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Do I Really Need an Attorney?

While some projects can be a weekend D.I.Y., others should be left to the professionals. Hiring an attorney can be in your best interest in numerous scenarios. Some people may choose not to use a lawyer to handle their cases or matters. However, having an attorney by your side can be advantageous in many situations. Numerous legal concerns may require a lawyer’s assistance. For instance, you might contemplate hiring a lawyer if you have sustained an injury, are beginning a business, or have been accused of committing a crime.  Lawyers can help with legal obstacles that have already arisen and prevent legal issues from occurring in the first place. Odds are, if you are debating on having a lawyer on your team, it is a good idea to contact one to see how they may be of help.

Here are a few reasons why you should consider making the decision to hire an attorney

Lawyers Have Your Best Interest in Mind

Best interests” is a looming legal standard that is followed by the industry amongst attorneys across all jurisdictions. When preparing for a legal argument or claim, attorneys must continuously monitor to ensure that the case is framed with their client’s best interest in mind, as matters pertaining to their client are placed above all others. Additionally, as the case progresses and becomes more complex, it can be advantageous to have someone, who has your best interests in mind, guiding you. Moreover, your attorney or legal counsel will provide you with genuine recommendations in the risks and benefits for every decision during the case. Your attorney is there to prioritize your matters and concerns.

Attorneys Provide Expert Advice

Whether you are facing a criminal charge in a court proceeding or entering a business contract negotiation, your attorney is there to provide you with their expert advice and experienced guidance. Throughout the process of the legal matter, your lawyer will continuously inform you about the potential legal outcomes of particular decisions, expedite negotiations, and prevent unnecessary delays. Furthermore, it would be disadvantageous to enter a courtroom, mediation, or arbitration, against an individual who is an expert in the law, without someone by your side. Particularly, if your adversary is receiving legal guidance, not having legal counsel would significantly disadvantage you. Instead of baring it alone, call on the advice of an attorney to help you make these important decisions and attend these crucial meetings.

Make Informed Decisions with the Help of an Attorney

When attending to legal matters, you are frequently confronted with countless decisions that need to be made. Whether you are going through mediation or litigation, a criminal or civil case, you are presented with a myriad of choices that need to all be answered. In a criminal case, you might get the chance to plead guilty, negotiate a plea bargain, or continue to trial. If you do continue to trial in court, there is an innumerable number of defenses that you may choose to weaponize. For example, in a driving under the influence (hereinafter “DUI”) case, a defendant may choose to argue that field sobriety tests were ineffective, which may occur because of improper footwear or English literacy issues, not alcohol. Perhaps, the defendant will assert that chemical tests can yield false positives; this can take place because of a faulty machine or user error. Utilizing the expertise of a skilled attorney can help assist you in taking the case to trial, filing motions, filling out confusingly monotonous paperwork, and everything else in between.

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