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Divorce Rate Skyrocketed Post Covid-19

The year 2020 amplified a lot of worries and uncertainties. The pandemic era tested the strength and weaknesses of many relationships.

The lockdown created so much uncertainty and instability in homes. Peoples’ lives were in disarray, from working from home to losing jobs. Circumstances like this set the stage for deeper wounds and pains to resurface.

The factors surrounding the surge for divorce applications are starting to become clear to lawyers, therapists, and academics. Many professionals believe that the rise in divorce applications may continue even after the pandemic.

The Impact Of Covid On Relationships

Online Divorce

The lockdown changed social behavior as the government had to develop quick policies to slow down the spread of the pandemic. There were restrictions on public gatherings while most employees had to work remotely to combat the virus. At first, many thought that the lockdown was a nice break from their busy lives, and people found enjoyment in spending more time with their families, but new frustrations developed as time passed.

Common disagreements among couples were their expectations of how their partner should parent and contribute in the home—for example, helping with home chores and watching the children. Not to mention the financial stress and boredom that came with the wave.

The financial uncertainty and the fact that parents had to homeschool kids added more strain to already struggling relationships. When finances are tight, it may not be possible to seek professional help, and with the pandemic, it is harder for people to find healthy outlets to deal with their stress.

For some spouses, the bright part of the pandemic came with a sober reflection on things that matter and the way forward. But for some others, it made them realize some hard truths.

The Divorce Rate During The Pandemic

How to Find a Divorce Lawyer That is Right for You

The sudden surge of divorce applications during the pandemic did not surprise the legal experts in charge of divorce cases. After a few months of the lockdown, the rise in divorce applications was enough evidence to prove that the rate would go higher than expected.

The divorce rate in the U.S went from 24 percent in 2020 to 34 percent in 2021, with newer couples filing for an annulment. The divorce rate for 2019 was between 10 to 14 percent but skyrocketed in 2020 with at least an additional 6 percent. One way to look at this is how couples handle uneventful situations in the wake of trauma.

Some people firmly believe that divorce is not an option, that no matter what, they will have to weather the storm together. But, every person has their limitations, and it can be dangerous on many levels to stay in an unhealthy relationship, mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Experts say that the divorce rate will keep rising even after the pandemic. Many couples are already experiencing physical and emotional trauma and the year 2020 just made it worse with an increase in violent behaviors.

Are You Wondering If Your Divorce Can Still Push Through?

Chicago Divorce Lawyer

If you contemplate leaving your spouse, you can start the procedures with a family lawyer. It is never an easy decision to make. But in all, finding what truly matters and what is best for everyone is the beginning of one’s true happiness.


Although the pandemic altered the pattern of living for everyone, it changed some situations for the better. People are now reevaluating how they perceive life and redirecting their focus to things that matter to them. The era came with much sober reflection and changes in decision-making.

The surge of divorce applications wasn’t limited to just the United States, but most countries in the world had a sudden rise in their divorce cases. The percentage went from a lower number to a higher number in just a few months of the lockdown. If you’ve decided to go ahead with your divorce plan, then seek the advice of a divorce counsel.


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