Defense attorney vs prosecutor
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Defense Attorney Vs Prosecutor

You should appoint a lawyer between the defense attorney and prosecutor when a case is filed against you without a valid reason. When anyone files a case against you, even though you are not responsible for the wrongdoing, you must consult an attorney to help you.

But which lawyer should you go with? A defense attorney or prosecutor? This guide will discuss the details. So, let’s talk about what a defense attorney and a public prosecutor are.

Difference Between Defense Attorneys & Prosecutors

What Is A Defense Attorney?

Criminal Defense

A defense attorney or a criminal defense lawyer is a person that practices criminal cases at the court. He stands and fights for the individual who appointed him when the fellow is charged with a criminal case.

The attorney argues with the opponent and presents evidence before a judge to prove his client is innocent. A defense attorney aims to save the accused person from the judge’s punishment.

What Is A Public Prosecutor?

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A public prosecutor is a person who fights with the defense attorney on behalf of the government. A public lawyer aims to prove the guilt of a person on whom the criminal case is charged.

To do this, he presents every relevant evidence before the judge and appeals to the jury to declare punishment.

Let’s discuss the key features of a defense attorney vs prosecutor regarding hiring, goal, workload, education, etc.


When it comes to hiring a defense attorney vs prosecutor, the process is not the same. The defense attorney is a lawyer that independently works or practices in a court under a law firm. He defends the accused person or a company in court when that person or a company hires him.

On the other hand, a public prosecutor is hired by the state or government to stand for the country or the government. He is a public lawyer and serves the public interest and their welfare.

The state can hire a defense lawyer if the accused person cannot hire a defense lawyer due to insolvency. In contrast, a defense lawyer cannot be appointed as a public prosecutor.



In defense attorney vs prosecutor, both of them have to pass through the same educational background. To be a defense attorney or a public prosecutor, you must have four years of graduation in law, three years of law school knowledge, and to attend the bar council exam.

But investing seven years in studying law is not the final point to becoming a public prosecutor or a defense lawyer.

What you need for this is the experience that is to be obtained by practicing in court.

If you want to be a prosecutor, you need to work as a lawyer for seven years and apply for the post when it is available. After that, you can establish yourself as a public prosecutor if your age matches the requirement for this job.

Your age should be 35-45 years to apply for the public prosecutor post. However, if your age matches the condition, you can easily apply.

In contrast, you need not invest much time to be a defense lawyer. It requires two years to know about civil and criminal cases, and your age will not seem to be an obstacle to becoming a defense attorney.


While talking about the specialty of defense attorney vs prosecutor, the attorney surely wins at one point: knowledge. A defense attorney can be a prosecutor and practice in court.

So he can assume how a prosecutor works to prove the acquisition charges against a person, which a prosecutor can not. This is the fact that makes a defense attorney one step ahead of a public prosecutor.

Prosecution vs Defense

In-Court Representation

The term prosecution vs defense is used in a court. It refers to acts of a state prosecutor and a defense attorney to prove the accused person’s guilt or justify their innocence.

In prosecution vs defense, the state-hired prosecutor tries to show an individual’s guilt beyond doubt. To do this, he highlights the crime the fellow has committed, presents evidence related to the case, interviews witnesses, and finally appeals to the judge for the verdict.

In contrast, the defense attorney defends the accused person as this individual chooses him to fight.

But, like a prosecutor, he also shows pieces of evidence, cross-examines his opponent’s witnesses, presents his witnesses, and finally appeals before the judge to release the accused.

Final Words

You will be discharged from charges against you when you have a good lawyer. He talks to the judge for you, proves your innocence, and helps you to lead a tension-free life. So, after examining the depth of the case, you need to choose the right lawyer to help you between the defense attorney vs prosecutor.

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