Civil War
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The Importance Of Civil War Knowledge For American Students

The American Civil War started in 1861 and went on till 1865. It happened when the erstwhile President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, took the initiative to abolish slavery. Under the leadership of Jefferson Davis, the Confederate States decided to declare war. That is how America got split into 2. It remained divided for half a decade until it got reattached by the binding force of the fighting spirit that our patriots showed by sacrificing their lives. In this article, we will talk about why, to this day, it remains all the more important for every American student to be aware of how the Civil War unfolded. It is an important part of our education.

Why Should We Know About The Civil War?

Knowledge Is Power!

Knowledge is Power

Now, this reason is rather a practical reason for learning about the Civil War. You must understand that the Civil War was a milestone in the history of America as a nation. So, it is a topic that every teacher takes very seriously. Hence, it is frequently assigned to students as a topic of research. If you have proper knowledge about the Civil War, it can be very helpful for your grades. Lack of knowledge can be detrimental. In schools, civil war essays are rather common. Do not underestimate the importance of knowledge. Be it answering questions on a test or writing an essay for homework, knowledge about the Civil War can come in handy anytime. You can also get free essays on Civil War online.

Black Lives Matter!

The American Civil War was the first illustration in American history that depicted that black lives indeed matter. Not all the soldiers fighting the war were black. There were thousands of white soldiers who were not even fighting for their own freedom. They still fought till their last breath. They fought to release their African-American brothers from the shackles of slavery. It taught Americans the value of solidarity. We admit that there still remains racial discrimination in some parts of our society. However, 1 thing nobody can deny is that we have made a lot of progress from where we used to be. That progress started with the Civil War.

America Is Already Great!

Civil War Knowledge

We can learn many valuable lessons from the Civil War. Some of our politicians keep telling us to make America great again. However, somebody should remind them that America was, is, and will always remain great. In fact, America became great thanks to this very war. The Civil War was full of hardships. There was civil disobedience everywhere and it was undoubtedly one of the most challenging phases of American history. Nevertheless, it is in challenging times that we get to unearth our hidden strengths. The War, in a way, made Americans from every walk of life come together and fight for freedom. That is how the true American spirit was born with the values of freedom and liberty. You can find free essays on civil disobedience on the internet.

War – What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing!

War – What is it Good for

Over the course of the Civil War, more than 600000 Americans lost their lives. Considering the captured and the wounded, there were a total of more than 1600000 casualties. Among those who died, 50000 were common citizens and at least 80000 were black Americans earning their livelihood as slaves at the time. Overall, the losses suffered as a result of the Civil War were of unimaginable proportions. As a result, we learnt that dialogue is the solution to every problem. What happens at the end of every war? Negotiation, i.e., a treaty. In other words, dialogue. So, if it was supposed to boil down to dialogue after all, then why even have the war in the first place?


In a way, the American Civil War solidified America’s stance on racism and slavery. It set an example for Americans to follow in life. The Civil War serves as a moral compass for the country. American politics can be better understood if you have prior knowledge of the Civil War. So, make sure to take it seriously. America did not become America overnight. What America is today i=resulted from decades of relentless struggle. The passion and perseverance shown by our patriots are the keys to realizing the American dream.

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