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Debunking the Most Common Criminal Defense Law Myths That Exist Today

In the US, theft is the most common property crime and assault is the most common violent crime. Despite having a relatively high crime rate and a large police force, the justice system isn’t perfect.

When you’re involved in a criminal case, you should always work with a criminal defense lawyer. It is never recommended that you defend yourself, even if you know that you’re innocent.

There are, however, some myths surrounding criminal defense law that make some people hesitant about hiring a criminal defense lawyer.

Let’s take a look at what those myths are and what the truth behind them is.

A Public Defender Is Just as Good as a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal Defense Attorney

If you don’t hire your own criminal defense lawyer (or opt to represent yourself), you will be assigned a public defender. Public defenders have, of course, gone through law school and have experience in the court. Why wouldn’t they be just as good at handling your case as a criminal defense lawyer?

Public defenders tend to have dozens of cases to handle at a time. Although they may be good lawyers, they can’t give your case the time and energy it needs.

Any Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Handle Your Case

Just because someone is a criminal defense lawyer doesn’t mean that they can handle every criminal case that shows up in the courtroom. For example, if you’re facing harassment charges, you’re going to want to work with a harassment attorney, not someone with a background in property damage or theft. The law is complex and having a license to practice doesn’t mean that a lawyer knows every law on the books.

You Can’t Afford a Criminal Defense Lawyer

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A good criminal defense lawyer isn’t just in it for the money. If you have some form of income, you can work out a payment plan with your criminal defense lawyer. If you don’t have a source of income, you may be able to find lawyers who will work on your case pro bono.

Criminal Defense Law Is Rigged Against the Defendant

Many people don’t bother to hire a lawyer because they assume that criminal defense law is rigged. They believe that the concept of “innocent until proven guilty” doesn’t actually apply and that their case is a lost cause.

Your case is only a lost cause if you don’t have someone fighting in your corner. Working with an experienced legal practice gives you much better odds of proving your innocence or lowering your sentence.

Don’t Go Through the Legal Process Alone

criminal justice degree

If you are caught up in the criminal defense law process, it’s important to find qualified legal representation. When you’re seeking legal aid, don’t believe the myths. It’s always in your best interest to work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

Looking for more information about criminal defense law and the lawyers that enter the criminal defense courtroom? Take a look around for more legal content.

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