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Choose An Award-Winning Bay Area Probate Attorney IE Cynthia C. Sayegh

Most people attempt to have their affairs arranged throughout their life so that at the time of passing, there are few complications for loved ones.

Having things organized during what is an already distressing time relieves additional stress and simplifies having to sort out the estate. Click here for guidance on the probate process.

Death and making arrangements for passing are not things people want to think about at any stage of life. But it’s critical at a point when there is clarity and lucidity to create a will and determine how possessions, monies, and heirlooms are to be distributed. That way there is no source of contention if there were to be an unexpected illness or untimely death.

Reasons You Should Choose to Take Advantage of a Probate Attorney’s Services

Sadly, most people are unfamiliar with the legal processes that need handling following the passing of a loved one. Enduring a profound loss combined with the stress of the legalities can prove overwhelming.

Not only do you need to allow yourself time to heal, but it’s vital to reach out for professional guidance, particularly if you’re designated as the executor/executrix or if there’s no will.

A reputable probate attorney, Bay Area, like the award-winning Cynthia C. Sayegh, can offer much-needed assistance. For a person in charge of an estate having to navigate through the court system, complying with all the probate guidelines is complex. There are expectations when you go through probate such as preparing court-ordered documents, will provisions need executing, fund management / securing a probate bond, and receiving a federal tax ID.

When not versed in these types of matters, the process can be stressful, burdensome, and incredibly challenging at a time when you’re emotionally unprepared. The following are benefits you will find in seeking assistance from the right probate attorney:

o  Specialists: An attorney of any kind can handle a probate situation, but only probate attorneys are dedicated specialists in probate law. They don’t engage in any other facet of the law. Probate and trust is their focus.

The court rules, required forms, complications that can arise, procedures, and even the officials are familiar to these professionals. The tasks are repetitive only with the least of variables each day, so there is a complete understanding of what you’re struggling with and what issues are critical for your situation.

o  Fees: With services of this nature, there are no fees charged initially. There’s no type of retainer or any other kind of attorney’s charge in order for the case to move ahead. There will be an eventual payment for the probate services, but this takes place after everything has been finalized.

The court approves all the legal fees, and proceeds from the estate will pay the bill. It’s unnecessary to create a budget plan to allow for the expenditures or to dismiss the idea of using professional services because there is no budget for the expense.

o  Grieving Process: When losing a loved one, typically, the executor/executrix is stuck with arrangements and legalities. There’s no time to spend with family or friends and submit to the grieving process. Grieving is a critical component of the healing process, and the people closest to you are the support system helping you through that aspect.

Unfortunately, many people assigned to handle the estate are consumed by what seems like streams of endless details, countless documents, and requirements placed on them by the court, removing that person away from the group that they need the most.

In seeking help from an attorney who specializes in these details, the professional will relieve you of these responsibilities and ensure that you are kept informed, plus notify you of hearings, procedures, or any action that you need to take.

o  Resolved In A Timely Fashion: A family member can administer a loved one’s estate on their own. It’s merely a matter of “trial-and-error.” The problem in taking care of such a critical issue in this manner is it’s simply not efficient with the likelihood for a number of missteps, not to mention the potential for contention among the members of the family.

Doing it on your own is also going to take an extensive period of time, creating a great deal of frustration due to the sheer amount of details to be dealt with and with how drawn out the process can genuinely be.

Because a qualified probate attorney is knowledgeable in all facets of handling estates efficiently and has the experience to work through each step expeditiously, there’s truly no need for you to invest the time, effort, and stress that you would in taking the responsibility on yourself.

o  Liability: Mistakes are bound to happen for even the most organized administrator, given the level of responsibility being shouldered. If creditors are not properly handled or heirs paid accurately or assets marshaled correctly, you could be found financially liable due to the unintentional errors. These are the times when contention finds its way into the ranks, typically among family members or friends of the loved ones.

Fortunately, when you use a professional to handle an estate, the duties are generally taken care of in a much more efficient and accurate way. If something were to be done in error, the attorney would assume full responsibility. It wouldn’t fall to the administrator.

o  Few Instances Of Disputes:  Sadly, in many cases, estate settlements trigger disputes that often lead to legal ramifications. The court cases that come from these battles often go years before a resolution is reached, devaluing the estate due to the expenses and fees associated with the legalities.

Using a specialist versed in the processes associated with settling an estate helps to minimize the chance for disputes to develop. Each step is handled efficiently by a third party who is not emotionally attached to the loved ones or the estate.

The expert can work impartially to effectively finalize the business at hand promptly to each person’s satisfaction without the need for conflict.

It’s a challenge for an administrator or executor/executrix to remain impartial when they are, in fact, wholly emotionally involved. In many situations, it does indeed lead to despair among the parties left behind to contend with the passing. This is some of the reason people need to ensure they arrange their affairs responsibly during their life. Take the link for advice on planning your estate.

Bay Area Probate Attorney

Final Thought

When you lose someone, it’s the most difficult thing to deal with in life. And when it’s someone so close to you that they would actually bestow upon you the responsibility of executing their estate, the loss is heart-wrenching.

Grieving is a process, and it’s necessary in order to attempt to heal. We all do it in our own way, but we must do it.

If you add administrator duties on top of grieving, one of these two processes will suffer. Likely because you’re struggling in your heart, the legal challenges will be too overwhelming. To know that there are specialists that will take the responsibilities away to handle them for us at a time when we’re rendered incapable, provides a sense of solace and a truly priceless service. See  this guide to learn how probate works.

No one wants to think about losing a precious person, but when you’re forced to take your mind there (like with this article), it’s good to know, at that moment of heartbreak, there’ll be someone who can help take care of what some of us know we won’t be able to. It creates an exceptional sense of gratitude for these professionals.

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