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Deal in Auto Accessories? Know the Law

Many people are unaware that there are quite a few laws set in place when it comes to auto accessories. Herein we will go through these auto accessories and the law that will help you not violate them. Many people feel the need to express their personalities and lifestyle preferences by accessorizing their vehicles. If you have such needs, it is important to know the rules and the limits to how much you can change or should we say accessorize your car.

Auto Accessories and the Law

There are six main categories to cover when it comes to auto accessories and the law. These are as follows:

  • Noise related laws
  • Car suspension related laws
  • Vehicle exhaust modifications laws
  • Insurance rates impact laws

Auto Accessories DealBefore we take a closer look at each of these, we should point out that we will mostly focus on the USA (especially on the 19 states that require yearly car inspections). However, there are very similar laws in place in almost all countries of the developed world – in some, these are more strict than in others. Most of these laws can be found in vehicles or traffic codes.

Noise Related Laws

You’ve all heard of noise pollution before, right? Well, when it comes to vehicles, there are two standard ways one could be in violation in this area – sound system (speaker & horn) modifications and exhaust modifications.

The exact levels of permitted noise differ from state to state. Basically, there are cited levels (95 dB in California), which your speaker, horn, and exhaust noise should not surpass, otherwise, you are in violation of peace disturbance and excessive noise.

To avoid getting a ticket, you should avoid playing loud music in the residential areas and make all alterations to your exhaust and horn to fall in line with the law. Even the consist sound of the famous forged wheels could raise eyebrows.

Car Suspension Related Laws

Many individuals like to play around with their car’s suspension. However, you are not allowed to raise or lower your car as much as you’d please either. We saw many individuals abuse the popular McGaughys lift by modifying it that went against manufactures guidelines.  Most states have exact limitations for both ends (Utah for instance requires all cars to have a minimum of 3 inches of ground clearance). This is to ensure the safety of your car, you, and other people.

Normally, any suspension alterations that affect car’s safety are not permitted. Professional suspension companies will know what laws your car needs to follow.

Vehicle Exhaust Modifications Laws

We touched this one above in the noise pollution section, but there is a more serious law in place regarding the air quality, also known as the California Air Resource Board (CARB) laws, which is the most strict in California.

Auto Accessories lawInsurance Rates Impact Laws

Any type of alteration to your vehicle can get you into problems with the law and also with your insurance. As you are not allowed to drive around without the proper car insurance, it is of extreme importance to make sure your car is in line with all the laws. If any alterations made to your car are not within the limits, an insurance company can deny issuing the necessary paperwork for your vehicle.


When it comes to auto accessories and the law, the easiest and safest option is to simply keep your car as it was manufactured. However, if you do have a need to make any alterations, make sure those are not violating any of the above laws, otherwise, you could get a hefty ticket or even end up in jail.

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