Common Accidents
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Common Accidents Which May Require A Lawyer

Not all accidents may require the help of a lawyer. This is especially true if the accident is minor and didn’t cause any severe injuries to the victims. But, in some accidents that involve a legal dispute and expensive medical expenses, you don’t want to risk facing the battle without the help of an experienced lawyer.

Although a good legal representation isn’t cheap, it can help you resolve your case smoothly and get you out of the sticky situation. While every person’s accident case is different, the need to hire a lawyer from the best law firms, like Kuvara Law Firm, always comes in handy.

Below are some of the common accidents that require a lawyer

Car Accidents

Even if car accidents are common, obtaining compensation for the injuries caused by the accident isn’t an easy matter. For this reason, a lawyer is needed to help you get through your situation.

Here are types of car accidents:

  • Rear-End Collision: This kind of car accident usually happens because a driver is too close to another vehicle in front of them and didn’t have time to stop.

If your vehicle was struck from behind, you might suffer whiplash, which may cause damage to your spinal cord, neck, back, or brain. Although whiplash is a minor injury in the past, it’s now recognized as one of the severe injuries, which may cause some long-lasting effects.

  • Head-On Accident: This kind of car accident happens on highways where the drivers travel at fast speeds. In other cases, it may result from the drunk driver who enters the highway in another direction.

No matter how the crashes happen, they often result in fatalities and have the potential to be devastating.

  • T-Bone Accidents: These accidents can be fatal due to the sides of the most passenger vehicles are more likely to crumble and severely damage the front or rear of the car.

Truck Accidents

Vehicular accidents involving big commercial vehicles, like huge rigs and semi-truck, tend to have some serious consequences. Typically, the size of such vehicles results in more serious personal injuries, high death frequency, and extensive property damage.

It’s also worth noting that going up against the truck companies as well as their insurers can be challenging. With that said, you’re encouraged to work with a capable lawyer who isn’t afraid to take such companies on and protect your rights.

A lawyer will protect your rights, provide you valuable legal protection, and seek compensation from the insurance company of a truck driver.

Common AccidentsMotorcycle Accidents

Because of the lack of physical protection, some motorcyclists tend to suffer from serious injuries in accidents. Your lawyer will help know the causes of motorcycle accidents that are frequently different from some vehicular accidents.

After a motorcycle accident, you must always retain a lawyer, regardless of your case. There are numerous ways a lawyer can help victims and with the guidance of an experienced lawyer, making it much easier compared when navigating the situation on your own.

Workplace Accident

If you’re injured in any job-related accident, there’s a chance that you’re entitled to the benefits of workers’ compensation. Lawyers who are experienced in handling workplace claims can evaluate your legal rights and determine which claims you must file. Thus, to recover from the workplace accident, the lawyer can help you get fair workers’ compensation.

If you have incurred severe injuries, most particularly if you’re permanently disabled, you must ensure that your future lost wages and medical bills are included in any settlement. Such claims are expensive for the employers and insurance companies would fight harder to deny the extent of the injuries and liability. For this reason, a lawyer will help fight to get the compensation or file claims you’re entitled to.

Slip and Fall Accident

Another common accident that requires a lawyer is a slip and fall. If this accident happened in a property owned by another business or individual, you need to hire a lawyer.

If you think a slip and fall case is simple, it’s not suited for self-representation. The reason for this is that the fault for slip and fall accidents isn’t clear and the property owners are not in the business to accept legal responsibility for accidents unless liability is very obvious. Another is that it’s common for the slip and fall defendants to argue that the injuries of the plaintiff aren’t as major as they claim.

The first job of a lawyer in a slip and fall case is to get the attention of the insurance company and defendants who couldn’t take self-represented claimants seriously. However, since such cases boil down to the damages and liability, the assistance of a lawyer is crucial.


If you’re involved in any of those accidents and you’ve incurred major injuries that hinder you from working or doing your usual daily activities, never hesitate to look for a lawyer to help you.

The legal field is complicated and if you don’t understand the laws and regulations, you might end up not getting the justice and fair settlement you deserve. So, before everything becomes worse, let a lawyer do the job for you!

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