Claim in a Personal Injury Case
Halt | November 20, 2020 | 0 Comments

4 Kinds of Compensation Claim in a Personal Injury Case

When you sustain an injury for another individual’s irresponsibility or callous actions, you can file a personal injury case in a court of law. You can claim for the damages endured from the said injuries with the help of a personal injury lawyer near you.

According to an article published on, after an accident, you may not know what to do next, especially in a car crash injury. Therefore, you need to hire a personal injury lawyer if you do not know your rights or the process of filing a claim.

The damages vary from one case to the other, the type of injury, and existing state laws. Here are four kinds of damages or compensation claims in a personal injury suit:

1. Compensatory damages

In the sunshine state of Florida, you can receive compensatory damages in a personal injury suit. These damages are given for the injury and loss caused to an individual by another person’s negligent actions. The goal of compensatory claims is to help the injured person receive the compensation or damage claim in monetary terms.

The injury caused due to negligence is determined by comparing the actual circumstance of the claimant if he or she did not sustain any injuries due to the negligence of another person. The comparison is between the plaintiff’s impaired condition and the actual situation when the person was not injured.

2. Lost wages

When one is seriously injured in an accident, he or she is not able to work and has to take leave from his office. The period of absence is based on the severity of the injury and the kind of damage sustained. How compensation is determined for personal injury cases in Miami due to lost wages is for the legal professional to figure out. For location details, see

The calculation is simple because your attorney will add all income and benefits you lost. It’s during the period you could not resume work as usual. Whether you are partly injured or become disabled for a long time will depend on your medical reports. Accordingly, you can claim compensation from the other party. You have the right claim for your future earning potential.

3. Medical treatment expenses

In Miami, Florida, you can claim compensation provided you are under treatment or through some medical tests after your injury incident. You will also receive payment when you are undergoing medical care in a hospital or taking physical therapy sessions. These days, medical expenses are quite expensive, and you must claim it.

4. Physical pain

Any kind of accident or falls or slips may lead to physical pain after the incident for a long time. All you can do is consult with a personal injury lawyer to claim compensation.

Besides the physical pain, mental or emotional anxiety is no less troublesome after an accident. Claim compensation if you are facing mental anguish in response to your injuries. It is the worst outcome of a personal injury and not taken lightly.


Consult with a professional personal injury attorney if you have sustained significant damages, physical pain, and emotional turmoil. A legal expert will help you receive fair compensation.