Common Reason Why Marriages End Up in Divorce
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Common Reason Why Marriages End Up in Divorce

Divorce, legal separation, annulment – such terrible words. It usually means that there were disappointments, misery, and extended legalities involved. Although facts and figures provide that marriages ending in divorce is declining, it is still very common, and nobody is ever really prepared for it. No one ever really foresees their marriage crumbling down while they exchange their vows of love in front of God and of all the people. Even though a handful of lawyers are specializing in divorce – you can easily google a divorce lawyer in your state, for example you can type in a family law attorney in Charlotte, NC and then names of qualified lawyers will pop up – still,  no couple would even think that they will ever need a divorce lawyer and go through a messy divorce in the future.

Divorce happen due to disastrous affairs. Furthermore, the reasons that marriages come up short and end in separation are not really different with each couple; rather, they are ordinary and happen very much of the time.

Listed are the most well-known reasons that lead to divorce.

Communication Issues

Successfully solving problems is indeed a product of a good and effective communication. And in a relationship, communication encompasses and can just talk about everything and anything under the sun; sex, cash, birth control, et cetera.

Each and every marriage seems to have its highs and lows; it is not just love and respect that can help a couple get through tough times. It is also the willingness to sit down, simply talk about what does and does not work, and settle down on a decision to start moving forward.  If couples are completely comfortable talking with their partners and if they always had this history of getting past major problems and obstacles and not really getting caught up in thinking and looking back – then there is a pretty good chance that they are in for a perfectly happy, healthy, and long-term relationship.

Financial Incompatibility

Nobody is ever hoping and praying to start a fight. Nobody is dreaming about arguing. But what married couples may not always see as they took a look in their foreseeable future is how easily money could come between the marriage.

For a marriage to be happy and blissful, financial goal of each of the spouse be considered and making sure that both couples are on the same page when it comes to spending money. If the couple does not seem to see eye to eye on how they should handle their finances, sooner or later they will be starting to seek legal advices from a divorce attorney.  

Lack of Consideration

If one spouse shows a distinct lack of concern about the other’s particular needs or wishes, a number of problems may very well inevitably arise. The unwillingness to share responsibilities at home or not helping to take care of the children, irresponsible spending of money and deeply offensive habits are all examples of disregard.

Another example for lack of consideration is to allow family members to meddle in a marriage. A spouse’s family member may try and influence anything from home refurbishing to what they think the proper way of rearing a child. This may cause resentment to the offended spouse. If the marriage then has been irretrievably broken due to long standing resentment or tension, then it is best advised to seek help from a divorce attorney who will help understand the choices that a spouse have.

Change of Priorities

While it is true that priorities change over time, nothing should come first before the family. When a spouse starts to prioritize his or her work, catching up with friends, hobbies or anything else that can infer from the concern of the family or activities, it can burden the other spouse which may later cause sadness and resentment.


There are a lot of forms of addiction. It can be substance abuse such as alcohol, illegal substance, and even those prescription medicines. One could also be addicted with online pornography, online games and gambling. The fixation with social media can also result to an addict-like behavior. These types of addictions have the ability to destroy a marriage. An addict may go to rehab and attend support groups, but more often than not, the married couple will have a struggle to survive the pain that was caused by his or her partner being an addict.


Cheating, adultery, concubinage are the topmost reasons why married couples go through a divorce. More often than not, romantic and sexual unhappiness tends to lead a spouse to stray. But a partner or spouse may still continue to seek sexual satisfaction outside of the relationship for a lot of reasons. For example, a couple may have sex on a regular basis, but if a partner feels rejected or ignored, they may look for the connection that they are seeking for form another person. On the other hand, the sex may fine, but the relationship is dull, boring and excessively predictable. In this case, the husband or the wife may tend to enter an extramarital affair because they want to seek the excitement that it brings.

Divorce is something that nobody would like to ever be involved with, yet tragically, there are still a lot of couple going through this. While feelings, hurt and bitterness, tend to magnify during this critical time, it is vital to be level headed in making decisions as this will greatly affect the future.

Child custody, division of real and personal properties, spousal support – these are just to name a few of the burdens that the couple faces when facing divorce. Therefore, it is imperative to contact a divorce lawyer who will enable to guide all throughout the divorce process and protect the spouse’s interest during this emotional turmoil. It is best to seek a divorce lawyer that one can easily contact and personally see and talk to make thing easier. Getting a lawyer in the same state where one seeking the divorce resides is recommended. Take for instance if you live in North Carolina, a family law attorney in Charlotte, NC is the best option for you to seek guidance for during the entire process of the divorce.

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