Truck Accident
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4 Damages You Can Recover From a Truck Accident

Nobody ever expects to get involved in serious road accidents. Due to distractions, tiredness, and rash driving, many people get harmed in motor collisions. One common motor collision is truck accidents. Due to their decreased maneuverability, size, and weight, collision with a truck can be dangerous. In 2020, 4965 people died in truck accidents.

To avoid fatalities, you should drive carefully, but truck accidents can sometimes be unavoidable, and you can get seriously hurt. While an insurance claim or lawsuit cannot miraculously recover you, it can provide you with compensation. Here are some claims you can get compensated for if you are involved in an accident with a semi-truck.

1.  Present and Future Medical Expenses

7 Steps to Take After a Truck Accident

After suffering injuries from a collision with a tractor, you can sue the other party to compensate your medical fees. To back your claim, you must present medical expenses through invoices and billing statements.

Some truck accidents result in permanent injuries whose bills must be paid throughout your life. In this case, the defendant’s insurance company will continue paying for your medical expenditure even after closing the case. The compensation can include medication, diagnostic testing, surgery, mental health treatment, rehabilitation therapy, follow-up care, and nursing home costs.

To win this claim, a professional must validate your diagnosis and treatment plan, and also provide an estimate of your future medical requirements and potential costs. A future medical expenses claim also covers secondary conditions from the first injury.

2. Mental Health

A traffic collision can be a near-death experience. Many find it hard to cope after such troubling events and can develop depression, anxiety, and stress. In extreme cases, people may have PTSD. Its symptoms include fear and anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks, and helplessness, and patients require immediate therapy to continue living normally.

You can receive disfiguring injuries such as burns and nerve damage after a collision with a tractor-trailer. These can negatively impact your mental health as disfigurement alters your appearance and leads to depression, negative body image, and anxiety over others’ responses to you. A disfiguring injury can impact your relationship with friends, loved ones, colleagues, and employers.

It is vital to discuss your issues with a psychologist. They can help you relieve anxiety and show you how to cope. You can have the defendant’s insurance company pay for these mental health services, and the medications therapists recommend.

Truck Accident

3. Income

Some truck accidents result in injuries that prevent you from returning to work for a certain period. If the damage is severe, it may ruin your career, and you will no longer be able to continue with that job. The defendant will also compensate for your loss of earning capacity in both scenarios.

4. Household Services

Injuries from traffic collisions can leave you unable to perform simple house chores. You may need to hire cleaning staff to ensure your house does not remain messy and unclean while you are injured. The other party will compensate you for these household services. Your attorney will determine the compensation value and negotiate with the defendant’s lawyer.

Trucking accident


Getting in traffic collisions with trucks can be very dangerous. It can severely harm you and other passengers in your car. While you can not do much about your injuries, you can file a lawsuit against the truck driver. Through a case, you can achieve compensation for the claims mentioned above. This will only be possible if you hire a competent lawyer who can negotiate well and has experience. Most lawyers only require payment after they help you win a claim. To ensure hefty compensation, you must hire a capable lawyer.

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