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5 of the Most Startling Lawsuit Settlements of All Time

It worth noting that just most of the personal injury lawsuits in the United States rarely go to court with only 4% to 5% making it to trial. It is such cases that have drastic outcomes which could mean a significant settlement or nothing at all.

These top personal injury settlements are a clear indication that with the right legal representation in your lawsuit, you have higher chances of winning big.

Below are 5 of the most startling lawsuit settlements of all time.

1. The $206 Billion Tobacco 

At the moment, it is clear that tobacco smoking is harmful to one’s health. Nevertheless, in the past, this knowledge was unknown because the top tobacco corporations hid such information from the public. This was done through misleading advertising practices.

In 1998, 46 states came together and formed a class action suit against RJ Reynolds, Phillip Morris, and two other tobacco companies. The lawsuit aimed at helping recover all medical expenses for smoke-related diseases.

This was a massive case that took the country by storm, and most people were on edge waiting for the final court verdict. The jury decided to punish the tobacco companies for its lousy business malpractices, and they were to pay $206 billion in 25 years. The money was used in the care of ill smokers, and part of it used in founding an anti-smoking foundation.

2. Robert Middleton, $150 billion

In 1998, the eight-year-old man was sexually assaulted and burned with gasoline by 13-Year-old Don Collins. Robert suffered 99% burns on his body, and in 2010 he eventually died from skin cancer.

Robert’s family, armed with a personal injury attorney argued that the burns caused their relative was responsible for his cancer and his untimely death. In the verdict, Don Collins was charged as an adult and sentenced to jail for the wrongful death of Robert and a sum of $150 billion was awarded to Robert Middleton’s family.

3. Anderson Family & General Motors, $4.9B

In 1993, six individuals (two adults and four kids) from the Anderson family were burnt when their car (a Chevy Malibu) got hit by a drunk driver causing a big explosion.

The family pursued a lawsuit against General Motors. The company vigorously fought back.

At first, the court settlement instructed General Motors to pay Anderson Family $4.9 billion. The sum of $107.6 million was awarded to the plaintiff as compensatory damages. The remaining 4.8 billion was for punitive damages.

However, General Motors appealed the case, and the settlement was reduced to $1.2 billion.

4. Central Park Five, $41M

Perhaps, you have heard about this personal injury case as it is one of the most publicized in recent times. This is because it is a typical case that highlights the plight of racial profiling and coercive interrogation.

Five men (four black and a Latino), were wrongfully imprisoned for pounding and raping a lady jogger in Central Park in 1989. In 2002, a serial rapist offender confessed to the crime while in jail.

As a result, the five men sued the authorities for not conducting a thorough investigation and were awarded a compensatory settlement of $41 million.

5. Gloria Aguilar, $27.5 million

This is a symbolic personal injury claim where the plaintiff, Gloria Aguilar, lost her leg after she was hit by a bus in 2005, just a few blocks from her apartment in New York.

Gloria sued the bus company for compensatory damages, and after four long and tormenting years on trial, the court decided to award the victim and her family a sum of $27.5 million.

Lawsuit Settlements

Even though some of the lawsuit settlements explained above are rare, it is evident that having a skillful personal injury lawyer by your side is your best bet.

If you or someone you know has suffered an injury or died due negligence of another, contact us today for assistance.


5 Most Bizarre Lawsuits in Sports

Sports can bring people and communities together in ways nothing else can, people who have never met and have nothing in common but for the love of a game or, as is often the case, a team. It’s truly something powerful. Unfortunately, every now and then you’ll see the flip side, and somehow the pitch action is taken into court.

One of the most recent ones came from DC Comics, when they decided to sue Valencia CF, a Spanish soccer team, for unrightful use of the bat symbol, which is used in the club logo. However, it seems like the odds of this ending in favor of the American comic book publisher are not very reliable.

Valencia CF has had a bat in its logo since the club foundation, 100 years ago, in 1919. Meanwhile, the first Batman comic was published in…1940. DC itself was born in 1934, 15 years after the Spanish sports emblem. Still, the company decided to fill papers to the Office for the Harmonization of Internal Market, which is in charge of the European Union’s trademark registration process.

Thinking about this, we’re going to look at five of the most bizarre sporting lawsuits. Enjoy the rest but, please, hold your horses and do not get any ideas.

5.  Tiger watches Woods in Golfing Action

It’s the 2010 TPC Boston and you’ve bagged yourself tickets to see your hero in the flesh. Exciting times. That’s the scenario Jason Goodwin found himself in as Tiger Woods came to town. People do strange things to stand out from the crowd – some create signs and hold them aloft, some run beyond boundaries for their five minutes of fame and others dress in enormous tiger costumes. Okay, just one person.

Unfortunately, for Goodwin, Woods’ golfing partner, Angel Cabrera, requested he was removed from the venue as his outfit was causing a distraction. An outraged Goodwin took a lawsuit to small claims court in search of damages to the tune of $7,000.

It’s not known if he won or not but it’s safe to say he was one Tigger that ended up feeling a little Pooh!

4. Courtside to Courtroom

In 2005 NBA star Kobe Bryant was seemingly making a last-ditch attempt to gather a loose ball when he ended up amongst the expensive courtside seats and more specifically in a collision with Memphis Grizzlies supporter Bill Geeslin.

Geeslin was adamant that Bryant made a deliberate attack on him, landing a forearm smash leaving Geeslin with a ‘bruised lung’. Sounds like a reason to get grizzly. Three years later Geeslin passed away – presumably of unrelated circumstance – but his family didn’t stop and pursued Bryant for $75,000.

Bryant settled out of court after becoming fed up of the ongoing saga.

3. Safeway? No way.

In 2009 sporting legend Michael Jordan was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame. Jordan and Chicago Bulls go together like steak and chips and food store Safeway saw an opportunity to exploit Jordan’s success in the Windy City running a coupon that gave money off a steak. The chain chose to use Jordan’s name in their promotion – something he hadn’t given permission for.

Safeway offered Jordan over $120,000 but his legal team challenged and squeezed out a settlement of nearly $9 million. Now that’ll buy a quite good steak!

2. Comfort Eating

Oh dear, we are not painting Chicago in good light. Chicago Bull’s Derrick Rose suffered a serious knee injury and was out of action for a long time. Some fans were wishing him a speedy recovery, other were willing him back to help their team.

Not Matthew Thompson. Poor old Thompson, who was 25 at the time in 2013, suffered serious mental issues as a result of Rose’s absence and they drove him to start eating like a horse, which in turn made him obese.

He tried to sue Rose directly for not turning out on court immediately on recovery but was rightly awarded nothing. We all feel for you Thompson, genuinely we do.

1. Spitting Cobra

Five years ago, Chicago Blackhawks keeper Corey Crawford was accused of assaulting a LA Kings fan. Clark Wong suffered “serious irritation” to his eyes and the suffering only ended after seeking medical attention. So, what on earth did Crawford do? It must have been bad, right?

Wrong. Crawford is alleged to have squirted him with water from drinking bottle – imagine the pain. Wong’s claim was that it was in fact Crawford’s saliva in the water where he’d been drinking it that caused the reaction. Unfortunately, for Wong, other people managed to maintain their vision and saw him ejected later in the game for hurling abuse.

Still, if Crawford wants to take up wrestling or boxing one day, he has a name ready to go ‘Corey “The Cobra” Crawford; failing that, maybe the Avengers could do with another superhuman to help them out.


The Secret to Winning Personal Injury Lawsuits: Avoid These 6 Mistakes

What would you do if an accident changed your life today? Most people never think that a rear car collision or a simple slip and fall can have a big effect on their lives. But when accidents happen, they can be devastating. 

Accidental injuries have become the 3rd leading cause of death in the United States. And plenty that don’t die end up suffering severe consequences for simple mistakes. 

Injury lawsuits have helped people get financial compensation for their injury and prevent others from experience the same pain they went through. But these lawsuits are never a sure thing.

You may have been harmed by no fault of your own, but you could still lose your lawsuit if you approach it the wrong way.

Read on to learn what you should avoid doing if you want to win your personal injury case.

Injury Lawsuits 101: 6 Mistakes to Avoid 

It can be jarring to think that you could lose a suit you’re depending on, but it happens more often than you’d like to think.

Any personal injury lawyer can tell you a story about where a client didn’t get what they deserved because of a simple mistake.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll win every suit you file. But we do know if you follow these tips, your chances for winning will improve.

1. Forgetting to Preserve Evidence 

In personal injury lawsuits, the evidence is everything. The jury’s verdict will depend on it, and so will your settlement. The more evidence you have, the better your chances of winning will be.

Photos can help preserve important parts of your case. Take pictures of an accident scene, snap a few photos of your injuries, and keep a journal of any and all medical symptoms you’re experiencing. 

If there were any witnesses to the accident or injury, you’ll want their names and contact information for your case. If there was a police report filed, do your best to get your hands on it as soon as possible.

Don’t worry about having to personally contact witnesses. Your attorney can handle getting important information from them.

2. Neglecting Medical Care

You claim that the injury has turned your life upside. Your family has been affected, your job performance has suffered, and you’re starting to experience severe anxiety and depression.

But despite all these serious claims, you haven’t seen a doctor for treatment. 

Going to the doctor once after an accident won’t prove much to anyone. It doesn’t show that the injury has had a significant impact on your life, and it won’t be enough to sway the judge and jury.

If you want to get a comprehensive injury settlement, you’re going to need doctors and other healthcare professionals to document your injury and needed treatments.

Documentation from medical professionals can be excellent evidence in your case. It shows how your life was impacted, and it can give people on both sides an accurate image of how medical costs have impacted your finances.

3. Waiting Too Long to File 

A personal injury lawsuit may not be a criminal investigation, but there’s still a statute of limitations on how long you can wait to file. 

Don’t make the mistake of waiting too long to file. The statute of limitations is only one reason why it’s best to file as soon as you can.

Once you file your case, you’re allowed to formally start gathering evidence. It’ll make it much easier to obtain police records and get official documentation from doctors.

Not waiting to file can also help with optics.

The quicker you file, the quicker the people involved in the case know that you’re serious about getting a fair settlement and moving through the court. It also shows the judge that you’re serious about your case.

4. Under-Estimating the Extent of Your Claim

You’re filing a personal injury lawsuit, so naturally, you focus on your medical bills and think only about recouping the medical side of the loss. 

You may be filing a personal injury lawsuit, but that doesn’t mean that all of your injuries and damages are all physical. 

Did you lose the ability to control or perform certain body functions? That can be extra damage that can be claimed in your lawsuit. 

Are you feeling more depressed or anxious after your injury? Are your family members having a difficult time coping with everything? You may able to sue for emotional damages, too. 

This is why it’s important to get proper legal representation when you’re filing a personal injury suit. You could be missing out on something important.

5. Taking the First Offer

Filing a personal injury suit can be a physically and emotionally exhausting ordeal. You can learn more about how long it can take for these cases to settle, but in some cases, people can fight for months or years on a single case.

When you hear that there’s an offer on the table you may feel compelled to jump on it but doing that could do more harm than good.

Personal injury lawsuits may not get resolved in one go and, in some cases, shouldn’t be. 

Some people may put a very low offer on the table to begin with. There could be other evidence you can use that can make your case even stronger.

Remember, it’s okay to walk away from an offer if you don’t think it’s fair enough. You can go back a second or even third time to get something you think is fair.  

6. Posting Too Much on Social Media

Social media has made it easy to see what friends and loved ones are doing. On the flip side, it has also made it easier for law enforcement and lawyers to keep tabs on people.

You claim that you’re in horrible pain, but then a lawyer sees you posting pictures of yourself out at a party smiling. You may have been posing for a photo and you may have left the party in pain, but that won’t matter to the judge.

Be careful about what you’re posting on social media and ask your friends to use their discretion too. 

Get Legal Help Today

Filing a lawsuit can help you get the personal injury compensation you need to get your life back on track. But you’ll need a good lawyer to help your case.

If you have any questions about how to find legal representation, we’re here to help. Contact us today so we can give you the personal injury help you need.

And remember, our blog is full of useful legal information. Browse our posts and expand your knowledge on the legal system. 

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The Role of a Litigation Lawyer in Handling Civil Lawsuits

Litigation lawyers or litigators are the ones who handle civil lawsuits before, during, and after the trial. They are also called trial lawyers, who may represent the plaintiffs as well as defendants. A skilled litigator will handle all phases of the lawsuit in the trial from the primary investigation, pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, and settlement to the appeal process if needed. The job of a litigation lawyer may vary based on the nature of the legal dispute, the lawyer’s experience, and whether they are representing the defendant or the plaintiff.

Qualification of a litigation lawyer

Litigation lawyers may have completed their graduate degree from a recognised law school. They may have earned a three year or more duration of law school training to grab the credentials. The attorneys also may have passed the bar exam in order to enrol as an authorised litigator.

Tasks of a litigation lawyer

  • Case assessment and primary investigation

In the case of representing the plaintiff, litigation attorney will conduct a primary investigation to assess if there are enough evidence to file a lawsuit. In the case of the defendant, the lawyer will assess if there is enough evidence existing to defend the potential suit against his or her client. The investigation includes locating the witnesses, taking statements, gathering needed documents, client interviews, and investigating the facts.

  • Drafting the plea

There are various pleadings to be filed in the court on behalf of the defendant and plaintiff in a lawsuit. Plaintiff Lawyers Adelaide needs to file complaint and summons to initiate the case. Defence attorney usually drafts the answers and counterclaims in response to the complaint.

  • Discovery process

This is the phase of exchange of information between the plaintiff and defendants. This includes direct interrogation, answering written questions, and writing a penalty of perjury etc. Requests for documents, examining physical evidence, analysing information etc. comes as apart of discovery.

  • Pre-trial preparation

Immediately preceding the court trial, the lawyer needs to prepare ell by advising clients, retaining the expert witnesses, attending the pre-trial conferences, and also develop a strategic approach to the trial based on the available evidence and facts.

  • Trial

The litigators need to be fully engaged while the case is before the judge. The lawyers need to collaborate with other experts to craft an appropriate trial theme. They also should try to identify the potential strengths and weaknesses of the case and develop some persuasive arguments. Litigation lawyers may also conduct the post-trial interviews.

  • Appeal process

If needed, a lawyer also must appeal a case on behalf of the client if the trial ends up in adverse. The lawyer must present necessary evidence as to prove the incompetence of the trial court’s decision in order to get the appeal granted.Apart from these, the litigation lawyers also will take the initiative to draft the post-trial motions, preserve or identify the issues to go for appeal, develop the appellate strategies, and gather further evidence for appellate record etc. They also should take the initiative to research on the procedural issues, draft further documents, and again present the arguments in front of the appellate courts for a favourable sentence.

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Legal Ramifications Surrounding The Bouvier Affair Lawsuit

The Bouvier Affair refers to the battle between Yves Bouvier and Dmitry Rybolovlev.  The two were longtime partners brokering art dealings around the world for over a decade.  The relationship went sour when Bouvier allegedly committed fraud and purchased several paintings (Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi among others) for himself when he was supposed to be buying it for Rybolovlev.  After purchasing this painting Bouvier then “sold it” to Rybolovlev at an escalated price. More simply put, Bouvier pretended he brokered the deal (which was supposed to be his job) between Rybolovlev and the world-renowned British/American art dealer Sotheby’s.  Rybolovlev sued Bouvier in a Singaporean Court and has been waiting for a verdict.

The lawsuit concerning The Bouvier Affair alleges fraud and a breach of fiduciary responsibilities on the part of Bouvier and Sothebys.  The reason Rybololev was trying to sue in Singapore was because he felt the Swiss courts would not give him what he calls substantial justice.  However, the Singaporean Court of Appeals decided the case is better heard in Switzerland. The Singapore judge decided in Bouvier’s favor after his lawyers argued that the transactions were contractually governed by Swiss law.

In 2015 the quarrel between Rybolovlev and Bouvier started after Rybolovlev felt he was cheated out of a total of $1 billion on a deal he paid $2 billion dollars to purchase 40 paintings crafted by artists such as Amadeo Modigliani, Pablo Picasso, and da Vinci.  

Bouvier’s defense is that he was functioning as a sole proprietor and or his own art dealer.  He states that he was free to buy and sell the paintings to anyone he wanted.  Although Rybolovlev and Bouvier never officially signed a contract they did have a handshake agreement as is how many dealings in the big-time art world go.  Rybolovlev claims Bouvier deliberately jacked up prices that he originally was quoted and purchased pieces from places like Sotheby’s and the turned around and sold the said paintings for nearly double the price to Rybolovlev.   

Judge Sandaresh Menon ruled that there is “no reason to think that some law other than Swiss law applied to the relationship during the period.”  Judge Menon also said it isn’t the practice of his court to meddle in affairs and laws of foreign countries.

Bouvier’s attorney said “the Court has been clear, Singapore is not the appropriate forum for this case.  Now the Plaintiff’s have to decide whether to start again and initiate legal action outside of Singapore.

Rybolovlev is still seeking justice for The Bouvier Affair in Monaco.  If things do not go in favor of him there then the case will have to be heard by the Swiss Court.  That is Bouvier’s preference according to his legal team although they didn’t say exactly why. 

One thing to note is that Rybolovlev recently sold the da Vinci painting Salvator Mundi for 400 million dollars.  However, he is adamant in his stance that is about more than the money when it comes to The Bouvier Affair.


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