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Digital Marketing Tips for Law Firms

In the daily challenges to emerge on the web, with online communication and digital marketing strategies, some sectors may find it more difficult than others, mainly due to structural reasons that risk compromising their full communication development.

We are talking about all those traditional sectors that – such as banks or insurance companies – still seem rather reluctant to embrace innovation, especially with regard to content and the aspect of online communication, which is carried out in a generally cold and impersonal manner, without establishing any kind of connection with the target audience.

It is a problem very similar, in some ways, to that found in the design and architecture sectors, which are still weighed down by conventions, languages, and working patterns belonging to another century, and which are still convinced that social media and digitalization will never help them in the development of their work. Instead of becoming more and more entrenched in their positions, all these sectors should instead act in a diametrically opposed manner.

Effective Digital Marketing Strategies for Law Firms

7 Simple and Effective Digital Marketing Tips for Lawyers

A unique opportunity

The growing relevance of social media, moreover, represents a perfect (perhaps unique) opportunity to give a completely different tone to one’s language, to make it more lively and modern, in line with the times and consumer expectations.

It is unacceptable that banks, insurance companies, and law firms continue to communicate on social media with their overly technical, even bureaucratic language, hoping to generate some form of emotional engagement among their audience. These attempts will lead to exactly the opposite result because the network audience will understand very well the communication difficulties of the brand and will keep away from it as much as possible.

In essence, the advent of the web and social media must represent a strong incentive to promote policies of streamlining, simplification and unbureaucratisation, also with regard to the languages of online communication, with the aim of bringing people and all those who until now had kept strictly away from the excessively rigid style expressed by certain brands in their online communication.

Digital Marketing

By making everything simpler, and more accessible, the brand will also be able to attract the attention of the new public, especially the younger ones, also through the creative use of social media such as TikTok or Snapchat.

A chance for the legal sector

One sector that should definitely focus on simplification, also in its online communication, is the legal sector. In the perception of ordinary people, this sector is still considered almost unapproachable; it is always spoken of with reverent respect as if one were afraid of offending or disrespecting it.

All this heaviness, nowadays, can be erased with a quick virtual wipe, by means of social media and the content posted on one’s online channels. When publishing their posts on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media, brands belonging to the legal branch should be inspired by the essentiality and sobriety of certain oriental aesthetics, dropping all superfluous elements and focusing only on the core of their discourse.

In modern communication, this translates into short, concise posts, made up of even two or three effectively chosen words, but also into images and videos animated by clear references to simplicity and softer colours. By simplifying their online content, brands in the legal sector will also be able to open up to the younger generation, publishing posts capable of capturing their attention and arousing their interest in everything to do with a law firm.

Why not organize group chats on social media like Snapchat, talking about certain topics related to legality together with ordinary users and experts in the field? The very fact of organizing such a meeting on this platform will go a long way in influencing the reputation of the brand, making it even more attractive in the eyes of young people and those who surf social media for hours on end.

Digital marketing for law firms

Gambling brands have also long embraced the path of simplification, especially online. In completing the transition from the world of physical to virtual casinos, these brands have created extremely powerful portals offering countless gaming experiences, from casinos to roulette, from blackjack to baccarat, all within an extremely simple and intuitive portal.

To break down all obstacles to smooth and pleasant navigation, and to fuel simplification, these brands have developed extremely simple registration procedures that allow each player to register and start playing in a matter of moments. There are also interesting casino reviews on the site, allowing each player to find out about the different games offered by the site and to choose the one that best suits his or her taste, quickly and easily.

The path of simplicity, nowadays, is the shortest way to the hearts of consumers, regardless of your sector.

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