Child Injured in a Car Crash
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Compensation Can You Get for a Child Injured in a Car Crash?

When an adult gets into a car accident that wasn’t their fault, they can get compensation for their injuries. That being said, when a child is involved, they are too young to represent themselves. Therefore, the parent needs to represent them to receive their compensation.

There is no precise amount of money that you will get if your child injured in a car crash. It will depend on the extent of their injuries as well as the emotional damage that they sustain.

Am I Eligible for Compensation If My Child Injured in a Car Crash?

Child Injured

Before you make a claim for the injuries that your child sustained, you need to determine whether you are eligible or not. For the most part, if you can answer the questions below with a “yes,” then you are most likely eligible:

  • Did the driver owe duty of care to your child?
  • Was the driver negligent in any way, therefore causing the accident?
  • Was your child injured in said accident?

All vehicle owners owe duty of care the moment they pull their car out of the driveway. If they are driving on the road, then the law requires them to be careful and not cause any accidents. This was outlined in the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act. You just need to gather the evidence to prove your case.

Losses That Your Child Can Receive Compensation For

Children can receive compensation for any loss or injury that they experience during an accident. A child may be compensated for the following:

1. Pain and Suffering

Children may be affected in different ways by the trauma of a road accident. In this case, pain and suffering may include physical pain, psychological and emotional pain, and even loss of quality of life. A child that went through a bad accident may not be able to interact with their friends and family in the way that they used to.

Children may also become victims of depression, anxiety, and other similar conditions after an accident. The symptoms of this may last for the remainder of their life. By suing for pain and suffering, you can get compensation for what they suffered.

2. Healthcare Costs

According to WHO, traffic accidents represent one of the main reasons why children die every year. To survive their injuries, they need to go through a series of medical procedures – some of which can be very expensive. If a child gets injured, their parents may need to cover the following healthcare expenses:

Child Injured

  • Ambulance services
  • Emergency treatment
  • Doctor visits (for diagnostics)
  • Imaging services
  • Surgery
  • Follow-ups
  • Rehab services

Depending on the full extent of the injuries, parents may need to pay for healthcare for the rest of their lives. If this happens, the at-fault party will be responsible for covering these expenses.

3. Counseling and Psychological Therapy

After an accident, a child may experience deep psychological and emotional trauma. They are more sensitive than adults, so their anxiety may affect them differently in the future. If the injury affects their mobility, it can further trigger mental issues that will affect them.

In this case, the child may need continuous psychological therapy, targeted therapy, and perhaps even medication. These treatments will not pay for themselves, and most of the time, they are very expensive.

The laws in Nevada on emotional distress compensation are rather complicated, especially for children. For example, if you got into an accident in Boulder City, you may want to hire a Boulder car accident lawyer. They will guide you through the process.

4. Compensation for Parents

Even if your child was the one that got injured and you got away unscathed, you can still receive compensation. For example, since he’s your child, you may have been the one that had to pay for the hospital bills. It is normal for you to want compensation for an expense that wasn’t even your fault.

Child Injured

A child getting injured in an accident may also lead to other expenses and problems. For example, you may have had to stay home and care for the child, losing income. If the child suffers permanent injuries and requires constant care, it may suggest more income loss in the future. Babysitters and nurses must be paid, so you may receive compensation for that.

The Bottom Line

While the average settlement for a child hurt in a car accident is unclear, you are still entitled to different compensations. You just need to gauge the extent of the damage and file a lawsuit against the liable party. While it depends on the case, you’ll receive just as much compensation as you need to cover your expenses.

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