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3 Things to Consider When Hiring a Criminal Law Specialist

Being charged with a crime can have serious ramifications. You should hire a skilled and capable attorney to get the charges reduced or dismissed. Hiring a board-certified criminal law specialist assures you that your attorney has demonstrated expertise and experience in criminal law. A criminal law specialist is someone who specializes in criminal law. A lawyer must meet strict requirements and have at least seven years of criminal case law experience to be considered a criminal law expert. Here are three essential things to consider when comparing potential lawyers to help you choose the best lawyer for a criminal case.

1. Does The Criminal Law Specialist Have Great Recommendations?

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Contact friends or colleagues who have engaged the services of a criminal law specialist. Be sure to ask detailed questions to get a good picture of each person’s information about their lawyer. If they say positive things about their experience, add that lawyer to your list of candidates. Some of the questions to ask include:

  • Were they satisfied with the result of their case?
  • Was the attorney helpful in the whole case?
  • Did they feel they were well represented?
  • Did their lawyer fully resolve legal needs?

However, don’t choose a criminal lawyer just because of someone else’s recommendations. Different people will respond differently to the lawyer’s style and personality. The attorney may also have a strong or limited interest in contributing to a new case. Do not decide to hire a lawyer until you meet with them, discuss your case, and determine that they are free to handle your case.

2. What’s The Lawyer’s Background And Experience In Criminal Law?

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When confronted with the court system and the consequences of your actions, you will want someone with significant knowledge, experience, and capability to defend you. Find out about the lawyer’s background and experience. Some questions you might ask are:

  • How long has the defense attorney been practicing criminal law?
  • How much is the law firm dedicated to criminal cases?
  • How often does the firm represent clients in criminal cases?
  • Does the lawyer have experience in handling criminal cases?
  • Does the firm have enough resources to handle your case?

3. Is The Criminal Law Specialist Certified?

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Not all criminal defense lawyers are criminal law specialists. The State Bar Association recognizes certified criminal law specialists. They are distinguished from their peers by their level of education, expertise, and performance in the field. A certified criminal defense attorney will fight for you and ensure you get the best possible outcome in your case. Certification as a specialist in criminal law requires the attorney to have:

  • Passed a written exam
  • Exhibited extensive criminal law experience
  • Completed continuing education requirements
  • Received positive reviews from judges and peers


Choosing a reliable criminal law specialist may seem like a daunting task. Everyone is different, and people will have other options regarding their legal representation and knowledge. Look for someone who makes you feel comfortable and will protect your interests at all stages of the legal process. Nothing is as helpful as talking to a lawyer and getting a real sense of who they are and how they will treat you. See a legal team that carefully reviews your case details and advises you on your rights and options.

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