Dog Bites
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Dog Bites and the Law – The Facts!

Dog bites in the US are frequent, with millions of Americans reporting dog bite injuries each year. The numbers for insurance claims that have been paid out range in the millions of dollars too.

The most common victims of dog bites are children and senior citizens, which is unfortunate because these are also the people that are most vulnerable to severe injuries after these attacks.

A person that has been attacked by a dog and suffered injuries as a result of this attack is liable for compensation for;

  • medical expenses
  • pain and suffering
  • lost wages.

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How To Prevent Dog Bites

  • You can stay safe from dog bites by following easy prevention tips. These are;
  • Instead of reaching out to pet an unfamiliar dog, ask the dog’s owner for permission first.
  • Once you get permission from the owner, slowly stretch out a closed hand and let the dog sniff it. You can then pet the dog based on how it reacts, and do this only on the dog’s chest and shoulders.
  • Do not pet a dog that is eating, sleeping, nursing puppies, or chewing a toy.
  • If you notice the dog growling or barking, do not approach it.
  • Usually, dogs will show that they are uncomfortable with a person using a certain body language. If the dog looks tense, has a stiff tail, shows its teeth with the jaws tightly shut, or stares at you intensely, do not try to touch it.
  • If a dog is behind a fence and is not tied up, it is best not to approach it.
  • If you are approached by a dog you do not know, try to stay calm and not run away or scream. This may agitate the dog and result in a bite. Try to stay still and quiet and avoid showing the dog your back as well.
  • If you run across a dog that is injured, do not approach it. Look for ways to contact the owner or call animal control to help.
  • Do not pull a dog’s tail to tease it, or hit and poke it. Pinching also enrages dogs and may cause them to bite.
  • If you have a family pet, do not leave small children around them unattended unless the dog is familiar to them.
  • Monitor your child around dogs and teach the child how to play with the dog gently.
  • If you are around a dog and feel that it may attack you, try these tips;
  • Stay quiet and keep calm
  • Do not make eye contact with it, place your hands at your sides, and do not run
  • Once you notice the dog easing up, move away slowly until you reach out of its sight
  • If a dog is trying to attack you, try to put any item you can find between you and the dog.
  • If a dog is trying to attack and knocks you to the ground, curl your body, and hold your hands over your ears. Do not scream or try to move.

If you are bitten by a dog the following tips will help;

Clean your wound immediately using warm, soapy water.

See a doctor

Contact animal control in your area to report the incident. Ensure that you give them all the information that you have regarding the dog. Get a dog bite attorney to advise you on the next legal steps to take.

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