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Injured on a City Bus Due to Faulty Brakes? Know How You Can Now Sue the City

Did you sustain injuries due to a city bus? Did the injury occur due to faulty maintenance on the part of the government? You can now take the necessary legal steps including suing the city, manufacturer and other responsible elements. Additionally, you can also file a lawsuit against the municipality if the city is responsible for the damage and losses you incurred.

Accidents due to negligence have been on the rise in this modern and fast-paced world. In case you sustain minor to severe injuries due to negligence on the part of the city, company or an individual leading to loss of work and added expenditure, you can now enlist an auto accident lawyer and go over all the details meticulously and plan a lawsuit.

If you want to know more about how to go about planning for a lawsuit, dive right in!

Hiring a lawyer

You will need professional help only when sufficient evidence is found that merits are pursuing the case. Your lawyer will enable you to seek counsel, and you might end up with a reasonable compensation in case the injury is a result of negligence on the part of the city which is accountable for maintenance or an individual for his breach of duty. What you must remember is to initiate the settlement or trial ahead of your statute of limitation exceeding the time limit.

Is it the manufacturer?

You might be injured on a city bus due to faulty brakes. Generally, faulty brakes are indeed the most common defect. You have the option of suing the manufacturer of the brake parts or the bus manufacturer. But more often than not, the failure by the city to maintain or do the necessary repairs absolves the manufacturer of all the liabilities. However, armed with the correct information you can initiate civil suits binding both parties as “responsible” for the damage caused.

Faulty brakes

The issue of faulty brakes can be clearly highlighted only after a thorough inspection of the vehicle. What you need to ascertain is the fact whether the accident was caused due to ignorance or negligence of the responsible party! The case of the vehicle having faulty sub-par brakes might have been known to the city council or the bus driver. Accidents due to faulty brakes are severe as it might involve other physical harm to automobiles and in extreme cases death of fellow passengers and travelers.

City negligence

The city government and the municipality are usually responsible for the maintenance and repairs on a vehicle especially if it is city owned. It is due to this responsibility that the city can be held accountable in case of any injury or grievous hurt caused to any member of the city or a visiting traveler by a city vehicle unfit according to road safety protocols. The city government is liable for the penalties owed to an individual/group with respect to the suffering, pain, loss of income and other non-economic damages. In case of a similar accident, you have to make sure through significant claims of proof that the brakes were faulty due to an institutional failure by the city government for the proper maintenance and upkeep of city vehicles.

Legally the term negligence in such cases refers to the fact that the important steps to ensure basic travel safety, repairs and replacement were not performed by the city government for a vehicle according to the standard that is expected. The government has a duty of care towards the people. The scale and the length of the possible compensation will increase manifold in the event multiple individuals/vehicle were involved.

However, you must keep in mind that a lawsuit based on negligence is difficult to pursue as the proof of burden is usually on the plaintiff. You, as the affected party has to prove it to the courtroom that the government was unwilling to ensure the safety of its own people. In case the lawsuit involves multiple parties or an entity you will need an expert witness to validate a connection between the proposed negligence and evidence acquired through investigation.

Lack of proof

There can be cases of lack of evidence for negligence as well as defect claims to pursue a lawsuit against the city government. In such cases, you have to dig deep and find witnesses. Only through witness statements can the entire picture be completed and the evidence corroborated. Even in cases where there is a certain lack of evidence, you never know what witness statements might stakeout. Mechanics, company employees, and co-passengers might just know some information or heard some fact being mentioned in the passing related to the specific fault with the vehicle. Only due to an overwhelming lack of evidence, can be case be dismissed. So it is always advisable to plan ahead, investigate thoroughly before filing a lawsuit against the city government.

It is highly important to collect as much as information possible before holding an individual, government or company responsible.


5 Factors To Consider When Choosing A Personal Injury Lawyer

When you experience injury or trauma as a result of an automobile accident, animal bite or even an injury at work, it is important for you to hire a personal injury lawyer. This is someone who will be able to represent you in court and make sure that you get fair compensation for your injury. According to IBIS World, there are more than 110,000 personal injury lawyers operating in the US. With this large number of professionals to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the right lawyer for your particular case. To make your search a bit easier, here are 5 important factors to consider when choosing a personal injury lawyer:

  • Location

Different places have different by-laws that govern the legal system. Thus, it would be very helpful for you to hire someone who operates within your local area since they are well-acquainted with the legal framework of that area. In addition, hiring a local lawyer will also make it easier for you to meet with them for consultation. In addition, it will be easier for them to travel to the court location for the various hearings.

  • Experience

An experienced lawyer is able to properly analyze your case and provide reliable advice that will help you to win a fair settlement. Before hiring a personal injury lawyer, always make sure that they have enough experience in handling such cases. You can ask them how long they have been in operation. You could also inquire how many cases they have handled within the past year. This will give you a good idea of how much experience they have.

  • Cost

Like any other profession, lawyers usually have a specific fee that they charge their clients for services rendered. Some lawyers demand for upfront payment regardless of whether they win or lose the case while others operate on a contingency basis such that you only pay them if you win the case. It is recommended that you should find a lawyer who operates on a contingency basis since this ensures that they will remain motivated to pursue your case in the best possible way. You can visit to get in touch with a personal injury lawyer.

  • Focus of practice

Personal injury law is a wide field that includes many subcategories. For instance, there are lawyers who specialize in medical malpractice while others prefer to handle animal bites cases. Depending on the type of personal injury case that you are presenting, ensure that you find a reliable lawyer who specializes in such cases.

  • Personality

Personal injury cases aren’t solved overnight. This means that you will have to spend a significant amount of time communicating with your lawyer and consulting them from time to time. For this reason, it is important for you to find a lawyer who possesses certain character traits such as good communication skills, patience and integrity.

When you consider all the factors stated above, you will be able to find the right personal injury lawyer to solve your case.


How knowledge of legal procedures helps in dealing with personal injury

The injuries that are suffered by a person are indeed very painful and might require extensive treatment for salvaging the problem. However, when a person gets wounded by the negligence of another person directly or indirectly, then the situation is not only painful but also unfair. In such cases, the person who has sustained injuries in the accident has the right to file a lawsuit.  

The need for knowing cases of personal injury in construction sites

In a construction area, there are lots of heavy equipment as well as machinery which is used for doing several tasks. When a person gets injured in a construction site without his/her fault, then it is a case of personal injury. The different instances of personal injury in a construction site and the people who can claim compensation are delineated through the following points:

  • Negligence of the management – In such instances, accidents caused by the lack of safety gear which is to be provided by the construction company to the workers can be termed as personal injury resulting from the negligence of the management. All construction company owners ought to follow the safety protocols. If safety rules are not implemented then accidents caused will be the fault of the company owner. The negligence is not just about safety gears or protocols with respect to the workers. In a construction site, visitors can also come, and if they get injured due to the lack of proper signs, then that also falls under the category of personal injury. In some cases, trespassers also can claim personal injury caused in a construction site, but in that case, the claim will be evaluated by questioning the intent of the trespasser. Therefore, if there is any lack of attention of the company owners with regard to safety in a construction place and if that inattentiveness to detail has harmed a person then the company is liable to pay for the damages suffered by the person.
  • The fault of workers working in the site – In many instances, it has been observed that a person gets injured in a construction site due to a projectile or falling object. However, when such objects fall due to the fault of other workers working in that site then the worker whose wrong deed has caused the accident is held culpable for the injury. The claim can be filed against the worker who has caused the accident.
  • The injury resulting from faulty machinery – In a construction site, there are many machines which are being used for doing the work. However, if a particular machine malfunction as well as causes the accident then also a personal injury claim can be made. Accidents that involve the breakdown of machinery will take into account the condition of the machine which is being used. If it is found that by the construction company is using low-grade machines, then the company owner will be sent the legal notice for compensation. However, if it is found that the machine is purchased from a different company which has sold an unreliable machine, then that company will be charged with a personal injury lawsuit. However, the way in which the worker was working on or with the machine will also be evaluated to review if the worker was at fault while using the machine. In case the worker is at fault of incorrectly using the machine or not wearing the given protective gear while operating the machine then no personal injury claim can be made. For more information regarding the situations where personal injury claims can be made taking advice from Ask 4 Sam Attorney NYC is a suitable decision.

The process of filing the claim

In case of being in the unfortunate scenario where a person suffers from injuries caused by the wrong deed or mistakes of others then it is important to seek legal advice or help as soon as possible. It is always better to file the claim for personal injury as fast as possible. As a victim of personal injury an individual can go through the following points to gather information regarding the procedure of proceeding with a personal injury claim:

  • Advice from legal websites – Many websites provide free consultation on legal matters to individuals. The free consultation is not accessible for a number of times, and each person can get one session of free consultation. If an individual is unsure about the validity of the personal injury claim or does not know how to go about the legal procedure then getting a free consultation is the best way to go about it. The consultation will give the person an idea about the claim that can be made by him/her and will also enable the person to move forward with a legal proceeding.
  • Taking references of lawyers from known individuals – There are online resources where one can find many lawyers that specifically deal with personal injury cases. However, looking for references from known people is also a good idea. Taking references from known lawyers is also a good idea. It is true that all lawyers do not work in the same field of law, but they are bound to know the eminent lawyers in the field. Therefore, it is sensible to take references from known individuals.
  • The appointment of a qualified lawyer – After taking in notes from online and offline sources a person should ask some vital questions to the lawyer before appointing him/her. The qualification of the lawyer is probably the most important aspect. All certified lawyers will be attached to the legal institute of the State. However additional certification that reveals greater qualification is always a plus point. It is also important to know if the lawyer has dealt with personal injury cases before to ascertain his/her ability to handle such cases.

Wrapping things up

Therefore, taking aid from an appropriate lawyer is the best way to handle personal injury cases.


Don’t Get Wrecked: Common Reasons to File a Car Accident Lawsuit

Motor accidents are the leading cause of death in persons under the age of 55 years old given the millions of accidents that take place each year in America.

Even if a person doesn’t suffer fatal injuries in an accident, injuries that do occur could lead to an inability for the affected person to manage their responsibilities.

“How will I continue to work with my injuries?” “How will I pay my bills?”

The above questions may be along the lines of what you’re asking yourself if you’ve been in a car accident. If that’s the case, another important question you should be asking yourself is whether or not you should file a car accident lawsuit.

Filing a car accident lawsuit can sometimes be integral to your getting the compensation you deserve.

Below are a few reasons why you might want to consider filing suit.

1. The Other Driver is at Fault

Fault or liability is the key factor that courts and insurance companies will consider when determining compensation awards. For that reason, if you’re 100% sure that you were at fault in an accident, it’s fruitless to attempt to sue the other driver.

On the other hand, if the accident took place through no fault of your own, you could be entitled to significant damages.

Liability is determined in different ways depending on what state you live in. A qualified auto accident attorney can help you navigate the intricacies of legal negligence to help you better understand possible case outcomes.

2. The Other Driver’s Insurance Company Won’t Pay Up

The other driver’s insurance company will likely make you a settlement offer if it’s determined that you were not at fault for your accident. The settlement an insurance company arrives at will be based on a multitude of factors, but ultimately, will attempt to pay you as small of an amount as possible.

That’s why it’s important to have a vehicle accident lawyer in your corner to help you negotiate offers.

If you can’t get a fair settlement offer from an insurance company, filing a car accident lawsuit could be worth your while.

3. The Other Driver Does Not Have Insurance

If a driver hit you without insurance coverage, in order to get money for your damages, you’ll likely need to file a lawsuit. Unfortunately though, if the person that hit you doesn’t have insurance coverage, chances are they don’t have much in the way of assets to sue against.

If the person you’re suing doesn’t have any money to claim, you can try to contact your insurance company for uninsured motorist benefits.

Wrapping Up Reasons to File a Car Accident Lawsuit

In a perfect world, after an accident, the motorist at fault’s insurance would make the victim a fair offer and legal action would not be required.

We don’t live in a perfect world.

For that reason, if your car accident situation falls into the categories above, you may want to consider filing a car accident lawsuit with the help of a qualified attorney.

To that end, our team at can help. hosts a comprehensive directory of the best car accident lawyers in your area. Finding the perfect representation is as easy as hitting “search”!

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