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The Complete Guide to the Different Types of Lawyers

The world isn’t always a happy place full of good times and pleasant people. In fact, there are many events in life that call for legal action. This could include filing for divorce, pursuing compensation for injuries, or defending yourself against a lawsuit.

For each type of case, a specific lawyer or attorney is required. Different types of lawyers have unique specialties in the various fields of law. Similarly, they have different lawyer fees and legal costs.

If you’re in the middle of a legal conflict, it helps to know which types of lawyers can be of assistance. We can help clear things up. Keep reading for some of the most common kinds of attorneys.

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense Attorney

As their name suggests, criminal defense attorneys specialize in helping people accused of crimes. This can include misdemeanor offenses and felony offenses.

Hiring a criminal defense attorney can help you fight the charges against you, whether you’re guilty, innocent, or somewhere in between. They can help you collect evidence and present a case to discredit the prosecution’s allegations.

If these types of lawyers can’t eliminate your charges, they can help you plea for reduced sentencing and fines.

Personal Injury Lawyers

personal injury lawyer

Personal injuries lawyers are some of the most common types of lawyers in the field of law. They specialize in different subcategories, such as:

  • Car accidents
  • Property liability
  • Product defects
  • Medical malpractice
  • Dog bites
  • Assault
  • Workplace injuries
  • Slip and fall cases
  • And more

To find the right personal injury lawyer for your case, there are questions to ask the law firm you’re considering. For example, if you’ve been involved in a car accident, ask your car accident lawyer how long they’ve been practicing law and what experience they have with cases like yours.

Family Law Attorneys

Next, let’s look at the different types of lawyers that deal with family law. Family law attorneys can help with everything from divorces and child custody issues to estate planning and wills.

You might need a divorce lawyer to help you through a messy divorce. Even if a divorce is amicable, you might need legal assistance to protect your rights regarding shared assets, children, alimony, etc.

Immigration Lawyers

immigration issues

Finally, let’s look at the types of lawyers who can help you gain US citizenship. Immigration lawyers are there to interpret immigration law and help you create a strategy to become a legitimate citizen.

They can help you avoid errors on your green card application which could end up costing you your citizenship. They can also work with your employer or host family to provide them with the guidance they need to help your case.

Which Types of Lawyers Do You Need?

US law is incredibly complicated. If you’re having any legal complications, we highly recommend looking at the different types of lawyers that can help you gain the upper hand.

For more legal advice or guidance in finding the right lawyer for your needs, stick around. Use our site to find an attorney or learn more about your situation. We wish you the best of luck.


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