons to File a Car Accident Lawsuit

Motor accidents are the leading cause of death in persons under the age of 55 years old given the millions of accidents that take place each year in America.

Even if a person doesn’t suffer fatal injuries in an accident, injuries that do occur could lead to an inability for the affected person to manage their responsibilities.

“How will I continue to work with my injuries?” “How will I pay my bills?”

The above questions may be along the lines of what you’re asking yourself if you’ve been in a car accident. If that’s the case, another important question you should be asking yourself is whether or not you should file a car accident lawsuit.

Filing a car accident lawsuit can sometimes be integral to your getting the compensation you deserve.

Below are a few reasons why you might want to consider filing suit.

1. The Other Driver is at Fault

Fault or liability is the key factor that courts and insurance companies will consider when determining compensation awards. For that reason, if you’re 100% sure that you were at fault in an accident, it’s fruitless to attempt to sue the other driver.

On the other hand, if the accident took place through no fault of your own, you could be entitled to significant damages.

Liability is determined in different ways depending on what state you live in. A qualified auto accident attorney can help you navigate the intricacies of legal negligence to help you better understand possible case outcomes.

2. The Other Driver’s Insurance Company Won’t Pay Up

The other driver’s insurance company will likely make you a settlement offer if it’s determined that you were not at fault for your accident. The settlement an insurance company arrives at will be based on a multitude of factors, but ultimately, will attempt to pay you as small of an amount as possible.

That’s why it’s important to have a vehicle accident lawyer in your corner to help you negotiate offers.

If you can’t get a fair settlement offer from an insurance company, filing a car accident lawsuit could be worth your while.

3. The Other Driver Does Not Have Insurance

If a driver hit you without insurance coverage, in order to get money for your damages, you’ll likely need to file a lawsuit. Unfortunately though, if the person that hit you doesn’t have insurance coverage, chances are they don’t have much in the way of assets to sue against.

If the person you’re suing doesn’t have any money to claim, you can try to contact your insurance company for uninsured motorist benefits.

Wrapping Up Reasons to File a Car Accident Lawsuit

In a perfect world, after an accident, the motorist at fault’s insurance would make the victim a fair offer and legal action would not be required.

We don’t live in a perfect world.

For that reason, if your car accident situation falls into the categories above, you may want to consider filing a car accident lawsuit with the help of a qualified attorney.

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