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How to Know if You’re Getting Good Legal Advice and What to Ask Your Defense Lawyer

If you are charged with a crime, you will want to find a great defense lawyer. But exactly how do you know if you are getting the right advice from your attorney?

The key is to interview lawyers before hiring one and knowing what questions to ask.

How to Know if You Are Getting Good Legal Advice

By asking certain questions, you can better determine whether a potential criminal defense lawyer is the right person for you.

But questions have to do with practicalities. Just as important is to look for the right personal attributes of a prospective attorney.

A good defense lawyer should be an excellent listener and respond appropriately.

He or she should also put objectivity first and remain objective throughout the process. That is how cases are won.

A good attorney will also be optimistic about your case, but not overly optimistic. He or she should be honest with you; not making false promises. But a good lawyer with experience in your type of criminal case is entitled to feel genuinely optimistic.

What to Ask Your Defense Lawyer

You also need to simply go with your gut. If a potential lawyer does not feel right, go with another.

What to Ask Your Defense Lawyer

To better ascertain whether a defense lawyer is a good fit for your needs, you should make an appointment to get free advice and ask questions.

Make sure you plan the questions you want to ask ahead of time so that every concern you have is answered.

Here are some of the crucial questions you should ask any defense lawyer you are considering hiring.

How long have you practiced criminal law?

The more experience a defense lawyer has in criminal cases, the better.

An experienced attorney can advise you well on what to expect during all stages of the legal process. He or she will also be able to anticipate the prosecution’s actions and strategies better than lawyers who have not been practicing for long.

For a strong defense, get an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Have you handled cases like mine and what is your success rate?

You not only need an attorney who has handled lots of criminal cases in the past. You also need one who has experience with cases that involve your specific charges.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

In addition, you should ask a prospective lawyer what their success rate of those cases was. You will want to find a defense lawyer who has a good record of getting the best possible outcomes for his or her clients.

How much will my defense cost?

You know you are getting good legal advice when a prospective lawyer is honest and upfront about costs.

Criminal proceedings can be lengthy and costly, so it is vital you have a good idea of what costs to expect and what the fee structure is.

In addition to paying your attorney’s fees, you could have to pay for numerous other expenses, such as investigation costs. So, make sure you know about any potential costs.

Also, ask whether the lawyer charges a flat fee or an hourly rate. If a flat fee is required, ask whether it needs to be paid in full or if it can be paid in installments.

You need to find out whether you need to pay your lawyer a retainer too.

Summing Up

When a potential defense lawyer is an upfront about fees and costs, has a good success rate of obtaining the best outcomes for similar cases, and has a wealth of experience in criminal law, you can be surer that you will be getting good advice throughout the legal proceedings.

Difference Between An Attorney And A Lawyer

Remember to find someone who is a good listener and objective too, and you will be in safe hands.


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