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Does A Criminal Justice Degree Help With Law School?

Law is a dynamic field, and law professionals go through different experiences in their day-to-day lives. Law is one of the oldest yet highly regarded fields. History tells us that many leaders who influenced large groups and achieved great things had a law degree. The area has progressed by leaps and bounds over the years, and today, it encompasses several subfields. Injustice continues to happen in all spheres of society. In many cases, victims are unable to fight for their rights. Law came into being to help victims of injustice get their rightful due and discourage people from taking advantage of their power and position.

A new wave of enrolling in law degrees is engulfing people worldwide. An increasing number of students have started developing an interest in the law field. Mainstream media also airs television shows around the law and court stories, which has ignited students’ spark to make a law career. Several find themselves unable to decide if the law would be an ideal career path for them. The field is challenging and can be mentally draining. Some universities offer pre-law degrees, giving insight into the area and deciding their future career paths.

Some people inquire if a degree in criminal justice helps them in their law career.

Below we are giving an inclusive insight into how a criminal justice degree can help make a career in law

1. Interest In Law

Interest in Law

A criminal justice degree will provide you with an overview of the law and help you get a foundation for an advanced law degree. Studying criminal justice as an undergraduate student gave you a chance to introspect within yourself and help you decide if a law is a right fit for you. A career in law requires you to have steel nerves and have a critical eye on current happenings. Criminal justice degree ignites an interest in law and prepares you for law school, as it gives you an outlook of the future. Various prestigious institutes are proposing e-degrees as online education is gaining immense momentum. Students can also enroll in an online criminal justice degree. It will help them gain acquiring skills required for higher studies in law.

2. Develop Critical Thinking Skills

Law is an energetic field, and it requires professionals to display their A-game all the time. Critical thinking skills are essential in law. It triggers people’s minds to see beyond apparent things, uncovers information, and leads them to hidden truths. Students learn to use their minds differently while interpreting things and understanding to view things from various perspectives. The criminal justice degree curriculum exposes students to different areas. It forces them to think out of the box and bring different interpretations.

3. Exposes To Ethics In Criminal Justice

Law has etiquette and ethics, and it requires professionals to follow them. Law professionals dealing with criminals and helping other parties get their rightful share have to abide by the criminal justice ethics and proceed with caution. Students get exposed to the ethical behavior of criminal justice professionals and work to adopt them. The course let students explore community relations, corruption on different levels, sexual harassment, and power abuse. Criminal justice professionals need to behave ethically, and criminal justice degrees inculcate necessary values in them.

4. Professional Certification

Professional Certification

People cannot practice law unless they acquire professional certification, as several states have made it mandatory. Most states require them to pass the bar exam, and then they are eligible to practice law. Some states have different bar exam rules, but most of the rules are the same. Having a degree in criminal justice exposes students to the law curriculum. It equips them with the skills essential to pass the exams. They learn communication, analytical thinking skills and make them competent enough to succeed in bar exams. Apart from the academic qualification, law professionals also need to pass the fitness test and possess specific characteristics.

5. Information Analysis And Research

Information Analysis and Research

Law professionals come across people from all walks of life. They need to be clever enough to raise intelligent questions to determine the truth. They need to gather information from all sources and analyze it and extract the truth. Law professionals should have impeccable research skills to bring out information that criminals may want to hide. Criminal justice degree courses teach students how to conduct legal research and then evaluate the findings to derive meaningful information. They learn data analysis, and their skills raise their chances of securing admission to a law school.

6. Problem-Solving

Lawyers are professional problem solvers, and they cannot earn problem-solving skills by watching legal shows on television. They should break down complex problems and information, analyze various situations, and devise solutions as per circumstances and resources. Most cases are around a dispute, leading to litigation, which means two sides are involved and striving for different outcomes. Law professionals should have the competence to form an argument firmly legally.

7. Attention To Detail

Law professionals have a strong presence of mind and nerves of steel. They need to be keenly observant and understand that their slight negligence can lead to some disastrous situations. A law degree helps students develop an eye that gives attention to detail and does not miss anything. They need to watch behaviors, body language, expression, and analyze people, as there is nothing insignificant in their profession. Criminal justice degree enables students to become observant and observe things.


A law degree enables you to make a career in a field that allows buyout onset to be human and

uphold justice. A general misconception is that law is only for the courtroom; however, the truth is law affects every aspect of society. A law school is challenging and requires students to demonstrate vigilance, determination and put in earnest efforts. Criminal justice degree helps expose students to the actual field and helps students decide if a law is the right career path.

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