Cryptocurrency Fraud
Halt | November 20, 2020 | 0 Comments

Knowing about Cryptocurrency Fraud & Tips to Fight the Charg

Ever since its introduction, there have been unending controversies revolving around the Bitcoin site. It has been responsible for fueling numerous rags-to-riches stories. However, simultaneously, it has enabled scammers to grab millions from unsuspecting investors and buyers. We understand that Bitcoin prices are fluctuating around $15,000 for quite some time, making it a fairly lucrative investment opportunity. However, the greatest challenge associated with the Bitcoin industry globally is regulation. Invest in cryptocurrency and get returns, crypto fraud is strictly controlled to secure your investment.

Browsing through, we find that as per Better Business Bureau or BBB, cryptocurrency fraud scams seem to be the second-worst in terms of North American businesses with an average loss of $ 300 for customers.

Cryptocurrency & Money Laundering

The most common myth is that cryptocurrencies are supposed to be anonymous. As such, a cryptocurrency is an attractive tool for promoting and engaging in serious money laundering. The fact is that crypto transactions are not supposed to be anonymous at all. In reality, all crypto transaction records seem to be stored specifically in the blockchain. Moreover, they are publicly visible. Truly dedicated crypto money launderers could be running their holdings via tumblers or mixers or trading them on some unregulated exchanges for hiding their cash. Even though it looks easy, but the FBI has become certainly more vigilant and sophisticated in tracing and investigating money laundering cases.

Common Legal Problems with Cryptocurrency

  • Registration & Ownership of Intellectual Property relating to Hardware & Software.
  • Software development agreements.
  • Defending third-party infringement claims.
  • Protecting and monetizing IP rights.
  • Enforcing copyrights.
  • Financing and capital strategies.

Legal Solutions Relating to Cryptocurrency

  • Trademark litigation & counseling.
  • Litigation & security offerings.
  • Technology transactions & litigation.
  • Litigation & patent counseling.
  • Litigation & consumer class action.

Remember cryptocurrency protection lawyers are available to assist investors, developers, and organizations in understanding the legal complications associated with blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Get in touch with a trustworthy and experienced cryptocurrency defense attorney. Follow the map for the exact location.

How to Know Whether You Are Being Investigated By the Federal Government?

  • A Federal Agent has contacted you over the phone and requested a meeting.
  • You have got a formal target letter informing you that you are a federal investigation’s target.
  • Federal Agents land up at your doorstep or office unannounced.
  • You get a ‘grand jury subpoena’.
  • Federal Investigators are approaching and interviewing your associates.


We know that over the past few years or so, millions of not-so-serious or casual investors have embraced cryptocurrency markets. In response to what developed during that period, federal agencies have focused on stepping up security and enforcement of theft and fraud cases. Federal investigations mean serious business. For instance, the federal penalty associated with wire fraud meant around 20 years in terms of federal jail term and as much as $250,000 in terms of fines. However, the good news seems to be the fact that cryptocurrencies are quite new to everyone. Technologies are still evolving, and it is currently, very difficult to implicate anyone in a crime involving cryptocurrency. In the event, you are being investigated; consult with your cryptocurrency lawyer before you agree to appear for an interview with some federal agents.

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