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The Complete Review of | Pros and Cons

In the modern world, everyone values their time and strives to spend it rationally. Reducing the cost and effort of various bureaucratic procedures is part of it. When it comes to such an unpleasant thing as divorce, many of us want to solve problems quickly and efficiently instead of plunging into lengthy litigation.

Nowadays, more and more people opt for an uncontested divorce without spending their time in courtrooms and paying colossal lawyer fees. It is an excellent way to part in a civilized manner and lessen the stress of divorce. An uncontested divorce simply means that the spouses end their marriage amicably by agreeing to all the terms of the marriage dissolution, including financial support, child custody, division of property, and other issues.

One of the components to further simplify this process is to use Internet resources to get divorced online. Since there are so many websites providing this type of service, it is difficult for ordinary people to understand them without thoroughly examining their pros and cons.

In this article, we will look at the best online divorce service on the Internet to understand why so many clients prefer this platform over multiple other companies. | Information about the service

Let’s start at the very beginning. Online Divorce is a website that helps clients with an uncontested divorce to collect the necessary documents for further filing with the court. It is how all marriage dissolution proceedings begin. Many people confuse similar platforms with an electronic divorce filing, but it’s not the same thing. You will not be able to get the final decree online. To do this, you need to go through a specific procedure, at the end of which the judge will decide your case.

The main task of this online service is to prepare the paperwork for your marriage dissolution. It makes your life easier because you do not need to collect the forms yourself or worry about filling them out correctly. The service does both these things for you. Online Divorce selects the necessary forms and fills them out according to your circumstances, so you receive completed documents that you only need to sign and take to court.

Is online divorce legit? has earned a reputation as the best online divorce website in the US because of its more than 20 years of fruitful work with numerous clients. The platform has received hundreds of positive reviews on the Internet. Each of them has their own story. Some came on the advice of colleagues or friends, and some took a chance and made the right choice.

The website values its reputation and pays careful attention to the quality of the services provided. It guarantees that the papers you receive meet your state’s standards and will be accepted in court. If for some reason, your documents are not approved, you can get your money back.

Who can use

Not all marriage dissolution cases can be dealt with online. The website clearly states that only couples with an uncontested divorce can use the service. Let’s dig deeper to find out what exactly is meant by this notion. Here’s a shortlist of the main ingredients:

  • The spouses decided to end your marriage amicably (without conflicts and with mutual respect).
  • The couple doesn’t have disagreements about the terms of their separation and likely won’t have them in the future.
  • They also do not have significant property or debts or other assets that will be difficult to divide.

But that’s not all. To proceed online, you need to know where your spouse is so you can be in touch with them. If everything above is right for you, then you’re the lucky ones. You can save time, money, and nerves.

How legitimate are online divorces?

The question of legitimacy often arises when contemplating using online divorce platforms. But you need not be afraid of problems with the legal procedure. As mentioned before, the concept of online divorce includes only collecting and completing the necessary documents, which you must submit to the court. In most cases, you will still have to attend a court hearing to present your case before a judge.

In court, it doesn’t matter where and how you received and filled out the required forms. You could collect all the information either yourself, with the help of a lawyer, or using an online service. In any situation, the clerk will check that your paperwork complies with the correct filing standards. If everything is in order, you can proceed with your case and schedule a court hearing.

What is the cost?

Finally, we got to the best part — the price. So, how much do the services of Online Divorce cost, and are they worth the money?

The flat fee for ready-made printable documents and filing instructions for every state is $139. It can’t be emphasized enough that this is one of the lowest prices on the Internet. And it’s not just the low price that pleases the eye, but also the transparency of payments. There are no hidden fees, so you can be sure that they won’t ask you to cover other expenses in the future.

But what’s the catch? Why do lawyers charge thousands of dollars for the same service? It’s no secret that attorneys’ fees make up the lion’s share of all related costs. And their services are justified in demanding, controversial cases when the spouses cannot peacefully resolve their conflicts and come to a joint solution. But it is foolish to overpay for a simple procedure when all that is required is preparing documents for an amicable separation.

Is online divorce safe and legal?

It can be risky to entrust your data to an online service, especially when you provide your bank card details. Therefore, you need to be very careful to whom you give information about yourself. Trustworthy websites, such as, strive to protect each client’s data. To ensure high-level security, they use the latest software and reliable antivirus programs.

And yes, it’s entirely legal to use such services. Since you will only get a package of completed forms for your marriage dissolution and not a decree itself, you only need to worry about choosing a reliable website.

How to use

Using the site is quite simple and straightforward, even for clients who do not often use a computer. We can distinguish a few basic steps to follow before the completed divorce forms are ready.

  1. First, make sure that you qualify for services. At the top of the website, there is a small form with a few questions that will help you find out if your divorce is uncontested. There is also a field for your contact details (name and email address). Fill in your answers and click “Check Eligibility.”
  2. If the system determines that you are eligible for the service, it directs you to a more detailed questionnaire.

You have to spend some time answering the questions. The information you provide helps the system to choose the necessary package of documents. You will need to provide some personal data, the date and location of your marriage, and information about children, community property and debts, and other circumstances. Press “Save & Continue” after each question.

The website allows you to make corrections to the data you entered anytime you want. You just need to use your login and password to get access to your profile.

  1. By this stage, you have done everything that depended on you. The system will begin to select the necessary state-specific forms and fill them out following your answers. The process of paperwork preparation takes up to two business days.
  2. Once the documents are ready, you will receive them as a PDF file. Download them and look through them carefully. You still have the time to fix any information or make changes. Contact customer support if necessary.
  3. After being checked and corrected, print the papers. Sign them in the presence of a notary before submitting them to the local court. Remember that the court filing fee is separate from the online service.

Main Advantages

Trustworthiness and reliability

The website has been providing services to clients for over 20 years. During this time, it has collected a vast amount of experience and earned a good reputation among the customers. If we look at the ratings, we will see that the service has an average of 4.8 out of 5. It is a relatively high number, which indicates the prevalence of positive responses from customers. is trusted nationwide because of its transparency and many successful cases. Media resources such as Divorce Magazine, Good Morning America, Time Magazine, CBS, and USA Today have featured its services.

Affordable price

The cost is one of the lowest among similar platforms. Each client pays a flat fee of $139, which covers the documents and filing instructions, name change, and customer service. The website assures that there are no hidden fees, and customer reviews corroborate this statement on the web.

The cost is significantly lower than the amount of money you would have to pay a lawyer. Even uncontested cases cost approximately $1,300-1,400, not to mention the ones that will go to trial. Divorce without a lawyer is inexpensive and desirable for couples who plan to part peacefully.

Time Efficiency

Finding and preparing the necessary papers can be very time-consuming, especially for people without a legal background. Why stand in long lines or spend hours searching the Internet to get your documents and spend weeks dealing with an attorney when the entire paperwork process can be completed with little effort within two business days?

After you submit your case to the court, you will have to wait for a court hearing and a final judgment. In some states, there is a mandatory waiting period before you can have a marriage dissolution decree. Its duration varies from several days to several months.


Nowadays, many activities have moved to the Internet. What used to require a personal presence can be done online without leaving your home. You can forget about constant meetings with a lawyer who needs additional information or to discuss other aspects of the case. Manage the process yourself by just entering your data into the system.

Since you receive completed papers, you don’t need to look for rules or examples of how to do it correctly. Using, you won’t have to worry about missing documents or missing information that will require you to start over. The site contains all the templates you need, updated continuously to meet each state’s standards.

Minimum stress

The reality that the marriage did not work out is already a challenging test for the emotional state. Stress levels are significantly increased by having to go to meetings with your lawyer and your spouse and the burden of essential decisions that will influence your later life.

You can avoid most of these unpleasant experiences by going online. You get rid of the need to tell many strangers about your personal life, reduce the overall time of the process, and avoid potential conflicts with your spouse.

What can be improved?

Despite the many distinct advantages of this resource, we must note a few minor flaws. The following information was partially collected from reviews on the site itself and other resources.

  • Several reviews focused on slow customer support services. Clients complained that they couldn’t always reach a support manager when they called. Unfortunately, this is a common disadvantage of such websites. A large number of customers creates a significant workload for the support team and sometimes increases the response time.
  • A couple of client reviews were related to minor technical difficulties encountered while logging in. But since there are not many people with such problems, we can conclude that this issue was most likely caused by the users, rather than with the website’s operation.
  • Since the price of Online Divorce services is relatively low at $139, rarely does anyone consider whether it is possible to pay this amount in installments. There is such an opportunity, but it is not indicated for some reason. Just know that you can use an installment option.

Conclusion is a reliable and straightforward way to deal with amicable marriage dissolution. Though it does not provide legal advice or issue a final decree, for a married couple who wants a peaceful and quick settlement of their marriage dissolution, the service is beneficial. is a legal and convenient platform for online document preparation. With one of the lowest prices on the Internet, the website provides its clients with high-quality service and support.

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