Notice of intended prosecution
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Been Caught Speeding With A Notice of Intended Prosecution UK

You may be given a notice of intended prosecution if you caused a traffic accident or your vehicle was involved. Acting smoothly in such a situation by applicable regulations is essential. This will help you avoid a lot of trouble.

You should write to your lawyer if you receive a notice of intended prosecution to help you and reduce the risk of losing your driver’s license. It is vital to remain calm and not panic to solve this problem quickly.

What Is NIP?

traffic police

Notice of intended prosecution can indeed be painful at the time of receipt. It is very important to understand the situation while carefully maintaining your composure.

First, you should read the notice carefully. It is best to write to an experienced lawyer for qualified advice on all issues. A lawyer must specialize in traffic offenses to provide competent support.

The notice of intended prosecution contains information that the driver may be involved in a traffic violation. This notice is issued if the vehicle has been seen in an offense. NIPs are sent to all persons who were involved in any way with the incident to identify the culprit.

The primary purpose of sending this document is to make the driver aware of the prosecution due to a motor vehicle offense. This document is transmitted by mail, but the police can personally hand it to the perpetrator within several weeks from the accident on the road.

Suppose there is unknown information about the driver at the time of the incident. In that case, the police have the right to spend time on a pre-trial investigation and send a corresponding notification to all persons who could be somehow involved in the incident.

Violation Of Traffic Rules

Traffic Rules

A notice of intended prosecution is typically issued for a wide variety of traffic accidents and offenses the driver has observed. Among the main types of offense that may entail liability, the following should be distinguished:

  • speeding on the road;
  • violation of traffic rules;
  • non-observance of the indicated road signs on the way;
  • non-compliance with traffic rules at traffic lights and pedestrian crossings;
  • using a phone while driving a vehicle.

This document also gives all the information about what punishment awaits for drivers who violate traffic rules. If the driver does not send his answer within the time limit, his case is automatically transferred to the court for further proceedings. If you have been found in violation of a traffic law in the UK, you can find great lawyers available at LegalVision UK.

How To Proceed When Receiving A NIP?

Investigates the facts of a case

Typically, the notice is given in writing or orally to the vehicle’s registered owner. In some cases, the notification is also sent to the passengers of this transport, so this fact should be considered.

The notice is usually sent to the vehicle’s registration address. That is why the driver is always obliged to report possible changes. Otherwise, you can get additional penalty points for depriving a driver’s license.

If you have not gotten the particular document in the event of a traffic violation, you should seek a lawyer’s advice. He will answer all questions, conduct an investigation, and establish the facts of further proceedings, considering the peculiarities in each case.

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