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Dog Bite Cases: Everything You Need To Know

It’s difficult to predict what might cause a dog bite. The most common reason is fear or discomfort. For instance, if a person approaches a dog very aggressively, the dog may feel uncomfortable. Some dogs may bite when startled or feel threatened by something in their environment, like someone getting too close to them while they are eating or something causing them pain.

Parents should teach children to never approach an unknown dog or one without an owner. They need to teach kids not to approach an injured animal without an adult. We have all seen toddlers tease, hit, or pinch a dog. We should teach them not to do so. One should not approach a sleeping dog or one who is nursing her puppies.

With a staggering number of dog bites that happen each year, it’s necessary for animal lovers to take action against the problem. This is a problem that needs to be tackled head-on in order for it to be solved.

Who Is Liable?

Liability is different in every state, and it is sometimes difficult to determine who is liable. If you have suffered from Riverside dog bite injuries, contact a Riverside law firm to help navigate you through the claims process. You may receive compensation to cover your medical bills or any physical and/or mental damage.

Are Dog Bites Common?

Handling a Dog Bite Injury

Studies of the CDC report 4.5 million dog bites every year and 800,000 of those bites result in medical care. Dogs injure 900,000 people each year. Half of them are children under 10 years old. With this much data, there is a need for immediate attention and strict enforcement in order to see any progress in decreasing these numbers.

What Should You Do After A Canine Attack?

Having knowledge regarding what you should do is important both medically and legally.

Seek medical attention instantly. You will need to know if the animal is up-to-date on their shots. If they are not, your wounds could become infected. Take pictures before a doctor dresses your wounds. This will give more accurate documentation of your injury.

Both the victim and the owner should exchange personal information. After a car accident, you will want to exchange information with the person in the other vehicle. The same is true for a canine injury. You should secure their name, address, phone number, and whether the animal is up-to-date on their shots. Collect information from any witnesses. You can call them after being medically treated. Then contact a dog bite lawyer at Riverside.

How Does A Dog Attack Affect Your Life?

Dog Bites

Dogs have been a major part of many people’s lives, as family members or as pets. They are often one of the first animals that humans interact with as children. Therefore, a dog attack can devastate victims. Your immediate action is surprise and shock. If the attack was severe, victims will experience physical trauma from their wounds.

Dog attacks lead to many types of injuries, both physical and mental. Depending on the severity, the victim may experience scarring or tissue loss. In addition, other injuries may include:

  • Puncture Wounds
  • Eye injuries
  • Head and neck injuries
  • Rabies
  • Nerve damage
  • And more.

The mental trauma the victim faces will depend on how well they cope. They may experience some mental reactions following a dog attack.

  • Fear of dogs
  • Changes in appetite
  • Outbursts of anger, sadness, or crying
  • Stuttering
  • Changes in personality

They may not see the extent of mental damage in days, weeks, or even years, sometimes. This is especially common in children. You should still consult with an attorney about a potential claim.

Explore Legal Options With A Lawyer

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Knowing what to do after an attack is crucial to your receiving the compensation you deserve. Laws vary from state to state. You should consult with an experienced attorney who will fight for the compensation you deserve.

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