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What You Need to Know About Your Criminal Attorney: 10 Factors You Need to Consider Before Hiring a Criminal Attorney

If you have a need to retain the services of a criminal defense attorney, it may be the most consequential decision that you make in your entire lifetime. When you hire an attorney, you are not just employing an attorney, but you are also hiring the person and the background. There are many factors to consider when you select a lawyer that will help you make the right decision. Here are some of the things that you should think about before you choose your criminal defense attorney.


Most importantly, you will want to hire a lawyer who has a solid reputation among their colleagues and in the legal community in general. Stated simply, in the legal community, perception is the reality. It follows that a lawyer is their reputation. A competent and professional lawyer will be thought of as such by their colleagues. You can get a sense of a lawyer’s reputation by asking their colleagues about them. In addition, there are reviews of a lawyer that are available in the public domain. These reviews can give you a sense of what it is like to work with the lawyer.


When you are seeking a lawyer, it is best to hire someone who specializes in the area of law that you need. When it comes to criminal law, you will want to find someone who is a dedicated criminal defense attorney. It is best not to hire a legal generalist for a matter as vitally important as a criminal defense. There are considerations that are specific to a criminal proceeding that a lawyer must know, and they learn these skills by practicing in the area every single day. Hiring a corporate attorney will not help you achieve the best result in a criminal matter.


Similar to the need to hire a specialist, you should also make sure to hire a lawyer with the right type of experience. There is no one-size-fits-all criminal defense lawyer. You could need a lawyer who specializes in white collar matters. Alternatively, you may require a lawyer who handles a different type of case, such as a DUI. Make sure that you know what type of criminal lawyer you are hiring before you sign the retainer agreement because one type of lawyer may not be able to handle your specific case.


A lawyer’s background may also be able to tell you something about the quality of the lawyer. Check the attorney’s educational pedigree and some of their professional qualifications and then read more about the attorney. While there are many good lawyers who graduate from lower-ranked law schools, you have a better chance of success when you retain a lawyer who excelled at a top law school.


If you are in the midst of a complicated matter that may require some negotiation with law enforcement, you may want a lawyer on your side who you know has some connections with those agencies. For example, a lawyer who formerly worked as a prosecutor may have some connections in the prosecutor’s office. If your attorney has worked with these offices before in any capacity, the prosecutor or law enforcement may be more willing to negotiate and deal with your attorney.


While criminal defense is not an area where you should seek to cut corners and costs, you also do not have an unlimited budget and do not want to emerge from any proceeding financially destitute. It is important to weigh the benefits of the lawyer versus the costs to retain that attorney. You should be conscious of the fact that you could run out of money during a long proceeding, and if that happens, you may be forced to seek new counsel.

Payment Requirements

An outgrowth of the consideration about cost, certain lawyers may have requirements of how their fees are paid. Each lawyer will require you to pay a retainer. Some lawyers may require a larger retainer up front that you will need to come up in order to hire the lawyer. The attorney may offer a payment plan that will make it easier to pay the legal fees as they arise. This will make it easier for you to keep your lawyer throughout the course of the proceeding.


You will have to interact routinely with your lawyer during the course of your proceeding. The lawyer explains the law to clients and acts as counselor and adviser. It is essential that you are comfortable with the lawyer and have some sort of rapport. A criminal proceeding is uncomfortable by nature and you will need a lawyer who will put you at ease as opposed to making your life even more difficult than it already is at this point.


One of the worst things that a lawyer can do is fail to return phone calls and emails. In fact, a lawyer is under a professional obligation to adhere to a certain level of responsiveness to their clients. You will be able to tell how responsive a lawyer is while you are vetting them. Ask point blank how long it takes a lawyer to respond to emails and phone calls. While it is unreasonable to always expect an immediate reply, a certain degree of responsiveness is expected.

Free Consultation

Although it is not necessarily a make-or-break factor in choosing which lawyer to hire, the ability to get a read-out on your case without incurring a bill can be helpful. In addition, during a free consultation, you should be able to get a sense of how a lawyer approaches an issue and interacts with you. A consultation can enable the lawyer to gain your confidence and trust without charging you. This is almost like getting a free sample of legal advice.

When you make such an important decision, it is essential that you approach it critically and paying attention to all of the potential factors. Sometimes, the right lawyer can make a difference in the legal outcome of your case. Certainly, this is not a decision that you can make with your eyes closed. By weighing all of the factors, you can end up with the right lawyer for you.

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False Domestic Violence Allegations: How You Can Avoid Wrongful Allegations

Joe was married to a wonderful woman named Diana. They were happily married for 7 years. Then, one day, Joe learned that his wife was having an affair with her boss. After she admitted the truth, they separated. He was beyond broken. But he would still go to her house at night and beg her to take him back.

After months of begging, Joe accepted the fact that Diana was not coming back and so, he finally agreed to cooperate in the divorce proceedings. He thought that it was an amicable breakup, until his lawyer notified him that his ex-wife accused him of domestic violence. To prevent the claim from reaching the court, Joe eventually settled. He gave his cheating wife the house and full custody of their two kids.

One of the best things that happened in the 21st century is the protection of women’s rights. But sadly, the laws governing domestic violence are used by many women (and their lawyers) to get a favorable settlement in divorce. A lot of women use these laws to turn their kids against their dad or to get attention. Some vindictive women falsely accuse their former partners of domestic abuse to get even.

Spouses are not the only ones who can file domestic abuse claims. In fact, people you have dated, your ex-spouse, roommates, a person you had a child with, your kids, grandchildren, and even your siblings can file a case of domestic abuse against you.

Being accused of domestic violence can wreak havoc in your life. You could go to jail or lose your job. You could lose most of your marital assets. You can lose custody of your kids and the respect of the people in your community. It can ruin your reputation and your future. Remember that domestic violence is a criminal offense and having a criminal record can negatively affect your ability to get a job or obtain decent housing deals.

When you’re accused of domestic violence, temporary custody of your children automatically goes to your partner. You’re not allowed to contact your kids or your partner while the trial is ongoing and the family home automatically goes to the accuser. You’ll be required to enroll in an anger management program. Also, a recorded domestic abuse restraining order may cause you to lose your civil liberties such as the right to carry a firearm.

Plus, domestic violence can be proven by what is called a “preponderance of evidence.” This means that the accuser must only prove that there’s a 50 percent chance that her claims are true.

This is the reason why you should be proactive and try to prevent false allegations of domestic violence. Here’s a list of tips that can help you:

  • Understand what “domestic violence” is.

You can’t prevent something that you don’t fully understand. To prevent false domestic violence claims, you have to understand what domestic violence is. There are three general types of domestic abuse: sexual violence, psychological violence, and economic abuse.

Marital rape and beating are obviously types of domestic violence. But a lot of acts that are seen as “less violent” are actually types of domestic abuse, including:

  • Preventing your spouse or domestic partner from getting a job
  • Threatening to injure pets or special properties such as expensive paintings or works of art
  • Using guilt to get sex
  • Unwanted sexual experiences such as whipping, being tied, or being blindfolded
  • Laughing at your partner’s naked body
  • Performing oral sex while your partner is asleep
  • Insulting your partner
  • Undermining your partner’s self-confidence
  • Forcing your partner to drink alcohol
  • Telling your partner that she’s stupid or incompetent
  • Public humiliation
  • Calling your partner “whore,” “bitch,” or “ugly”
  • Yelling at your partner
  • Threatening to ruin your partner’s reputation
  • Stalking
  • Checking your partner’s phone
  • Preventing your partner from seeing her friends.

So, think twice before yelling at your partner during a heated argument because that could potentially cost you a lot, including your freedom and your reputation. Find your lawyer for domestic violence NJ

  • Avoid getting into a fight.

Whenever you can, avoid getting into a fight. Try not to yell or say derogatory words when speaking to your partner.

When you’re in a heated argument with your partner or spouse, try to diffuse the situation. Try your best to come up with a win-win situation. Strive to be the bigger person.

  • Create a strong defense.

If you think that a vindictive partner is about to accuse you of domestic violence, you have to be proactive and create a strong defense. You should look into your partner’s deepest motivations, such as leverage in child custody issue, to get an upper hand in the divorce settlement, vengeance, or serious mental health problems.

Make sure that your partner’s erratic behaviors and vindictive threats are recorded so you could use them as evidence in court.

  • Get witnesses.

It’s important to gather witnesses who can vouch for your character and your parenting abilities like your neighbors, nanny, or colleagues.

  • Change all of your log-in information.

Remember that almost everything can be used against you in the court of law. This is the reason why you should be careful. Change all your passwords and log-in information for your social media accounts, bank accounts, hard drive, cellphone, etc.

  • Notify your family members about your fears and concerns.

Your family may be turned against you in a domestic dispute. This is why you should notify your family members of your partner’s vindictiveness or erratic behavior.

  • Protect your valuables.

Most false accusers would try to steal your valuables such as car titles, land titles, birth certificate, and driver’s license. So, it’s best to keep your valuables in a safe place.

  • Show to everyone that you’re a good person.

People can’t bring down a good man so, just be good. Don’t yell or raise your voice and always speak the truth.

Lastly, you should consult an attorney who has years of experience in domestic disputes and litigation.

Robert A. Rodell, Attorney at Law, can help you build a solid defense and throw out false domestic abuse charges against you. He’s a former prosecutor with over 30 years of experience in litigation. He has competitive rates and provides aggressive defense.

Prevention is always better than cure. Be proactive in preventing false domestic abuse claims against you.

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How To Successfully Fight A DUI Case

Being accused of DUI can have a profound impact on your life, and not in a good way. For this reason, you should not allow yourself to give up without fighting as fervently as possible. In case you are having difficulty trying to figure out how to dig your way out from beneath this legal mess, here are several ideas that will increase your chances of having a positive outcome.

Probable Cause

When you are stopped by law enforcement officers, it is essential that they provide a valid reason for this to occur. Having a hunch is not a legal defense and it can mean the difference between walking away with your freedom and ending up on the wrong side of a jail cell. Even if you were actually inebriated during the traffic stop, the case will be tossed out if there is no testimony and compelling evidence that proves you were stopped with cause.

High Crime Settings

There are some cases where officers stop and detain people more often than not. If you are driving through a high crime area and you are pulled over by the police, you should certainly mention this when you have your day in court. While it may seem logical for police to approach people more frequently when they are in areas where crime is rampant, it is a form of discrimination and your lawyer should bring this up and stress how this may have had a bearing when it comes to the DUI charges you are facing.

Sleeping Motorist Laws

Since many city and state laws forbid people from living in their vehicles while parked in certain places, many mistakenly believe that taking a nap in the car is illegal as well. The idea of having a motorist on the road when they are not in any condition to safely operate a vehicle is troublesome, and this is why most locales allow people to pull over in a safe place and have some rest.

If you were sleeping in your vehicle and you were approached by officers, there may be a chance that they were actually in the wrong. Instead of acknowledging any wrongdoing, you should have your legal representative argue about the legality of the stop in question. There is a possible chance that things were not done in the most legal manner and you case may be dismissed.

Extended Investigation Time

If there is probable cause for a stop and you are asked to exit your vehicle, the investigation into your current state needs to be completed in a reasonable time frame. For instance, if you are pulled over and the officer decides to call in for backup and have they tested your sobriety, the wait should not be longer than necessary. It is perfectly legal for them to have you wait until additional officers are at the scene, but not if it encroaches on your rights. Be sure to verify the time of the stop and the moment when the investigation began. If it is a particularly large gap between the two, the pendulum may definitely begin to swing in your favor.

You Were Arrested At Home

In the event that you are allowed to leave the scene and you return home, the police are not allowed to arrest you there. Basically, if you are suspected of DUI, is their responsibility to decide which action should be taken while you are still on the scene. The only way they can approach and detain someone while in their residence is if one of the following factors is in play:

  • There is a chance that the driver may cause danger to someone in the home.
  • It is clear that this is the only way to prevent someone from escaping.
  • The person in question entered the home in an attempt to destroy evidence.
  • The suspect fled the scene and led the officers on a chase.

These are the only instances when entering a home to arrest someone accused of DUI is permitted. If none of these apply to you, it is likely any evidence will be suppressed, which means the prosecution’s case will be weaker than ever.

Miranda Rights Were Not Read

Whether you believe it or not, there are officers all over that are so involved with arresting DUI suspects that they fail to read them their Miranda rights. This may seem like a defense that only works on crime drama shows on television, but that is not the case at all. If you are arrested and interrogated and there was no mention of your rights, anything that was mentioned cannot be used as evidence against you. Even if you admitted to the arresting officers that you had many drinks and were indeed impaired, the case will be dismissed if there is proof that you were never informed of your rights.

You Were Physically Exhausted

There have been numerous studies that show sleep deprivation can have similar effects on the human body as consuming large amounts of alcohol. If the only evidence the police have that you have had a drink is the fact that you seemed to be impaired when operating your vehicle, you can argue that this only occurred because you were tired from not having enough sleep. Keep in mind that it is not a good idea to risk your safety and that of others by driving when you are sleepy. With that said, it is not legal to arrest someone for this. A verbal warning is usually how this is handled.

It can be unnerving and stressful to be accused of DUI. This is the case whether the person being accused is guilty or not. If you are in this unfortunate situation and you are looking for a way out of it, you should consider all you have read here. It will place you that much closer to having your case dismissed and walking away without tarnishing your criminal record and being given some type of punishment.

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3 Mind Blowing Benefits Of Hiring The Right Criminal Attorney

Every country has laws. These laws are tailored to suit the needs of that particular country. Even within the country, the laws are customized to each locality. The laws are there to protect the citizens of the country and make sure that everyone is treated equally. For those people who have been accused of breaking the law, they need to have proper counsel to see them through their court proceedings. That is where lawyers come in. There are numerous lawyers depending on which genre of law they have studied. The type of lawyer that you hire should depend on the issue that you have, among other factors. For example, if you have real estate issues, you can get a property lawyer. According to, you can also hire a criminal lawyer to represent you or your company in the event you are charged with a criminal activity. Choosing the right criminal lawyer for your case can make all the difference in the world for your case. This is because these criminal attorneys provide you with all the benefits that you can think of. Some of the benefits of hiring a qualified lawyer from Nashville’s Criminal Defense Attorneys include:

  • Protection

In order to build a strong case against you, the people prosecuting you need to have a lot of foolproof evidence to prove that you did the crime. The collection of this evidence usually takes place, in part, during interrogation at the police station. The police are usually trained with skills on how to get information out of people. They can convince you that you are doing it to save yourself but you are incriminating yourself. These statements can be used in court. However, in the presence of a criminal attorney, the police won’t pressure you as much. Furthermore, the lawyer will tell you which questions are safe to answer.

  • Comfort

Sometimes, during the court proceedings and investigations, you may begin to feel hopeless and downcast. This is because you may start feeling as though you might lose the case. During this time, you need comfort from somebody who understands what you are going through. The criminal defense lawyer that you have hired will do just that. They will be able to comfort you and give you counsel based on facts and experience. Furthermore, they can foresee certain outcomes and prepare you in advance.

  • Strategy

In order to solve any problem, you need a plan of action on how to attack it. Without a plan or strategy, you won’t be able to sort out the problem effectively. The same thing applies to any criminal proceedings that you might be undergoing. You need a plan. Considering you don’t have full knowledge of the law, you may not be the best person to do that. However, the criminal attorney can sort this out. Based on the experience and interaction with numerous judges, your lawyer will be able to come up with the best strategies to help you win your case.


Best online marketing guidelines for the new age law firms

Online technologies are shaping the world in a better way! And needless to say, it has also impacted and transformed the legal domain as well. Today, students have a chance to be a part of law schools through renowned universities. Hence, both the law firms that are old and new should make the most of the online marketing to draw in new customers and favorably grow the business.  

It is essential to note that online marketing trends are always being welcomed and then transformed for the better. However, it is essential for companies to stay tuned into the new trends. To know more about this, you can browse through and others to learn more. Is yours a law firm? If yes, you can opt-in to use the following internet marketing guidelines to reap the best results.

  • Concentrate on the quantifiable results

You can divine your online marketing budget in a mix of choices, such as SEO, paid social media, pay-per-click, email marketing, content marketing, and distribution and many more. However, if you go ahead with this without a plan, it will boomerang. So, make sure that you account for all the marketing expense and concentrate all your attempts on the outlets that enable you to calculate success. The moment you can evaluate your marketing data, you will know precisely where a new customer walks-in at an optimum cost. Your task is to increase these winning and favorable campaigns. Your firm will experience significant growth in this way.

  • Utilize paid Facebook ad to increase firm awareness

Social media is here to stay for the longest time! This platform offers you plenty of attention from your customers. And you can plan the way you want to capture the same. Today, Facebook has as many as 1.39 billion monthly users, and the majority log in on a daily basis.

The new age targeting choices Facebook comes with, enable users to place the ads to the notice of an audience that you want to. It will help you enhance your local online marketing activities. You can also put the ads in front of those customers who require your law firm’s service more. It is a smart call to operating an online marketing campaign that addresses the chosen law services your firm provides to create leads. Furthermore, you can use this campaign to develop more awareness within the local community.

  • Develop a value-packed content as well as downloadable assets

The successful online marketing campaigns that bring increased traffic to your website are a part of the job! The moment the web traffic is on your law firm’s website it is essential for you to create conversions, through either a lead submission form or via an incoming call at your law firm.

A high-quality, informative and value-driven blog is the apt place to start! So you can think of coming up with informative eBooks as well as case studies, that talks about your law firm’s know-how and expertise. It’s best not to make them a part of any promotional ads. Hence, make sure you highlight your firm’s salient points in the form of resourceful content. Offer total value and watch all your leads walk-in favorably.

  • Optimize your law firm website for a mobile traffic

Surprisingly, there are legal firm websites that are still not mobile-friendly! And this is a considerable set back considering Google’s mobile first index which has become functional. When your site is mobile-friendly, it scores better results on online searches and also provides an improved user experience.

You might have a team of successful and trained lawyers. However, if people find that your website is not easy to navigate from their Smartphone devices, they wouldn’t browse through your site and get to know the services and attorneys your firm specializes in.  So, is your website navigation smooth? Are the online submission forms simple to complete? If not, then you need to work towards it and ensure your website is mobile-friendly.  You can add paid traffic with pay per click advertising an Orlando PPC ad agency. 

  • Encourage proactive lead nurturing

When a person submits an online form on your site, chances are they require an attorney urgently! While the other industry verticals can afford to have a slow follow-up, for instance, 15 days and the like, your law firm should have regular follow-ups. Hence, it’s a smart call to create a lead nurturing campaign that instantly sends email to their leads, after a submission to provide with a consultation call on the venue completely free of cost. If you miss doing this, chances are the lead will shift to another market player or your competitor before you get to address their requirement. It is essential to know that not every lead will respond to your initial offer. Hence, make sure that you send an email within 24 hours of the follow-up.

Today most law firms don’t make use of the best benefits of internet marketing! If you want to make the most of online marketing, you can opt-in for the above discussed online marketing strategies and witness the positive differences that it brings about.


A Short History of American Gaming Laws

American gaming laws at present can be considered as an evolutionary concept that has resulted from years of exposure to various gaming products and the general cultural perceptions during certain periods in the country’s rich history and traditions. Unlike the popular misconception among the public, gambling in America is not an illegal activity, but it is mostly regulated and is restricted to a few cities and states. In fact, only two US states have declared gambling to be entirely illegal, which include Hawaii and Utah, while all other states have legalized some form of gambling, including lotteries and slots.

America is home to some of the most amazing collection of casinos and is often considered as one of the primary tourist destinations for people who love to gamble. Several innovative technologies and gaming products that were designed in the US have earned a prominent spot in casinos around the world. Regardless, gamblers in the USA can now enjoy the convenience of gambling online through US regulated casino operators, which provide an option to gamble on the move through a supported app for smartphone or tablet devices. However, it is indeed interesting to track the history of gambling in America, and how Las Vegas turned out to be the most popular gambling strip in the entire world.

Gambling during the Time of Settlers

The American continent started receiving settlers from as early as the 1400s, but gambling took root in the country during the colonization efforts of the British in the 17th century. In its early forms, gambling did not face any legal restrictions, neither did it have any negative influence on the socio-economic norms of the native civilization. Settlers and colonies even used gambling as a form of revenue for various social projects, chief among which was the sale of lotteries to raise revenues for building schools and universities in the 18th and 19th centuries.

However, the concept of gambling did not enjoy a favorable stance with the British Crown, who placed several restrictions on lotteries in the 18th century. Therefore, the first law regarding the regulation of gaming activities came into being via the 1769 restriction by the British, which had an adverse effect on the colonies. The law induced a drastic difference of opinion between the two sides and is often attributed as the first sign of resistance by the colonies towards the British regime.

Gaming during the American Revolution & the Different Eras

Gambling flourished during the immediate aftermath of independence, with lotteries being used at both the state and federal levels. Eventually, New Orleans became the gambling capital of the new United States, with the sale of lotteries and other gaming activities increasing across the nation. However, gambling started facing strict opposition from anti-gaming movements, which slowly pushed the market away from the mainstream. Several organizations and social movements worked hard to eliminate gambling from the land, which saw some success in the form of the decline of the market and the dispersion of the gaming activities towards other regions.

The relative difficulties in the industry also led to the rise in illegal operations, eventually leading to San Francisco taking the crown as the gambling capital of the US from New Orleans. The Gold Rush Era in California also resulted in the popularization of the market in San Francisco, but subsequent intervention from the authorities in the form of gaming laws led to the ban on all types gaming activities in the state.

The Reconstruction Era saw the concept of gaming turning out to be an honest trade in the South, but the different Governments soon stepped in to ban all forms of gaming towards the early 20th century. Such a move led to a rise in underground gambling and organized crime. The introduction of Prohibition laws also added to the woes of the industry, as numerous mob figures started offering extravagant gambling establishments in cities like Miami, Hot Springs, Denver, Kansas City, Deadwood, and Texas, which formed the underlying basis for mafia’s entry into the industry. The popularity of the market in regions with relatively negligible restrictive laws meant that gambling became synonymous with crime and anti-social elements.

Modern Iterations of Gaming Laws

The constitution and legal framework allowed individual states to determine their own policies concerning gambling within their borders. Therefore, during the Great Depression, several states resorted to approving a few types of games of chance, such as Bingo, in order to raise revenue during the crunch time. However, Nevada faced the most disastrous economic turmoil among all states, owing to the problems in the stock market and the construction of the expensive Hoover Dam. Therefore, the state authorities started looking for alternative ways to raise money and fund their developmental activities.

During the 1950s, gaming in Nevada flourished through the investment from mobs, mafia members, and gangsters, but 1960s saw the influx of wealthy and trustworthy investors, who changed the face of the casino industry. Las Vegas turned out to be the most favorite spot for gamblers, which started invoking interest from both domestic and international investors. Till this day, the Las Vegas Strip is considered as the gambling capital of the world, especially with its glittering lights, awe-inspiring monuments, and luxurious hotels & resorts.

During the late 1970s, New Jersey came into the picture by legalizing gaming in Atlantic City, which helped increase revenue through tourists, resulting in Atlantic City earning a notable name in the gaming industry. However, the later parts of the 20th century witnessed almost all states legalizing some forms of gambling, with Hawaii and Utah being the only exception.

Online Gambling Laws & Recent Rulings

Online casinos are not entirely legal in the United States, as the Federal Wire Act of 1961 and the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 prevent US citizens from indulging in any interstate or international transactions that relate to gaming. Therefore, US players can only access online casinos that specifically target their location or those that are approved by the authorities to carry out operations throughout the country.

The Supreme Court had only recently overruled a 1992 federal law on sports betting, which ensures that punters can now take part in sports betting through all legal channels. Sports wagering had been estimated to reach $150 billion in a calendar year, which were usually wagered through illegal channels. Therefore, the Supreme Court ruling has indeed helped quite a substantial number of punters, which can be considered as a win-win situation for all other types of gaming markets. The current trend indeed sets a favorable tone for the future, as gamblers can now expect the authorities to take a flexible stand in the domestic, as well as the international gaming market.


3 Features That Will Help You Acquire The Best Personal Injury Attorney

Many things happen at your work place. Some of them might be good and positive for your career and sometimes, bad things like accidents also happen when you are at work. No one is against the good because you benefit directly from it. However the accidents that happen to you when you on duty should be looked into because they might influence how you perform your daily duties, this is according to All companies are expected to have a procedure that will ensure you are compensated if at all you are injured when at work or when working. If the company fails to compensate you then you have every right to take legal action against them. The first legal action might involve getting yourself a personal injury attorney who will guide on what you are supposed to do. The worry of many is how to get the best workers compensation lawyer. Below are some of the features you should look into;

  1. Specialization

Every attorney has a specific field they have specialised in. Due to this specialization factor, you will need to find yourself a lawyer who has been practicing compensation law. The only way to approve this is by having him or her provide you with a list of his previous cases. From the list, you will be able to know whether you are on the right path or not. You can’t hire a family attorney and expect him or her to handle your compensation cases. Family lawyers are good and can comes in handy when you have a divorce case and not compensation cases. The reason why you need a specific lawyer is that they are knowledgeable and skilled in that area.

  1. Extensive knowledge

For you to have proper knowledge and expertise as a lawyer, you need to specialise and practice law for quite some time. In general, this will give experience. It is through experience that you will be able to work efficiently. An experienced personal injury attorney Riverside CA will not make silly mistakes when it comes to handling your cases. It is very important for him or her to be particular in his or her arguments so that there is no loophole left to be used against you. This is something you learn on the job. Basically, experience comes with time. The more years you get of experience; the better you get as a lawyer to handle any case.

  1. Reputation

You should never ignore what reviews say about a certain lawyer. If many reviews say the same thing, it is likely to be true. However, keep in mind that one bad review can be based on the person’s personal experience. In that case, you can give the lawyer a chance by setting up an interview. If they confirm what you read by their attitude, keep looking. No one would wish to hire a compensation lawyer with a terrible reputation. To be on the safe side, ensure that the personal injury attorney you are hiring has a good brand. He or she should have more positive reviews from previous clients. Alternatively, you can get personal testimonials from fellow lawyers and other witnesses that will affirm his or her reputation.


3 Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Commercial And Property Attorney

There is no single person who would refuse to own property, this is according to Everyone has their own reasons why they would love to own property under their names. To some, property is a way of investing and to some property increases their net worth at the end of every year. Most common things owned by many as property are real estate and commercial business premises. These are all assets if maintained and managed the right way. However, the owners of these properties occasionally sell them and acquire more items. The process might not be as easy as it seems. That is why most real estate owners hire a commercial and property attorney. These lawyers play different roles to the property owners. If you have not hired any property attorney, then you are missing out on a lot of advantages. Some of these benefits include;

  1. Contract

Selling and buying of property is always a process. It is a process because it involves a lot of written documents and above all there is exchange of ownership. You need experienced commercial lawyers who know this process to make it happen. Moreover, the whole process is very tiring and time consuming. This will be very hard for you because you might not have an idea of what you are expected to do. In addition, this process is governed by an agreement agreed upon by both parties. In most cases, the contract entails every detail about the property. The contract also states clearly what is expected of all the stakeholders. Sometimes, contracts have to be revised from time to time due to changes in the law. It is up to your lawyer to make sure your contract is always up to date.

  1. Represent and guide you

The other thing you will enjoy when you have a property attorney is legal representation. At times, one of your clients might sue you due to different reasons. It is up to your lawyer to address such issues. When he or she deals with these issues, you get more time to focus on managing your property. In addition, if there are any legal issues that require immediate attention, they will be addressed through your lawyer. So, your lawyer doesn’t only represent you in the court but he or she does the same even out of court. Your commercial and property attorney shouldn’t let you handle things in your own way. He or she should guide you and ensure that you do things in accordance with the law.

  1. Your interests

Hiring a property attorney is one thing but getting the perfect attorney who will meet your needs is another. How then does one hire an attorney who takes care of their needs? It is very simple. All you need is to have is a whole list of the things you want. You need goals or even objectives that you want fulfilled. A commercial and property attorney always ensures that all your interests are protected. Your interests in this case are your needs. An attorney might the only person who isn’t interested in how much money you make. All the other people who might be involved in the buying and selling process might have an ulterior motive of financial gain.

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Top five interesting facts that you should know about bail bonds

If a loved one is arrested for the first time, then it means that you are probably new to the whole bail process. Most people do not know what goes into bail, how the bail is paid, and how an agent can help. There are a few things that you need to know about bail and bail bonds. Here are important facts about bail bonds.

A bail bond is a loan

You can go to the bail bonds agent if you do not have adequate money to settle the entire bail amount on your own. A licensed bonds agency will put up the cash to cover your bail and you pay them an agent fee that is usually 10% of the entire amount. This acts a loan that the agent gets back if the accused person shows up for the required court appearances. If a person skips bail, it will be revoked and the agent will lose the cash they put up on their behalf.

Bail services are not accessible everywhere

Your initial thought when you or a loved one is arrested will be contacting a bail bond company. However, you should keep in mind that not every state allows them. Privatized lending companies for bail bonds are restricted in a few US states. Some of these states include Kentucky, Oregon, Maine, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Illinois. This means that if you are in these states you will need to come up with your own funds to pay for the bail money.

Avoid paying the bail amount on your own

Paying the entire bail amount on your own can negatively affect your current financial situation. With Castle Bail Bonds in Columbus Ohio, you will only be required to pay part of the bail amount and this means less risk on your part. The courts only return the bail money when the defendant shows up for all scheduled court dates and adhere to all set standards. If they fail to show up to the courts and the money is lost, you will only lose a small amount of your money.

The state regulates bond fees

Bail bonds services must be regulated by the state and must adhere to all set regulations. This includes the regulations that determine the amount and rates that should be charged for the bail bonds services. This means that trying to comparison shop to get the lowest deal is usually a dead end practice for clients. This is because these charges are regulated by the state and not an individual bondsman.

Bail amount may be returned after sometime

The bail amount is not usually returned until after the legal proceedings have been completed. Therefore, if you opt to pay the amount on your own, you should keep in mind that this amount may stay with the courts for some time. This is because the justice system experiences lots of backlogs on all levels. Therefore, this money will not be available to you if you need cash for an emergency. Furthermore, you may never get this money if your loved one misbehaves when they are out on bail.

If you or a loved one has been arrested recently, then you know that you have different options to help them get out of jail soon.  Make sure that you contact a reputable bail bondsman to help answer all your questions and give you the options that you have available. With the right agency, you or your loved one will get out of jail without breaking the bank.

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Top Five Reasons to Hire a Litigation Lawyer

For a professional to be good at what he/she does, training and experience are necessary. The more real work experience you get, the more skilled you will be at your job. Most people do not have the adequate legal knowledge to attend hearings or go to court without an attorney present. Furthermore, the law has countless loopholes that can be challenging even for experts to navigate. Therefore, when faced with a legal issue, it is always best to hire a litigation attorney. Here are the benefits of working with one.

Peace of mind

Although you can represent yourself in court, you may end up regretting it, especially if the outcome is not good. Disputes can easily turn into lawsuits, especially if one or both parties involved are inflexible and obstinate. Having a lawyer with you will give you peace of mind irrespective of the case you are faced with. You will be confident that your case is being handled by someone who understands you legal problems better and they will handle your case with utmost professionalism.

Avoid incriminating yourself

Seasoned attorneys will spend time coaching their clients on how to behave and speak while in the courtroom. This is important because the behavior of the clients in the courtroom can have tremendous effects on the case. Your legal representative will go out of his/her way to ensure that you do not incriminate yourself whenever you speak in the courtroom.

Reduce risks

Getting representation from a litigation lawyer will boost the chances of everything running perfectly throughout the course of your legal case. Attorneys have experience handling legal cases and they will handle any emerging issues before they become major problems for your case. Litigators understand complicated contracts and other important paperwork that ordinary people are unfamiliar with. When things go wrong, you will be sure Boss Lawyers Litigation firm has the expertise and specialized training to handle the problem.

Conversant with all court procedures and rules

Your litigation lawyer will know the ins and outs of court procedures. Adhering to these procedures is crucial to the outcome of your case. This is something that you may never know, especially if you are representing yourself in court. When it comes to the legal system, ignorance is no defense and a lawyer will never favor you for not abiding by the rules due to inexperience.

Help you save cash

Given the costly legal fees that people pay, it is difficult to believe that a lawyer can help you save cash. However, a seasoned attorney will help you save cash in court costs, penalty fees, and fines. Depending on the kind of case that you are facing, when you win a case, it means that you do not have to spend more money paying the individual or company that you are fighting against or you may end up paying them less money than expected.

When faced with a civil litigation case, you need a lawyer by your side. If you live in LA then you may find a civil litigation attorneys Los Angeles. Their experience is the best tool that will either make or break your case. Furthermore, laws tend to change often and this makes them quite complicated to grasp. In addition, navigating the courtroom is not fun or easy as it looks. This is why you need a legal representative who will provide you with topnotch services to ensure the best possible outcome for your case.


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