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How To Protect Yourself as an Independent Construction Worker In the US

Being an independent contractor can come with many benefits: the freedom of creating your schedule, working at your own pace, and handling all the aspects of your business and work are only a few reasons why so many people who work in construction choose to find their jobs. However, when it comes to getting hired, there are certain precautions you need to take in order to avoid both financial and legal trouble.

From getting the proper insurance to always having proof of communication between any clients, your independent contractor job is, more than anything, a business and you’ll need to treat it as such.

By operating independently a lot of the responsibility behind finances, insurance, and safety will fall on you. You’re going to have to wear many hats when working as an independent contractor, but with the right tools and preparation, you’ll be able to operate your business easily and worry-free.

Here are a few tips as to what you can do to protect yourself as a freelance construction worker in the US

Know the laws for independent contractors in the areas that you’re working in.

From Los Angeles to New York, what a lot of independent contractors may not know when first starting out is that there are laws in place that may restrict the income of “gig workers.” Depending on the state you live in, independent construction work may or may not fall under these law restrictions.

Being knowledgeable about the laws in the area you work in can help you both determine your work schedule and help you avoid legal trouble, especially when it comes to filing taxes. So before you take on any work in your area, be sure you know about the laws that might restrict you as a freelance contractor.

Get properly licensed and certified.

Similar to the freelance worker laws, some cities in the US require independent contractors to get properly licensed and certified as a construction worker. By adhering to these certification requirements, you’ll be able to find work and take on jobs from clients faster. Not only will you avoid legal trouble, but doing so will also let your future clients know that you are serious about your work and have done what is required to work on independent contracts.

Whether you’re getting licensed for the first time or looking to renew a license, there are always preparation courses and practice exams that will help get you ready for passing the tests in order to get your certification and licenses.

Depending on where you live, you may or may not be required to complete a few hours of extra coursework before getting properly licensed. States like Texas require extra prep and courses before the official examination, so it’s always important to make sure you know what steps to take to get the credentials you need to operate your business.

Taking on jobs as an unlicensed contractor might result in both business and legal complications, which is what you want to avoid as a freelancer. In addition, having the proper insurance will also help to keep both you and your clients safe.

Get the proper insurance before you take on a job.

One of the most important things you can invest in before you start taking on jobs as an independent contractor is liability insurance. According to, the number one cause of construction deaths are falls. Worst-case scenarios for independent workers are being held liable for damages and charged for them, but with the proper insurance, you won’t have to worry about paying for damages you might not be able to afford.

Secondly, construction work is undoubtedly a hands-on job that sometimes requires heavy-duty, dangerous work. Whether you’re operating heavy machinery or attempting to drive safely through the construction zone, consider investing in medical insurance to keep yourself protected in case of physical injuries or accidents.

Taking all of these precautions will not only keep you protected while taking on construction jobs, but it will also help you establish credibility. Getting certified, having insurance, and showing your clients that you are prepared as a business operator to take on work will increase your chances of getting hired and obtaining loyal customers that will want to return to you for future construction projects in the long run.

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3 Things You Need to Know About Sexual Assault Laws

A better understanding of sexual assault in the United States has come about since the explosion of the Me Too movement a few years back. However, those who find themselves to be victims of sexual assault often still are confused about what actions they should take and where they can go for help.

Sexual assault laws can be complicated to understand but essential if one hopes to get the justice that they deserve.

What do you need to know about sexual assault laws in the US? Read on and we’ll walk you through the basics.

1. There Are Time Restrictions

Sometimes it can take a long while to build up the courage to say something about a crime that was committed. This is understandable, although there are laws in place that might make taking legal action against an individual impossible.

The statute of limitations refers to the period of time in which a victim of sexual assault can report a crime. The statute of limitations can be quite different depending on where you are located. In some places, a person might only have a few months to report a crime, in others they could have a whole decade.

Many laws across the United States have been changing over the past few years as many protest tight laws that make it difficult for survivors of assault to get the justice that they deserve. Some are fighting to have the statute of limitations for rapes cases lifted entirely, with New York taking the first step forward.

2. Help Is Out There

Navigating the laws around sexual assault can be tricky. Luckily, it’s not something that you have to do all on your own. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to bring a case to court or seek some other legal outcome: you can get help.

There are many hotlines and help services out there that seek to connect assault survivors with the proper resources and support. Calling a hotline can help you get connected with an attorney who has had many cases handled just like yours. Often, survivors will be linked with pro bono attorneys who can help them to seek justice at no charge.

These resources make it much, much easier for victims to get into the legal world and see the change and impact that they want to see.

3. The Burden of Proof Is on the Victim

One of the most difficult parts of any sexual assault case? The pressure it puts on the person who was the victim of the crime. Innocent until proven guilty is still true, and the courts will put the burden of proof on the victim.

They will need to provide evidence and testimony to indicate that the claims they are making are true. It can be hard to get evidence that can win a case.

Sometimes, a case is reported long after the assault has occurred and the hardest evidence is gone. Sometimes, DNA tests, even if done right away, are inconclusive. A victim will need to prepare themselves for a tough road ahead as they work to prove the truth.

Understanding Sexual Assault Laws

If you’ve been the victim of a sexual crime, it’s essential you understand how sexual assault laws in the US work. The above information can help.

Need more legal advice? Keep scrolling our blog for more.

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How to Legally Battle Internet Frauds

Spending a lot of time on the internet will show you that there are many fraudulent attempts you could be vulnerable to online. Even if you haven’t been targeted before, you’ve probably heard of someone who has had the unfortunate luck of falling victim to scammers or hackers on the internet and had their personal information and credentials stolen either for ransom or for personal gain. Internet frauds have become increasingly common these days. To arm yourself against them, you’ll need to put a solid legal defense to block these malicious parties and have security measures in place to protect your interests. The following guide will help you do so.

Read about Cybercrime Laws

Before taking any action, one should be knowledgeable about cybercrime laws that are specifically designed to protect citizens’ data, battle identity theft, and prevent the spread of malicious content all over the internet. The aim of these laws is to make the internet a safer space and reduce the risk of fraud.

●      18 U.S. Code, Section 1028

Under this law, anyone who unlawfully obtains, transfers, or authorizes the identification documents of another person for personal gain, extortion, or has simply helped someone commit these actions shall be fined and/ or imprisoned for 5 -20 years, depending on the severity of the actions. Any form of identity theft is also punishable by law.

●      18 U.S. Code, Section 1029

This law penalizes and/ or imprisons anyone in possession of any device that counterfeits communications or defrauds or uses the access device to commit fraud. These acts of fraud, or any related activities, are condemned and they sentence their doer to 10-20 years in prison.

●      18 U.S. Code, Section 1030

This provision is designed to punish people who access any computer with sensitive information in it without proper authorization, especially if these computers belong to the US government or are agency computers. This includes overridden computers that were granted protection against malicious parties.

Hire an Internet Fraud Lawyer

Hiring an internet fraud lawyer could be your best line of defense. As the information found via this link suggests, internet fraud attorneys or specialized law firms are quite knowledgeable when it comes to cases, such as fake or non-existent product scams, credit card processing scams, or bank switch scams. Although fraud cases can be very different in their nature, the basic elements of any fraud case are almost always the same. Fortunately, fraud lawyers know how to successfully handle these cases due to their years of expertise in that field.

Hiring a lawyer is especially an essential step if you haven’t dealt with fraudulent individuals before. They will help you gather any relevant information on the case and use this information to prevail in court or reach a settlement. In any case, all fraud victims are advised to seek professional help as soon as possible because the more you wait, the more time perpetrators have to disappear in the untraceable world of the internet, along with your information.

File a Complaint

If you’ve been a victim of fraud, there are multiple ways through which you can file your complaint. Doing so will help you retrieve what has been taken from you. In addition to this, the government will be able to recognize new fraud patterns, especially if your fraud case is a unique one, which can help them combat these attacks more efficiently. You can do this by filing a complaint to the following organizations.

●      The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Filing a complaint at the FTC’s website will help track fraudulent parties on a nationwide scale. What is good about the FTC is that it will also give you tips on how to protect yourself from internet frauds.

●      The National Consumer League’s Fraud Center

The center helps those who file complaints on internet or telemarketing fraud cases. It collects these complaints and shares them with its law enforcement partners as well as the FTC for the effective elimination of these scams.

There is no denying that internet fraud is one of the trickiest cases a lawyer can deal with, as most of those sleazy scammers know how to disappear without a trace. Since most of our work, communication, and even shopping is done on the internet nowadays, taking precautions to protect yourself against these attacks is now more crucial than ever. Start by using a strong anti-malware and different, complex passwords for your accounts and devices, and make a habit of upgrading your security measures every once in a while.

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Slip And Fall Lawyer Ensures You Receive Benefits Due To You

There are so many reasons why a person slips and falls at home, at work and when out and about in public areas.

When there is some kind of danger present on someone else’s property and you fall and injure yourself, it can lead to a personal injury claim. You may well have grounds to submit a claim. This is because property owners have a duty to see that their property is safe for people to be on.

People sometimes don’t think that a building ages, and if it is not adequately maintained, it succumbs to wear and tear and can become hazardous for people walking around on it.

What you need to know about Slip and fall laws

Slip and fall laws vary from state to state

You can’t accept that slip and fall laws are the same everywhere. Laws vary according to the state you’re in. In Pennsylvania, lawyers deal with thousands of slip- and fall accidents and injuries and many of them have serious consequences.

Some cases don’t allow for recovery of damages when the danger should have been obvious to the injured person.

People can end up losing days, weeks ad months of working and earning while they recover.  Injuries of this nature can be difficult to prove in court. You can’t possibly try to tackle a solution on your own.

A leading slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia, Joel J. Kofsky, can tackle everything for you and remove all your frustrations by using their broad slip and fall experience to get you the compensation you need.  These legal offices are waiting and ready with their experience and skills to get your life back on track and to ensure you receive the benefits owing to you.

If it appears that there was negligence on the part of the owners of the property, then you want to take action, whether it’s an insurance claim or you end up going to court.

Beware of the statute of limitations

You can’t dilly dally either over filing as there are laws in Pennsylvania that can have an impact on your case. There is for instance the statute of limitations deadline for filing a slip and fall lawsuit. This statute of limitations means there is a deadline to the rights you have to have a lawsuit heard.

Filing a slip and fall lawsuit after the deadline set by the statute of limitations has passed, may well see your case being dismissed.

Slip and fall accidents can be full of complications. It will be imperative to talk to an experienced slip and fall attorney in the state of Pennsylvania. There are also incidences for instance where your slip and fall ends up with property damage, leaving you uninjured. Then you may want to repair or replace your property that was damaged.

When you hear the other party saying that part of the responsibility of your slip and fall accident was yours, you realize you need help fast.

Contact the best slip and fall attorneys in Philadelphia as soon as possible to get your anxieties taken over by competent lawyers who will fight for you to the end.

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Why Do You Need A Lawyer to Deal with Your Cryptocurrencies?

There is much buzz going around in the market regarding Cryptocurrency and the blockchain., and why shouldn’t? After all, Cryptocurrency and the blockchain are the new technological innovations that hold the key to a brighter future.

Cryptocurrency work on the blockchain technology that used the public ledger principle. With the general ledger network’s help, every information is shared in the system among all the members of the net. However, no one can make any changes to the data.

As the blockchain and the Cryptocurrency are decentralized elements, no government holds authority over it. This has made the Cryptocurrency independent in many ways.

In recent years, we have come across several Cryptocurrency scam. And this kind of event has made it mandatory to have lawyers while handling Cryptocurrencies.

Why do you need lawyers to deal with Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency is the decentralized digital currency that is used in almost every industrial sector. However, Cryptocurrency is not limited to currency only. Some of the traders are also using it as digital assets. Now that cryptocurrencies are used like digital assets, there are chances that you will need a lawyer at times when a scam happens.

Like you have a family lawyer that advises you with every financial decision. Having a crypto lawyer might help you in the same prospect.

Here’s why you need a Lawyer while handling Cryptocurrencies.

1. Cryptocurrencies are used as properties.

One of the most critical notions of the Cryptocurrencies is that it is being used by traders and investors like their personal assets. Even the central authorities look at the cryptocurrency holding like personal assets.

The US government has accepted the Cryptocurrencies as properties rather than any form of currencies. That means, if anybody is holding Cryptocurrency, they are falling under Capital gain tax law, and they will be tax payable on the profits made from the cryptocurrencies.

This aspect of the Cryptocurrency has added several layers of complexity for the traders to understand the right format of paying tax on the Cryptocurrencies.

Hence, it becomes essential for the taxpayer to take advice from the tax professionals before reporting their tax document file to the government. Because the rules are changing, the things which were legal earlier might not be the same this year. So, it is best to seek help from a lawyer or tax professionals.

2. Decentralized status of Cryptocurrencies

The features of the Cryptocurrency that we take advantage of can also become a potential risk factor. We all know that the Cryptocurrencies are the decentralized digital currency. That means, they do not have any physical for or are not backed up by any governmental institutions.

The decentralized status might feel the investors from the third parties, but it might also result in legal complications. The value of the Cryptocurrency is dependent on the owner itself. That means, whoever holds the highest number of the Cryptocurrencies, holds power to change the course of the Cryptocurrency trade market.

Without the central authority backing up the cryptocurrencies, investors and traders might find it challenging to handle the Cryptocurrency’s complexity.

3. Business registration

A growing business needs to do several financial transactions. Hence, companies are taking advantage of the cryptocurrency transaction. But when it comes down to legal mode of the transaction, Crypto transactions are not the one. If there are businesses who are regularly doing business with the cryptocurrencies, then there is a chance that that business will not be qualified to have a license. On the other hand, the company might need to submit special considerations depending on their jurisdictions.

4. Fraudulent activity

There is a belief system going on among the common masses that the Cryptocurrency provides the means to the underworld organization for money laundering, illicit transactions, and helping them host several other crimes.

This might be only a scenario. However, if you are scammed in the Crypto transaction process, then there is a high probability that the court will not listen to you as you were dealing with a decentralized currency.

To fully understand how the Cryptocurrency works and how you can implement it in your business, you can visit TrustPedia – reviews you can trust.

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What Could be the Legal Risks for Mining Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrency is a new trend that is buzzing around in the trade market. Today, people have become aware of the existence of the Cryptocurrency. There is even an online trading platform that is providing Crypto trade services.

We all know how Crypto trade is made, but have you ever spared a thought on how this Crypto token is produced? Crypto tokens are created with a process called Crypto Mining.

What is Crypto Mining?

Cryptocurrency mining is a distributed process of validation of all the Crypto transactions. After validation of the transaction’s authenticity, all the data are then added to a public ledger network. All this information is shared with every member of the network. The mining process can be intensive, and you might also need an advanced computer system to mine the Cryptocurrency.

The mining process needs to go through several methods. Amid this, you have to make sure that you are following the right protocol.

Using U-M resources violate University policy

If you are not aware, then let me tell you that cryptocurrency mining violates University policy. And if you are asking why? Then here are the reasons.

  • As per the guidelines of the responsibility for Information Resources, U-M resources cannot be used for personal reasons. In the instructions, it has been clearly stated that if anyone uses the U-M resources for their use or financial gains, that will be a direct violation of the law.
  • And as per the statement of the student rights and responsibilities, students must abide by the University policies.

So, if you are a student and wishing to mine cryptocurrencies, then you are violating laws.

The same thing can be said for the U-M community as the U-M community members are prohibited from using the university resources.

Cryptocurrency mining and the malware dangers

If you are not careful enough, hackers might use your system to mine Cryptocurrency from your system. Cases have been found where users have seen pop-ups, and after clicking it, your computer is filled with mining codes.

The similar techniques used by hackers to spread viruses all over the system this technique is called phishing. The procedure is the same, but instead of running codes, your system will be filled with malicious content and viruses.

The worst part of this method is that you might not be able to see anything happening. All the programs and code might run in the background. However, if you regularly use your computer, you might find that there is something wrong with your system (System slows down while mining Cryptocurrency).

Hence, be aware of any spam mail and pop-ups ads. And watch for your computer when it starts consuming large amounts of data.

Cryptocurrency mining puts your data at risk

If you are going to mine Cryptocurrency, then there are things you need to take first. While mining Cryptocurrency, your data is prone to external threats. It will be better that you mine Cryptocurrency on a different system.

Here’s how your data are at risk while mining Cryptocurrencies.

  • Slow down your system performance

When the background mining process starts executing itself, the system becomes slower. You may find that the software and the application are not responding accordingly.

  • Prone to external threats

Once mini9ng of the Cryptocurrency starts on your computer, your system is exposed to external threats.

  • Increase in electricity consumption.

The mining process is complex, and it takes a longer session time. This might result in higher power and data consumption.

  • Causes security issues

Your system security software might consider the mining process as a harmful activity.

  • Data are exposed

During the mining process, the system is occupied with mining, which might leave your data exposed to hackers.

Final thoughts

If you ever find that your system is performing abnormally or showing the signs mentioned above, you can expect that your system is used for the mining process. You can switch off your system to stop the process, or you can go and check all your background processes. And if some unknown processes are running, you can end the task, or you can use the for the crypto trade.

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Countries Where Bitcoin is Banned or Made Legal in 2020

If you have bitcoin, no matter legally or illegally, but you want to sell it off, then you must first find out the list of the countries where it is legal and where it is illegal. There are many cryptocurrencies with various kinds of regulation that happened. Some of the states have widely accepted cryptocurrency as a part of the economy. They have allowed the citizens to use the bitcoins to buy, sell, and rent anything they might need.

Some of the countries have not yet bothered to regulate the cryptocurrency that is there in the system. In the current situation, we found that almost a significant part of the world is almost on the way to making it legal. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, you can get started right now

Countries Which Have Banned Cryptocurrency

The banning of cryptocurrencies happens where the government does not allow this kind of virtual currency. Otherwise, almost the entire world gladly welcomes bitcoins and the cryptocurrencies. On the other hand, some of the countries have gladly banned the use of cryptocurrencies. These countries have not still given any clear idea about what is the possible reason behind such a harsh step. Many of the people of those countries where bitcoin has been banned do use bitcoin. It is tough to identify why these countries banned the virtual country just because there is no centralization process.

Names of the Countries

There is a long list of countries where the use of bitcoin is banned. We would consider them here, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bolivia, Algeria, Republic of Macedonia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Qatar. These are the countries where the countries have banned the use of the cryptocurrency strictly. But there are some countries which have restricted bitcoins. Even then, it was seen being used in countries like India, China, Ecuador, Morocco, Indonesia, Zambia, Nepal, Egypt, and American Samoa. These are the countries where people can use bitcoin, but not very openly, then they would be questionable by the government.

If you look into the matter very carefully, then you will realize than banning, and the restriction is within the law of the country, but this does not mean that it has stopped the people from using it for purposes like trade and business. It is just that the government does not want to make it regular so that the fiat currency falls, but also wants the crypto to work for a broader perspective like an investment, etc.

Very logically, the experts say that bitcoin can not be banned because it is not in any power of the government. This must be clear to every countryman that no government holds any power to ban any cryptocurrency. It is just because no government can ban internet connection, so as long as there will be an internet connection, the government will not be able to stop you from anything.

Countries Which Have Legalised Cryptocurrency

More than 100 states have accepted bitcoin gladly, and they have made it legal by all means. The judicial law of the land recognizes the cryptocurrency majorly. Canada and the United States are very crypto-friendly, they have no such problem with the crypto, and they also allow the state to use it.

The government of such countries is also trying to facilitate the stay of the virtual currency as much as possible so that they have no problem staying in the country legally, and no one is able to throw them off like that. They have allowed the crypto bases to be legalized and also allowed to use them naturally.

Countries Where Bitcoin is Legal

It is nearly impossible to mention all the names here, but we will mention some of the countries where bitcoin is legal. Ukraine, Japan, Malta, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Singapore, etc.


As of now, we saw all the countries where the bitcoins are banned, legal, and illegal, but now let us also know one more thing: there are many countries where the bitcoin is neither legal nor illegal. Hence it entirely depends on the discretion of the states and the government whatever decision they decide to take.

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Legal Requirements to Meet Before Starting Your Own Clothing Business

You finally made the decision to start your own clothing business… this calls for a celebration, right? That’s what most people would think, but before you can start making toasts and thanking everyone for motivating you, there are some legalities you have to follow before you can officially open for business.

Some of these legal requirements vary from state to state, but to have an operational business in the US, there are definitely some licenses and permits you’re going to need, as well as insurance requirements. If you’re not sure where to start in opening your clothing business, here are some legal factors to consider beforehand.

Legal Requirements to Meet Before Starting Your Own Clothing Business

Register Your Design or a Trademark

Registering your business name and logo is a great way to make your brand officially yours and it protects it from being used by another business. This also helps your customers establish a familiarity and loyalty to your brand because it promotes consistency.

Once you’ve registered your logo or business name, you can then confidently use it to promote your brand! Everything from business cards to custom woven labels, you can put your brand on every garment you have and every promotional strategy you have.

Just be sure to do a check every now and then to make sure no other businesses are using your name. You have to conduct his type of check for your own business as well, to make sure you’re not using another clothing business’ name… Not doing so can result in one of the many litigation cases that small businesses face on a daily basis.

Determining Your Business Structure

Before you can “open up shop,” you first have to determine the type of business structure you want to use. You can establish your business under these common business structures:

  • Corporation
  • LLC (Limited Liability Company)
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership

This legal requirement is something you want to figure out at the very beginning simply because it plays a significant role in how much you pay in taxes and the liability you face… Your business structure truly plays a role in the longevity of your business in the event that unforeseen circumstances come into play.

Apparel Registration Certificate

If you are manufacturing your own clothing line (buying fabric, cutting it, sewing and assembling it), then you’re required to register your business with the state and acquire an apparel registration certificate. If you hire contractors to do the manufacturing for you, you’re also going to need the apparel registration certificate, and you may also need to register in the state where you hired your contractors from as well.

Acquire the Appropriate Business Insurance Policies

Just as you have health and car insurance policies to protect those assets, your business will need the same types of protections in place. Business insurance isn’t necessarily a requirement for certain businesses, but it’s a form of protection that’s better to have and not need than to need and not have.

Even if you run your business from home, there are still factors that would require you to have business insurance. For example, if you have employees, you’re required by law to carry worker’s compensation insurance.

Also, if you’re renting out an office space or take out a small business loan, more often than not, you will be required to carry proof of insurance to ensure you’ll be able to cover any damages incurred to the office space and that you’ll be able to repay the loan if any business interruptions happen.


If you’re running a brick-and-mortar store, or have an office space where you’re manufacturing your line, you will need a permit from your local fire department to meet their guidelines on safety for employees and surrounding businesses.

By having your own retail space, you’re also going to need other permits like building, occupational, and alarm permits as well… Just check with your local, county, and federal laws to make sure you’re obtaining all the necessary permits to operate your business in your location.


In running your own clothing business, you’re going to take care of all legal matters first and foremost before you can begin the “fun” part of entrepreneurship. According to, knowing the business structure basics is the most important decision to make when starting a business, but there are, of course, other important aspects as well.

These are just a few important legal considerations that come with entrepreneurship but there are many more requirements. So before you jump head-first into starting your own clothing business, make sure you have all the legal aspects checked to ensure you can run a successful clothing business without any forthcoming legal repercussions.

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Everything You Need to Know About Kentucky Marijuana Laws in 2020

Did you know it is illegal to gift someone a box of chocolates over 50 lbs in Idaho? It is the law in Gainesville, Georgia that you must eat fried chicken with your hands. What were these lawmakers smoking?

Ignorance is no defense for breaking the law. Before you give your buddy 100 lbs of Snickers for his birthday or grow, sell, buy, smoke, or eat marijuana you had better know the local laws. Read on to learn everything you need to know about Kentucky marijuana laws for 2020.

Kentucky Marijuana Laws

Kentucky may be the bluegrass state but green weed, not so much. The penalties for breaking marijuana laws in Kentucky are some of the most severe in the country.

Recently, legal weed activists have made some ground in getting lawmakers to reconsider Kentucky’s harsh stance on the drug, but marijuana prohibition is still very much alive in Kentucky.

Growing Marijuana

Who says money doesn’t grow on trees? In Kentucky, an ounce of high-quality marijuana can sell on the streets for $339 or more. Before you head down to your basement to set up a grow-room, you should know growing marijuana in Kentucky is against the law.

Kentucky is part of the “marijuana belt” and is the third-largest producer of marijuana in The United States. With thick forestland and easy access, The Daniel Boone National Forest is a favorite grow spot for marijuana cultivators.

Many growers take advantage of the vast public land to shield themselves from the risk of prosecution if discovered. The national forest has over 600,000 acres of land in which to hide marijuana fields. 206,908 marijuana plants from the Daniel Boone National Forest were pulled and burned in 2003.

For a first time offender, the cultivation of less than five marijuana plants is a misdemeanor punishable by a year in prison and a $500 fine. Grow more than five plants you will be charged with a felony and risk up to 5 years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Grow again and risk a 10-year prison sentence.

Kentucky once was one of the largest producers of hemp. In 1850 the state harvested 40,000 tons of the crop. Hemp was widely used in the manufacturing of clothes and ropes in The United States.

Selling Marijuana

Legal weed is big business these days, but legal retail weed businesses in Kentucky are far off. The distribution of marijuana in Kentucky is strictly illegal.

Trafficking of under five pounds can get you one to ten years in prison and a $10,000 fine. A second offense will have you facing 10-20 years.

Penalties are considerably harsher for selling to minors. Selling marijuana to a minor carries a minimum sentence of 5 years and up to 10 years. Subsequent offenses hold sentences of 10-20 years in prison. What’s more, if caught selling any amount of the weed within 1,000 yards of a school, you face 1-5 years in prison.

Smoking Marijuana

Drugged driving is the term used for operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of marijuana. Marijuana affects motor skills and reaction time making driving high dangerous. All states have laws against this including Kentucky.

If you had or are ever have a motor vehicle accident involving a drugged driver in the State of Kentucky the attorneys at this practice in Lexington can help you get compensation for your injuries.

Smoking or being under the influence of marijuana in public is illegal in Kentucky. Yet, it isn’t the smoking that will get you in the most trouble but rather the having of the substance.

Possession laws are relatively relaxed in 2020 compared to Kentucky marijuana laws of the past. Having less than eight ounces is a misdemeanor with a 45-day jail sentence and a $250 fine.

Possession of over eight ounces is considered “possession with intent to sell” and the accused faces the same penalties as trafficking the drug.

The state has a program for first-time marijuana offenders called conditional release. The program allows the accused to take probation instead of going to trial. If they stay clean and complete the probation the charge will be dropped from their permanent record.

What about smoking hash? Hash is a concentrated and considerably more potent form of marijuana. According to Kentucky law, marijuana concentrates are no different than the flower of the plant and carry the same penalties.

What about paraphernalia? Marijuana paraphernalia is anything used in the consumption of marijuana. Pipes, rolling papers, bongs, and vaporizers are legal. Considered tobacco products, they are not illegal until you smoke marijuana with them.

Once used to smoke cannibals, the residue of marijuana can be found on or inside them. This residue makes them marijuana paraphernalia. Possession of paraphernalia is a misdemeanor and punishable by a $100 fine and up to a year in jail.

Eating Marijuana

Many folks eat pizza, brownies, hard candy, or any number of foods infused with marijuana to get high. Anything, including food, containing marijuana’s psychoactive ingredient THC, is illegal. Yes, eating or possessing marijuana-infused products is a crime in Kentucky.

In April of 2014, Kentucky passed a law allowing doctors to prescribe CBD, a non-psychoactive ingredient of marijuana. CBD is known to help treat patients with multiple sclerosis, cancer, and epilepsy. CBD oil contains no THC and therefore ingesting it does not get the user high.

Medical Marijuana

Elected officials are outspokenly against legal weed in Kentucky. A 2015 bill proposing a medical marijuana framework failed to pass at the committee stage. Despite opposition from the anti-cannabis group National Marijuana Initiative and the Kentucky Baptist convention, medical marijuana is close to being legal in Kentucky.

On February 20, 2020, House Bill 136 was passed by Kentucky’s House of Representatives, but the bill has not yet be considered by the Senate because of delays brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. The bill would make medical marijuana legal in the state of Kentucky. Medical marijuana is legal in 33 states and Washington, DC.

Considering the pattern of other states, Kentucky might be taking the first steps towards more relaxed laws, decriminalization, or even full legalization of marijuana. Maybe someday, but right now Kentucky marijuana laws are harsher than most states and are strictly enforced.

Got Busted for Marijuana in Kentucky?

Attitudes for and against marijuana are changing rapidly in the United States and so are Kentucky marijuana laws. Know and practice your rights.

If you ever find yourself arrested or charged with violations of Kentucky marijuana law be sure to have or acquire competent legal representation. Search for attorneys in Kentucky specializing in criminal law in the Halt Lawyer Directory to help with your court case.

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What You Should Know About Domestic Violence

Think of any three women. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one of those women has likely suffered “either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime.”

Domestic violence occurs quite often – perhaps even more often than we realize. And it is an issue that everyone should be interested in and passionate about.

In this article, we share some of the must-know facts about domestic violence

Abuse is Not Always Physical

Domestic abuse refers to any behavior or pattern of behavior that results in a person controlling, harming, and manipulating another. Abuse typically involves physical harm leaving marks and scars, but it can also be psychological. As Aisha Mirza puts it, “it is not the bruises on the body that hurt. It is the wounds of the heart and the scars on the mind.” Abuse could be verbal, emotional, or sexual. It could also involve coercive strategies using money or threats of social isolation.

Abuse is More Common than You Think

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), 20 people suffer from physical abuse by a partner every minute. Yes, you read that right – every 60 seconds. That works out to well over 10 million people suffering domestic abuse each year. Although men are also victims, women are the primary victims – accounting for over 85% of abuses. Thus don’t think violence is too far from you or anyone close to you.

Watch For the Signs

Not all abusers come off as aggressive and manipulative. Some are very sweet and kind until they begin to inflict harm. There are always subtle signs that can help you know if you are in an abusive relationship. Some of the signs are constant put-downs, guilt trips, domination and control, humiliation, hypercriticism, and unreasonable jealousy.

Also, here are some signs that you can look out for if you suspect that a person is a victim and might need help:

  • Consistent signs of injury and bruises
  • Wearing unusual clothes, often to cover bruises.
  • Dramatic mood swings
  • Isolation

Of course, these signs will differ from person to person.

It’s Sometimes Hard for Victims to Leave

If you have never suffered abuse before, you may be wondering why victims of domestic violence don’t just pack and leave. Sometimes it’s not that simple. Some victims may not understand that they are being abused, especially if the assault or battery is in its nascent stages. Other times, people don’t know that they deserve any better. Other factors, such as age and financial dependency, may also come to play.

Children are Always Victims

Aside from elder abuse, children can also be abused. And this type of abuse is always harrowing. It always has a significant effect on their life choices and emotional health. Domestic violence can also lead to high mortality and morbidity among children. For instance, conditions like anxiety disorders, depression, arthritis, migraines, diarrhea, or malnutrition are likely to be prevalent in homes where domestic violence is present.

There is Help Available

The most critical thing you should know about domestic abuse is that you are not alone. You do not have to go through any form of abuse because help is available. The first thing you can do is walk away. As long as the relationship is abusive, it will cost you your peace and joy. Don’t hesitate to report it to the police as soon as possible. The abuser will typically face a 30-day jail sentence if convicted of a misdemeanor. The penalty would be more severe, depending on the type of abuse.

In Conclusion

Domestic abuse is one of the most unfortunate occurrences in our society. It would take a concerted effort to end or reduce this canker. In this article, we have examined some of the most important things you should know about domestic abuse. These points offer insights about preventing abuse and becoming an advocate for abuse victims.


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