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7 Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

It’s nothing short of frightening when you think about your mom or dad being mistreated in the nursing home they are living in. Imagine what your loved one must be feeling — having to go through mistreatment, abuse and neglect, and not being able to confide in anyone.

An elderly person may be too weak, or too afraid to defend themselves or speak up against the abuser out of fear of retaliation. Nursing home abuse is a serious issue and something you should not overlook, especially if you’ve noted some signs of nursing home abuse, even if all you have are suspicions.

According to a study by the National Center on Elder Abuse, about 10% of all seniors living in nursing homes have experienced some form of abuse. The percentage may be higher because most cases go unreported.

Different Types of Nursing Home Abuse

There are several types of elderly abuse that your loved one may be subjected to in a nursing home, which include:

  • Physical abuse: Inflicting of physical pain and injuries on an elderly person
  • Emotional abuse: Include verbal assaults, harassment, intimidation, and threats
  • Sexual abuse: Include fondling, touching, sexual intercourse, and any other sexual activity without the consent of the elderly person. They may be coerced, threatened or physically forced into it.
  • Abandonment and neglect: Failure to provide basic necessities such as food, shelter, medication, and clothing
  • Healthcare fraud: Withholding or misusing the resources of the older person.
  • Confinement: Isolating or retraining an elderly person for reasons that are not medical

What Are The Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse?

In most nursing homes, you’ll find that the caretakers are the perpetrators of the abuse, so it’s up to you, and the other family members, to check for signs of nursing home abuse, and report the case. Essentially, there are dozens of warning signs of abuse, neglect, and mistreatment that you can look out for.

In this post, however, we are going to address the seven most apparent signs.

1. Physical and Emotional Changes

Physical and emotional changes are the most noticeable changes that will tell the story. When you visit your loved one at the nursing home, observe how they look and act. If you notice they are no longer active or partake in activities they used to love, you should start paying attention.

Check whether they have withdrawn themselves and become less communicative than you know them to be. Do those changes have anything to do with their medical condition, or does it seem odd to you?

If your loved one is experiencing emotional abuse, they are possibly going to be withdrawn, agitated and fearful. Beyond that, you may notice they’ve lost weight or their appetite, and they have changes in their moods.

Physical abuse or nursing home neglect should be a concern if you notice skin tears, and unexplained bruises, especially in unnoticeable areas, such as hips, back, and thighs.

It goes without saying that these signs are not necessarily proof of lousy treatment because they may also be signs of an underlying illness. Visit the nursing homes unexpectedly to check up on them and ask the staff members to explain anything unusual.

2. Dehydration and Malnourishment

One of the most insidious nursing home neglect signs is dehydration. If your loved one is being mistreated, they may be denied food and drinks to keep them malnourished and dehydrated. Additionally, if the nursing home has inadequate staff, then the residents may not receive the high-quality care you are paying for.

3. Frantic and Inadequate Staff

Sometimes, it may be hard for a nursing home to avoid thin-stretched staff for various reasons. Still, observe whether the place is chaotic every time you visit. How well are the staff coordinated? How well do they work together to care for your loved ones? How is their general attitude towards you and the residents?

Check whether they mingle with the residents during meal times or they huddle amongst themselves. What about important information, does it get lost in between shifts? The leadership should not be overlooked either, so check how involved the person in charge is in running the facility.

4. Unanswered and Deflected Questions

You should never feel like the nursing home staff have something to hide. If you notice that they keep deflecting or evading your questions, you should start worrying about your loved one’s care. If they don’t want to discuss the care of your loved one with you, it should raise a red flag.

Sometimes they may tell you that they don’t know the answer to what you’re asking, but promise to find out, which can be acceptable. However, such answers should not be the norm. If you get responses such as “this is how we do things here” or “old people go through this” then start making plans to transfer your loved one to a better nursing home.

5. Distress and Discomfort Towards Staff Members

One of the significant nursing home abuse and neglect signs you should never overlook is when your loved one tells you they don’t want certain staff members taking care of them. In a professional nursing home, your loved one would never feel distressed or uncomfortable about having certain people around them.

Never ignore such a statement from your loved one because it may be a sign of nursing home abuse. Even if they don’t say it, observe their reaction when staff members come near them. Are they happy, anxious, or fearful?

6. Poor Personal Hygiene

When you brought your loved one to the nursing home, you expected that they would be assisted with basic activities such as personal hygiene. Most residents in such facilities need help when it comes to bathing, dressing, combing their hair, clipping their nails, brushing their teeth, among other things. If your loved one is experiencing nursing home neglect, they will have poor personal hygiene, and you can notice it. You’d be surprised at the lack of oral hygiene in nursing homes.

7. Your Instinct

Ultimately your instinct is always right. If you feel uneasy whenever you visit your loved one, you need to get to the bottom of things. You know your mom or dad better than anyone, and you know whether their illness would cause the behaviors they elicit. If not, check for signs of nursing home abuse and save your loved one.

What Do You Do?

If you notice these signs of nursing home abuse, what do you do? Depending on the level of abuse and neglect, you can start by calling the local police.

You can then report the case to the National Center on Elder Abuse or find the best nursing home lawyer you can and allow them to make the report. They will also discuss the best legal steps to take after that. Check our website for more info about it.

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Translating International Legal Documents

Obtaining accurate translations of business documents is important no matter what industry you’re in, but it may be especially crucial in the legal field – where a poorly translated idea or miscommunication could have serious consequences for all parties involved. That’s why it’s so essential to secure the services of an experienced legal translator; one who not only understands specialized legal terminology, but also has some familiarity with the legal systems of the countries involved.

International legal translators should have experience with a variety of documents, including patent and trademark documentation, marriage and birth certificates, legal contracts and agreements, court documentation, immigration paperwork, and more. Linguists with a background in this field will attest to the fact that it requires not only an understanding of legal jargon and excellent translation skills (native speakers are always a plus), but also a strong sense of ethics and an appreciation of the importance of the work – as well as the consequences that can result if it’s poorly done.

If You’re a Translator…

All this may sound daunting if you’re just starting out as a professional translator with aspirations of expanding your skills into the international legal arena. But you can reach your goal if you’re willing to take the time and gain the experience necessary to achieve it. Begin by focusing on building your reputation as an excellent linguist. Not all of your clients may be in the legal field, but over time – as you gain more experience in general – you can market your services to law firms or other companies closely related to the legal profession. Keep your focus on law. Learn the terminology. Build a clientele of lawyers. Once you’ve accomplished that, further narrow your focus to legal firms that specialize in international law. After you’ve established yourself with these clients, you will have the experience and skills to enter the highly competitive field of international legal translation.

If You Need a Translator…

Trying to locate a translator with all the abilities and traits you require – including exceptional translation skills, expertise in the international legal field, and a strong ethical code – may sound challenging. And, truth to tell, it is! That’s why hiring a professional linguist through a reputable translation company is the best choice for most organizations and agencies in the legal field. A good translation company can ensure that you are matched with the right translator for you – one that has excellent references, a solid background in the legal field, outstanding translation capabilities, and a strong work ethic.

Agencies that employ the services of international legal translators are almost as varied as the types of documents that need translation: from individual law firms to the United Nations to the European Court of Justice to the War Crimes Tribunals of The Hague. But as varied as these entities may be, they all share one thing in common: they require the services of only very highly skilled and dedicated professional linguists.

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Country Inn & Suites by Radisson, Virginia Beach (Oceanfront)

At A Glance:

With a stay at Country Inn & Suites Virginia Beach (Oceanfront), you will be near the airport and convenient to a lot of local destinations. The hotel guarantees a great stay with its great amenities and amazing services. This is a perfect spot to stay while enjoying Virginia’s famous beach.

Reserve your hotel room at Country Inn & Suites Virginia Beach (Oceanfront) with

You Should Know:

  •       Free Wi-Fi
  •       Free parking
  •       Free breakfast
  •       Indoor swimming pool
  •       Business center
  •       24-hour fitness facility
  •       Smoke-free property
  •       Refrigerators and microwaves
  •       LCD televisions with cable programming is provided for your entertainment

In and Around:

  •       Make yourself at home in one of the 67 air-conditioned rooms
  •       Take advantage of recreational opportunities including an indoor pool and a 24-hour fitness facility
  •       A complimentary buffet breakfast is served daily
  •       Take a tour at the Gallery of Military Circle for local history
  •       Explore the Lake Taylor Hospital and the Lynnhayen House

·       Take pictures at the Norfolk Botanical Garden while touring

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What Legal Documents Do You Need For International Travel?

Traveling to another country is exciting. But all travelers know the time and money it takes to travel overseas.

But what’s the number one thing that can force travel plans to fall short? Missing certain documentation requirements. When traveling internationally, you need to provide certain documents that prove your identity and your place on the flight.

International flights enforce this policy very strictly. To ensure safety for their passengers, security needs to check each passenger for specific identification policies.

Each country may have specific requirements for international travelers. Some even have other restrictions, such as getting a DUI or DWI.

Are you traveling or moving to another country? Prevent getting kicked out of the flight! Here are the required legal documents you need for international travel.

Plane Ticket

Your plane ticket, or boarding pass, is required each time you board a plane. When security checks your plane ticket, your legal name appears on the pass. This ensures you’re the correct person who booked your flight.

There are other reasons why you must have your boarding pass on you while you board the plane.

Certain flights require you book your seat before the flight. Having your boarding pass helps prove you reserved your seat and helps you find your seat.

Every flight you take requires a boarding pass. But this is important for international flights. International travel flights fill up easily. Having a boarding pass guarantees you have a spot on the flight.

In this modern day, there are many ways for you to acquire your boarding pass. Most airlines will email you the boarding pass, and you have the option to print your tickets at home, at the airport, or even scan the pass on your phone.

If you booked a connecting flight, both tickets will be emailed to you.


A passport is useful for two main reasons. A passport helps prove your identity during international travel. It also gives you permission to leave and enter the country you reside.

A passport also helps prove your residence status.

This is important because certain countries only allow citizens from other countries to enter. If your passport shows you’re from a particular country, you may not be allowed into that country.

Passports are also used to prove your identity. Your passport lists your legal name, age, address and other crucial information. When you go through security, they will look at your passport and boarding ticket for identification purposes.

Be sure to make sure all information on your passport is updated and make sure your passport hasn’t expired. If your passport is damaged, you’ll also need a new one. Any of these factors result in boarding denial.

Driver’s License

This isn’t necessarily required; your passport will display enough information so you may not need your driver’s license. But depending on security, they may check your driver’s license anyway.

The most important aspect to check is if your driver’s license and passport have the same information. If security checks your driver’s license, this is what they will check.

You should also make sure your driver’s license isn’t expired, in case of security checks it.

If you don’t have a driver’s license, a birth certificate can be used as a substitute.


Depending on the country you travel to, a visa is required. A travel visa grants you access to enter and exit the country. However, you can’t reside in or work in the country. A special residency or work visa is required for either option.

Not all countries require a travel visa, but some do. Here are some frequently traveled countries that require a travel visa.

Keep in mind, long-period stays may require a special visa, even if you’re only traveling. Check the country you’re traveling to.

United States

Before you travel to the United States, you must obtain a travel visa. This visa is placed in your passport and grants permission from the country you reside in to travel to the United States.

If you meet certain requirements, a U.S. travel visa isn’t required. Always check the U.S. travel website and see if you’re eligible for visa-free travel.

U.S. visas cost $160 USD. There’s no fee if you’re engaging in government-sponsored exchange travel.

The maximum amount of stay is six months and your visa lasts for 10 years. Make sure you leave two months to receive your travel visa before your flight leaves. You can apply for a U.S. travel visa online.


Regardless of what type of travel you embark on, a visa is required for non-Australian residents. Fortunately, a travel visa is free. This visa is good for 12 months.

Your only restriction is you can only stay in Australia for three months at a time. You can get an Australian visa online.


Before you party it up at the Copacabana, you need a Brazilian travel visa.

When traveling to Brazil, you must carry your home country’s passport and your Brazilian travel visa. You can obtain your visa at a Brazilian consulate in your home country or apply online (the online application includes a fee).

If you’re eligible for a Brazilian visa, it will last 10 years. It will cost about 130 real ($40 USD).


Depending on the country you reside, a travel visa to Turkey is required.

You must be a passport holder in your home country. You can obtain a Turkey travel visa online.

You can easily gain a Turkey travel visa from a website such as Turkey Tourist E-Visa.

The visa costs 75.82 in lira ($20 USD). It’s recommended you apply at least three months before leaving. The maximum amount of time you can stay is 90 days. The visa is valid for 180 days.

Gather Your Documents for International Travel

Traveling internationally is a lot of fun until you get held up at customs.

Fortunately, the document requirements are minimal. Always keep your boarding pass, passport, and driver’s license on you. If you need a travel visa, always bring your visa or have it available online.

Alternatively for those looking for a long stay abroad, advice from leading legal advisory, Biz Latin Hub, is that often the easiest path to relocating and/or immigrating to many countries is through incorporating a local legal entity and then hiring oneself from this entity

Are you an international travel is immigration lawyer? Advertise your law firm with us.

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What is domestic abuse?

There are many ways people can abuse someone for one or another reason. The intensity of this kind of abuse can vary from mild to brutal. Whenever people hear about domestic abuse, they relate it to physical violence but the reality is that it involves psychological, emotional, financial, sexual and mental abuse too. Even the cases of isolation, threat, harassment, stalking and bullying etc. come under violence. If anyone is being harassed by any family member mentally or physically, this case comes under domestic violence. Even forced marriage and bullying comes under the same.

The desire of controlling someone, attaining power or money or humiliating someone gives rise to domestic abuse. Many times this is done by the partner or ex partner. People suffering from this problem not only are under risk of physical harm but also suffer great mental loss due to direct abuse. Also, the victim becomes so helpless many times to undergo this unwanted condition because he or she has to live in the home only. In such condition, it becomes easier for the accused to commit domestic abuse.

Sometimes, people suffering from mental harassment would never suffer physical abuse still the mental harm they undergo during domestic harassment is dangerous and interrupts their personality development. Especially, children who suffer any kind of domestic violence becomes introvert, afraid and reserve natured. They often face the risk being harmed mentally and physically. This gives rise to the feeling of intimidation and fear in every aspect of their life. Those who suffer from being stalked goes in deep depression often. People who refuse to someone for keeping any relationship are at the highest risk of being stalked; so that, this can be the case with those who have recently divorced or separated.

Bullying is another way of domestic violence under which the accused harasses the victim in different ways to attain power or with the intention of hurting the other due to hatred, jealousy or some psychological problem.

One of the biggest reasons behind the domestic abuse is honor based violence. Families who want to control their children even in the matter of selection of their life partner often perform domestic abuse with their children. This kind of abuse is committed to force children to marry according to the wish of their family. Many other things are also there to bring dishonor to the family against which the family commit honor based domestic abuse. Keeping relationship with someone of different caste, doing the kind of job which brings indignity or displeasure to the family or even wearing the kind of clothes which are not liked by the family are some reasons of honor based domestic abuse.

Click here for a trustworthy Minnesota criminal defense attorney.

There are certain provisions under law to punish people who commit domestic abuse and the victim can take help of law in this condition. Serious actions are being taken by law regulating bodies against domestic violence as the rate of domestic abuse is becoming higher gradually.

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Criminal Lawyer Salary

The way to be a criminal justice lawyer and to be successful is very difficult. The average lawyer must complete at least seven years of higher education and pass a difficult bar exam before he or she may even begin to practice law. However, the attorney for the criminal justice more you can expect a decent wage to compensate for your arduous journey but the salary will depend largely on how accurately you are able to use your law degrees.

World of law is very competitive. There are many more prospective laws governing the right than ever recorded, and the same difficulties arise in the job market. But in 2006, the median annual salary for a lawyer of criminal justice was more than $ 100,000. Of course, this salary deserved, not only lawyers excel in school and in practice, they also have forced to make a lot of debt along the way, both the development of their training and in establishing their practices.

The salary of a criminal justice lawyer varies significantly depending on the work of a criminal justice lawyer wants to do. While the criminal justice lawyers specializing in criminal rather than civil cases, other factors are still many issues to consider. For example, some lawyers choose to be partners in a law firm, while others own their own practices. Other lawyer in the criminal justice decides to work for the government or state or federal level. The type, size and location of the company greatly affects the salary of a lawyer for the criminal justice system, and lawyers with experience should find a better balance between professional goals and income you desire.

Like any career, the law requires a commitment and a continued pursuit of excellence. The criminal lawyers should normally start from scratch and make their way to the top. While business leaders and regular partners earn better wages, they did not get it overnight. The criminal lawyers being fresh out of law will significally have smaller incomes and are often forced to accept undesired jobs being overqualified.

There are other benefits to wages for the criminal lawyer is not always included in the total supply. These benefits are also factors to consider when an employer lawyer research potential. Lawyers, like all professionals, need health care and pensions, but these benefits vary widely by company. Some large companies offer packages that are worth a small salary. The criminal lawyers, who choose to start their own practice, will not be able to receive insurance coverage at the beginning. Instead of that if they want, have to pay for their own, which also helps to reduce their own income.

While salary is always an important factor to consider, more practice as a criminal lawyer will earn more money. Criminal justice lawyers need to be flexible when they start, but with the advance of time experience and freedoms are all comes in their own hand. The salary become immaterial when a criminal lawyer has able to touch the top.


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Tax lawyer salary

The salary of Tax lawyers is generally much higher in comparison to others who are in this legal profession. However the salary of a tax lawyers depends on many factors, including specialty, education, law firm size, sector and location.

When you do business or work as a tax lawyer, you will always receive a certain number of terms, such as salaries, commissions, bonuses, and other things. In general, the lawyer must be paid in each month. In this case, it is generally known as the salary of a tax lawyer. Legal fees may also provided by the people who, when he can successfully help them to defend their rights in the court. And due to his success to defend the people or the taxpayer they usually get some other kind of facilities, you may called it a bonus.

Generally, the tax attorneys are given by the government with a salary. It’s kind of right that must be achieved by a tax attorney. And usually people call this term as the salary tax attorney. Lawyers are paid by the government when the lawyer has finished the work that as the defendant for those taxpayers who are under prosecution. Sometimes, if the lawyer’s work is good, the wage tax attorney is added by the government. Similarly, wages can add more than before, if the work or the work of lawyers in this month is very good. On other routes, people also enjoy the services of counsel.

The national average

According to experts’ salaries, the average annual salary of a tax consultant was $ 100,000 in early 2011in the United States. Considering this you may not be wondered as it varies depending upon the economical condition of that state.


Considering the average salary of a tax advisor should be that these professionals must complete three years of law school. Many tax lawyers will earn a master’s degree in tax law. Repayment of student loans often factors in the finances of a tax attorney.


The salary of a tax lawyer may vary, depending on whether the lawyer works in the private sector or in the public sector. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that lawyers who work for private companies earn almost twice as those working for local government. Like this it is also true that they are very much ill paid if it is in the third world countries like different states of Africa.


The salary of a tax lawyer can vary depending on geographic location. The average salary of a tax consultant in Chicago was $ 149,445 since the beginning of 2011, in Manhattan, the average salary $ 159,129 for the same period, and Indianapolis, the average was $ 114.891. In many states of the third world countries they even not get any kind of salary from the local government .They have to do their job on commission basis for the government cases or in other from they have to get the fees from their clients.

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Defense attorney salary

Defense attorneys need to use skills and courtroom to advocate for the accused. To pursue a career as a lawyer requires excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills to gain the trust of clients from very different environments.

The defense attorney is a major responsibility and those who come to this career should enjoy works with people. Essential skills, creativity, perseverance and logical thinking that you have to manage and analyze the case in unique manner.

A degree is a requirement for applicants to law school. The undergraduate curriculum should include courses that emphasize oral communication skills, writing ability, research, analysis and logical thinking.

The higher degree is not important as to acquire a multi-disciplinary background. Students who intend to specialize in one part of the law are invited to follow the basic courses. Patent lawyers aspiring to find a background in science or technology useful again in the future tax lawyers have extensive knowledge of accounting.

When studying for a law degree from an accredited school during the first semester of their training focuses are given on constitutional law, civil procedure, legal writing and other essential components. The last two years of law school allow you to choose your specialty in the law and practical experience. Legal clinics and mock trials to help students gain practical experience and practice in law firms during the summer months.

As a lawyer, you are authorized by the state that you plan to practice. Almost all states require the investigation of multistate bar exam consisting of 6 hours covering a wide range of legal issues.

The performance test required by some multi-states can be taken at the same time as a bar. This is a requirement to test when the levels of skills are needed for a new lawyer. In 2008, most law school graduates required to pass the multistate professional responsibility exam (MPRE), which focuses on professional responsibility and judicial conduct. The MPRE may be taken now in the legal education courses in accredited colleges and is usually offered after the completion of ethical course.

Earnings depend on a defense lawyer if the new attorney has opened his own chamber. It may vary if he is confirmed in a largest law firm, or in connection with the legal staff of a large corporation.

A lawyer who joined a private law firm to start his career can earn about $ 108.500 in its first year. A salaried position in the business of government pays about half, but the benefits of insurance and pension contributions.

Defense lawyers who initially open their own private practice earn considerably less than those who connect businesses with established customers.

Most new lawyers become agreed to start working in wage positions. They are often employed in positions associated and work with experienced lawyers and judges and are trained in courtroom procedure, also in case management to learn and build research skills.

Others choose public service in paid positions as public defenders. With experience, you can become a partner in an established company or be appointed or elected as a judge in state or federal.


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How to Become a Lawyer

If you want to know how to become a lawyer, there are several touchstones on the path that are necessary to hit in order to be successful.  Following is a discussion of how to become a lawyer and suggestions for checking your progress along every step of the way.

The first step in how to become a lawyer is getting a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.  That means going to college for four years, studying very hard and participating in extracurricular activities.  Your major itself is not so important—some schools will have pre-law programs, but many successful lawyers went to law school with a degree in another related discipline, such as English, history, or statistics.  If you intend to practice in a very specialized area of law, such as pharmaceutical law, then you will have to tailor your major to fit that specialty, but otherwise, it’s pretty much your choice.  However, no matter what major you choose you’ll have to have good grades to get into law school, so put your best into every test.

The second step in how to become a lawyer is applying to law school.  (Law school degrees are required to take the bar exam in every state except California.)  Law schools are very competitive so apply to as many as is feasible and don’t be distraught if you don’t get into your first choice (even if it’s where you got your undergraduate degree).  Once you get into law school, you’ll have three years of intense study before taking the bar exam.  The primary purpose of law school is to teach you the reasoning and research skills lawyers need, not to prepare for the exam.  Over the summer vacations, it’s a good idea to get a summer associate position, rather than the typical summer job.  This experience will look much better on your resume when you’re ready to enter the legal profession for real.

When you’ve graduated law school, you may have your law degree, but there’s still another step in how to become a lawyer: the bar exam.  Decide which states you want to be eligible to practice in, as there is one part of the exam that is standard for everyone no matter where they live, and another part that is just for individual states.  (If you choose to try more than one state, you don’t have to duplicate the standard part; you only take it once.)  Find a study group or coach to help you with this, as failing the bar exam is the biggest barrier in how to become a lawyer.

After you’ve passed the bar exam, the final step in how to become a lawyer is extremely simple—attend your swearing in and meet any requirements your state bar has, such as annual dues or keeping up with continuing legal education requirements.


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