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Halt | January 25, 2020 | 0 Comments

What Kind of Experience Do You Need Out of Your Family Lawyer?

When you look for trusted divorce lawyers in East Gwillimbury, experience sits near the top of the list of desirable qualifications. You want your family lawyer to know about the law as it applies to your situation and to use a career in the legal system to get you the best possible results. But what does the word experience really mean in this context? Here is a look at some knowledge your divorce lawyers should have.

Combined Legal Practice

If you schedule your initial consultation  with a family lawyer who functions as part of a law office, it helps to know how much combined experience exists within that office. In other words, if you visit and office of divorce lawyers in East Gwillimbury, how many years have each of them been practising family law? While experience is not the only way to gauge the quality of a lawyer, knowing that there is a whole legal team of knowledgeable professionals helps. If your family lawyer has the ability to consult with other lawyers with many years of knowledge, that increases the total intellectual power of your legal team. In the court, experience and knowledge mean a lot, so somebody who has been there and who can consult with other veterans helps immensely.

Case Experience

While a family lawyer in Keswick might have many years of experience, your case might seem relatively unique. In such a situation, it helps to describe the case during the free consultation and then ask how many similar cases the lawyer has tried. The more specific you can be in the consultation, the better an understanding you will have of your potential lawyer’s experience. For example, many family lawyers have dealt with child custody cases. If your child has special physical or emotional needs, that is a complicating factor. Even experienced lawyers might not have as much experience with this type of situation, and you should know what the limits of your lawyer’s expertise are.

Total Resources

While not strictly a matter of experience, you should also inquire about the resources at your lawyer’s disposal before you make a final choice regarding your legal representation. Does the lawyer serve as part of a larger office? If so, who else will be working on your case? What is their level of experience? These are all factors that you should take into consideration. When inquiring about this part of your lawyer’s experience, it might also be a good time to discuss rates and estimated charges. That way, you have a good idea upfront as to how much the representation will cost and what you are getting in exchange for the money you spend.

Knowing the experience, areas of specialty and combined resources that your lawyer has can help you make sure that the arrangement is a good fit. A trip to family court may be one of the most significant legal battles you experience—make sure that you are prepared for what that may bring.

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