Charged With a Criminal Offense
Halt | December 24, 2020 | 0 Comments

Charged With a Criminal Offense? Here’s What You Need to Do

Whether it was an accident or it was in defense of yourself, facing criminal charges is the only way to get through them. It may be a long and arduous process but it gives all involved parties what they deserve.

Here’s what you need to immediately do if you are facing criminal charges

What is considered a criminal offense?

Before anything else, let’s first discuss what a criminal offense means. As per the United States Institute of Peace, it is what is prescribed as a criminal offense by the law, whose characteristics are specified by the law, for which penalty is as prescribed by the law.

Even if the guilt is yet to be proven, there are three methods by which charges are usually given. One is a notice to appear in court which is issued by the police. Typically, you are asked to appear in the Magistrates court. Another is complaint and summons in which you are expected to appear in court the following weeks you receive the notice.

Last is the arrest. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be taken to prison immediately. This usually refers to being taken to a watch house wherein all formal charges are imposed.

What should you do?

The first thing you need to do first and foremost is to find an attorney to represent you in court. According to a criminal defense attorney in Phoenix, AZ, acquiring professional help. An attorney will help tell you all of the possible outcomes of the case. Most importantly, he’ll tell you about what you should and shouldn’t do during the proceeding.

As you meet with your attorney, you’ll need to give your side of the story as honest as possible. Keep in mind that your story needs to be clear with the attorney as they’ll be the ones to defend you in court. If your statements are contradicting to what actually transpired, this could result in major critical errors during the case.

Although an attorney will help you with some of the documents, you’ll need to prepare most of your personal documents yourself. These include your personal documents such as IDs, passport, etc. Your attorney will be the one to handle important documents to be submitted to the court and he will also help find evidence to support your cause.

On your part, you need to keep in mind that getting an attorney isn’t free.  You’ll have to pay for their services but it’s always advisable to strike a deal with them first. While some attorneys ask for the lump sum upfront, some attorneys will manage with installment payments throughout the duration of the case. If the price is too steep, the court can offer you free legal assistance but this might mean a longer trial.

Dealing with a criminal case is indeed stressful but it’s something that you’ll have to face head-on. Ideally, this battle should be faced alongside your family and an attorney. Whatever happens, keep in mind that attorneys are there to help you achieve the right judgment for your care.

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