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8 things every lawyer should have in their office

The key to a successful career in law is being productive and staying on top of your schedule. It’s no secret that being a lawyer is difficult – in between the long hours, difficult cases and piles of paperwork, it’s hard to have time for anything else.

However, there are a few things I have learned throughout my career that maintain my reputation, set a strong first impression with my clients and keep my working environment perfect for keeping a cool head and getting things done. 

And no, I’m not talking about textbooks, motivational talks or online courses here. I’m talking about the things I have in my office! Everything I own has been specifically bought for a reason and I value them all for their individual purpose in keeping my head above water.

Here are 8 things every lawyer should have in their office

1. Tall bookshelves

I honestly believe that the more organized a room is, the better it is to work in. Making sure all of your law books are stored and displayed in a clean and tidy manner is one of the best ways to keep a clear head.

Choose bookshelves that match the other furniture in your office to make a good first impression with clients and to keep your room (and head) nice and neutral.

I opt for taller shelves like this one as they make any office seem larger and make room for my huge book collection.

2. Protein coffee

If I learned anything from my days at law school, it’s that if you’re going to learn anything then you need to be alert.

I discovered Complete Nutrition’s protein coffee blend a few months ago and it is now part of my daily routine. 

I’m often that busy that having a drink there as a snack that will fill me up with protein and give me a good caffeine boost is fantastic.

It also works great as a little push to get me to the gym after a long day. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of protein coffee, check out this article from Healthcare Weekly.

3. Framed corkboard

When I have a million items on my to-do list spinning around my head at once, I like to get them all down on paper. Not only does this allow me to visually organize my day, but it’s also a huge stress relief to get everything down and focus on one job at a time.

I invested in this framed corkboard a while back as it ticks all the practical boxes whilst looking great in my office.

I pin anything from client meetings to my shopping list on there to make sure I am super prepared and ready for whatever the day throws at me.

4. Set of pens

There’s nothing worse than being in a really important, complicated consultation and realizing you don’t have a pen handy.

It makes you look unprofessional and, quite frankly, just a little silly. That’s why I decided to buy my own Personalized Acrylic Pen & Pencil Holder. This may seem like an unnecessary expense, however spending just that little bit more on your stationary means you’ll take extra care of it so it never goes missing.

Plus, having my own personalized pen and holder shows my clients that I really do mean business.

5. Reusable water bottle

Before I decided to purchase a reusable water bottle, I’d spend a lot of time really dehydrated as I was so stuck into my work that I didn’t want to leave my desk. Not only was this bad for my health, but it also meant that much of my work didn’t make much sense by the time I’d finished because my brain wasn’t working as it should.

When a friend suggested buying a Kool8 Water Bottle, I decided to go for it. Not only can it keep my morning tea warm for 12 hours, but once I fill it up with water, that stays cool for up to 24 hours. 

This is so handy as even on the hardest, longest days, I still have a refreshing beverage with me to keep my body pushing on.

6. Desk lamp

We are all aware that being a lawyer isn’t a 9-5 job. Working long hours can be hard, especially if you’re grafting away into the night in a dark office. And sometimes, your usual office lighting just won’t do the trick.

I invested in a table light to not only keep me awake, but to protect my eyes from straining thanks to the long days looking at paperwork and screens.

Naturally, some parts of your office will feel darker than others. By adding more light, you’ll make the area much more inviting and comfortable to work in.

7. Envelopes

There are pretty obvious reasons as to why always having a nice pile of envelopes is handy as I lawyer. Despite the age of email, I use envelopes all the time and never like to be scrounging around for crumpled ones at the bottom of drawers.

Buying them in bulk is the most affordable solution out there to make sure you’re never caught short and having to waste time heading to the store.

You can browse various options here to choose the best type for you.

8. The perfect chair

Many do not realize how important a chair is in regards to how you work. I found that after spending a lot of time in my old, simple office chair that I was struggling a lot with a bad back. Investing in a chair you’re happy to spend hours and hours in is so important.

You should consider it as important as buying a new bed- you’re going to spend a lot of time there, so you need to be comfortable.

Consider browsing over a few here before making your decision.

Even if your perfect chair is a little more expensive than you’d hoped, at least you know it’s doing its best to look after your health.

This article is contributed by Nancy Huynh, senior marketing analyst at Digital Authority Partners

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Avoid at All Costs: 6 Signs of a signs of a bad lawyer

As of 2019, there are over 1.35 million lawyers in the US. With so many available, it may be hard to choose one.

Just because they’ve passed the bar doesn’t mean they’re going to be good attorneys. Below are 6 signs of a bad lawyer so you know when to end their services.

1. They Don’t Communicate with You

Yes, lawyer’s offices do get busy, but their clients should always come first. It’s understandable that they can’t always answer your calls, but they should promptly return them.

If you feel like you’re always left in the dark and it seems like your attorney isn’t paying your case much attention, that’s a red flag.

2. They’re Unprofessional

As with any job in all industries, professionals are expected to show commitment and good conduct. There may be personal issues that arise, which may affect a person’s ability to work. But other times, it may be a lack of caring.

For instance, if your lawyer never shows up on time or returns your calls, plus files the wrong paperwork, it’s time to look for a more dedicated attorney.

3. They Lie to You

Your attorney has to be transparent with you. They shouldn’t tell you your case is going well if it isn’t. Also, they should inform you if they’ve missed an important deadline.

If they attempt to cover up any negative aspects of your case, your lawyer isn’t to be trusted. Look elsewhere for legal counsel.

4. They’re Not Compassionate

The most important thing is you have a lawyer who can handle your case competently. But another vital factor is how compassionate they are.

Depending on your legal issues, you may need an understanding attorney to lean on. Having someone abrasive and cold can make your suffering even worse.

5. They Don’t Understand Your Case Thoroughly

If you have something such as possession with intent to deliver penalty, it’s a serious and complex crime. You can get anywhere from 1 year to life in prison.

The attorney you have can literally mean the difference between freedom and life in prison. If it seems like your lawyer doesn’t really understand your case, you need to hire someone who can keep you out of prison confidently.

6. They’re Unethical

Have you received a bill and been surprised at some of the hidden expenses that have popped up? Or have they done something illegal while working on your case?

Should you have a bad feeling about your attorney’s behaviors, you should discontinue service with them. Chances are, they have unscrupulous behavior that could get both themselves and you in trouble for perjury with defense.

Don’t Ignore Signs of a Bad Lawyer

Any legal issue can be difficult to go through, so make sure it goes as smoothly as possible by knowing the signs of a bad lawyer. Once you recognize those signs, you can find a much better one that’s willing to fight hard for you.

If you’re looking for an excellent lawyer, use our search function now.

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Does Your Law Firm Website Meet ADA Compliance Standards?

When people are in a pinch and looking to hire legal services or check attorney references, they typically chose to do so online. And with the introduction of smartphones, most people can bring up a law firm’s website from almost anywhere they go. Clients can access your company’s website in the car, on a private jet, and even on their wrist from a smartwatch. While all of this accessibility is great for most of your potential clients, without a website that meets ADA compliance standards, you could be alienating a large group of people who choose to search for legal help online. So, what is ADA compliance and why is it important for your law firm’s website? Keep reading to learn more about the importance of maintaining your ADA compliance status and the benefits of working with a reputable IT service company to handle the hard work for you.

Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

Did you know that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted almost 30 years ago? This important civil rights law was designed to protect the rights of people with disabilities, prohibiting discrimination against them in terms of employment, public services, public accommodations, and telecommunications.

When the ADA act was signed into law in 1990, it paved the way for people with disabilities in a very physical sense by requiring businesses to offer designated accessible parking spaces, raised markings on informational signage, accessibility ramps and more. But up until recently, these accessibility guidelines did not extend to the online space. In January 2018, new ADA regulations were put into effect to ensure that people with disabilities are able to access business websites with ease. Some of the key elements you can take to ensure your website is accessible to people disabilities include:

  • Reviewing the Website Content Accessibility Guidelines or WCAG. Here you’ll find useful recommendations on how to make your website more accessible for everyone.
  • Use the Google WAVE Tool to conduct an audit of your website as it is now. Unsure of how to complete an audit on your own? Simply enlist your IT services company to help!
  • Take the time to ensure that any images on your website include descriptive alt tags. These helpful tabs are utilized by screen readers and players, as well as voiceovers to describe different elements on your website.
  • Review the varying styles and elements that make your website unique, such as the links, headings, and buttons. Remember that your website should be accessible to all visitors. So, if your font style is too small or you’ve used a combination of a light background and light text—it may be hard for everyone to find the information they need.
  • Ask your IT services technician to audit your website’s code and CSS. This is the best way to clean up any outdated code and make sure that you’re following best practices.

What Happens if Your Website Fails to Meet ADA Standards?

Research shows that as many as 70 percent of potential customers will leave a business website if it isn’t accessible. Aside from possible legal ramifications, it’s in your best interest to make sure that your website is accessible to every potential client browsing the internet. If you create a website that can be easily understood and accessed by everyone, you’ll be opening your firm to an audience of some 60 million disabled Americans.

One great way to look at meeting ADA compliance standards is to think of them as another form of search engine optimization. If you’re already taking the time to make sure your website ranks well on Google and other popular search engines, it should also be optimized to meet the needs of every potential new client.

How Can I Ensure My Website Looks Great and is Accessible for All?

Even the most tech-savvy business owners know that when it comes to coding, it’s best to leave the hard work to the professionals. While you may be able to keep up with some of the minor changes that your website will need to be ADA compliant, striking the perfect balance between a professional looking website and a fully-functioning one can be quite difficult. Along with these intricacies, working with a reputable IT services company can help to protect your client’s sensitive information from phishing scams and cyber attacks.

Putting your trust in the hands of a capable IT team also means that you can spend your time focusing on what really matters, helping your clients and guiding them through the legal process. A knowledgeable IT technician can also keep your website and software applications up to date with the newest additions and any changes to important regulations. With the help of an experienced IT services company, you never have to worry about your website being ADA compliant and you can rest easy knowing that your website will function properly.

Learn More About LI Tech Advisers

LI Tech Advisors provides a wide range of technical service for businesses across the greater Long Island, New York area. Some of the services we offer include IT support, network configuration, disaster recovery, wireless networking, and more. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we’re proud to be one of the top IT services companies in the greater Long Island, NY region.

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Information Security of Law Firms

According to numerous researches, law firms are practically not protected from theft and loss of confidential data. That is why the issues of cybersecurity in the legal sphere, as well as the interaction of lawyers with companies specializing in the collection of digital evidence, the prevention, and investigation of computer crimes using high technologies,  are very relevant in the modern world. If you want to take care of your safety and anonymity on the Internet, then Bestvpnrating knows how to help you.

Information Security of Law FirmsDigital negligence is a common problem for lawyers

Previously, in such a conservative profession as a lawyer, intellectual leadership was enough for success, now it is “vital” to use high technologies in practice. In the age of information technologies, it is vital to take care of information security, both with own infrastructure in order to protect advocate secrecy and its organizational support from principals.

How to protect your PC from external threats?

Every lawyer should know that due to the specifics of his work, he needs to protect his PC from the intruders from outside. Therefore, it is recommended to use the VPN protocol. But why does he need it, you ask? We have the answer to this question.

Why do lawyers need to use VPN?

First of all, you need to use a VPN to get a high level of Internet connection security, especially when sharing confidential information.  The more switching points (routers, gateways, bridges, nodes) pass data – the higher the likelihood of their interception by hackers. Having the physical parameters of a PC or server (for example, its IP address) by means of vulnerable connection methods, hackers can penetrate it by hacking password protection. Even the operating system “Mac”, which is famous for its reliability, has weaknesses. But do not despair, because we know how to protect your Macbook.

Information Security of Law FirmsAnother reason why a private client needs a VPN connection is remote administration. If you want to protect the server as far as possible from outside intervention, you can create a “whitelist” of IP addresses which have access to it. When one of them (addresses) belongs to a private VPN server, you can safely connect to an administered server from anywhere in the world using an encrypted connection. The administration object will assume that it has been connected to form an authorized terminal, and the administrator may not be concerned about the risk of hacking.

Moreover, VPN protocols are in demand in commercial structures which work with funds and economic secrets. Virtual Private Network does not allow hackers to crack accounts or find out industrial secrets and technologies. Employees who need to gain access to the company’s network resources from home or on a business trip can establish a connection through a VPN without exposing the corporate network to hacking.


In conclusion, we would like to say that choosing a VPN service must be approached responsibly if you are a lawyer who respects the secrets of clients and is concerned about the confidentiality of information. Currently, there are over 300 VPN services on the market. The choice is great, and even too much. Some VPN services are good in terms of security, some in terms of connection speed, and some simply are no good at all. After reading this article, you will learn how to approach the choice of a VPN service, considering for what purposes you need it, and most importantly, you will not waste your money.

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3 Steps to Start a Successful Law Firm

After graduating from law school, you may dream of starting your own law firm. Some people may advise you to drop your idea at this stage because of no experience of the field. If you can work independently at the beginning of your career, feel free to start your law firm. Several law experts believe that beginners have to close their law firm abruptly. There is nothing to worry because you can decrease the chances of failure by avoiding some basic mistakes. For instance, 40% of small law firms work without a website. In the world of internet, you will lose plenty of potential clients because of this silly mistake.

To start a successful law firm, you can plan during your final semester. If you are preoccupied because of assignments and essays, feel free to use a cheap essay writing service. They may assist you in writing, and you will get sufficient time to plan for your law firm. Here are some ideas to start a successful law firm.

1. Advance Planning

For the success of your law firm, you should have a regular inflow of clients. New lawyers may find it challenging to get new clients. You should use advanced technology to operate your business online. Design an excellent website and update its content frequently.

Select an appropriate name for your law firm. Design your website with this name for your promotion. Your name must indicate your expertise. For instance, if you are a criminal lawyer, the name of your law firm can be ABC Criminal Defense Group. Make sure to choose a unique name for your law firm.

Prepare yourself for hard work and start with a business plan. Your plan should chalk out marketing and detailed business in advance. As a lawyer, you have to understand the competitive advantage of your law firm, financial, mission statement and market analysis. Before starting your firm, you must consider the cost of initiating a law firm and potential earnings.

2. Create Your Website

You can’t expect all your prospective clients to the physical location of your law firm. Some clients may try to locate you online. To facilitate online clients, you must have a user-friendly website. The images, typefaces and color scheme will speak about your profession and business. Optimize your site so that clients can find you quickly. Create a logo for your firm to represent your services, honest practice, and values. Focus on expertise to increase the interest of potential customers. You can select a niche as per your expertise.     

Carefully select a physical address for your law company. It is an essential factor to determine the success of your firm. Google places may identify your physical address to highlight the location of the law firm. Try to work consistently at an address because changing your address frequently can negatively influence your marketing strategies.

3. Pay Attention to Networking

Do you have a strong customer base? It is necessary for the success of your law firm. A new law practitioner may not get sufficient clients. To get clients, you have to network with other lawyers of your field. Befriend with practicing attorneys of your zone. Meet them frequently to get your clients. Some experienced lawyers can also help you in increasing your customers.

Join an association of lawyers in your jurisdiction. It will be a golden chance to meet with experts and learn from their experience. To become a successful lawyer, you should have courtesy, diplomacy, and empathy. These intellectual capabilities can help you to run your law firm successfully. Moreover, you should be responsive and punctual. Pay attention to the guidelines of seniors and share your queries with them. They can help you to run a successful law firm.

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3 Reasons Why Good Writing Skills are Important for Your Law Firm

Well, when you are going to start your own law firm, it will challenge you in many ways. You have to do a lot of things and then wait for the results and profits that you ever wanted to earn from it. A very simple and small thing in your law firm is important. Right from writing your business plan to start a call for employees to join the company, you have to be very good at your writing skills. This is something that you cannot avoid or compromise if you want your law firm to work effectively.

In this article, we are going to share with you the reasons why it is so much important to have good writing skills in your law firm. Reasons are many, but still, we are sharing some very common ones to make sure that you get the fundamental points and then using them, you could work on the bigger ones in the future.

3 Reasons Why Good Writing Skills are Important for Your Law Firm1. For Effective Law Firm Communications

Well, the biggest advantage of having good writing skills is that you can effectively communicate with the people in your Law Firm. Even if it is within an organization, or if it is outside of it, you can do it in a very good way when you know the skills. You can deliver your message very effectively and tell the other person about your demands.

There are so many things that you can do to improve it, such as by start writing things online. For instance, you can give essay writing help to students and while doing that you can learn a lot of things. You will even make money through it as well.

2. To Demonstrate Your Influence

It is very important that you have the proper influence on your personality when you are running a law firm. It is very simple and easy to do, and all that you need to do in this regard is that you have good writing skills. You can conquer the world of business if you know the writing skills at best because you will be able to communicate and negotiate with people within the organization and out of it in the most effective way possible.

So, you must learn it by any means, and the better idea is that you learn it in advance so that you can write a good business plan, all employees in an effective way, make your partnership documents in bets way and many more things. So, make sure about it and never hesitate to learn no matter what stage of life you are at present.

3. To Boost Your Professional Confidence

When you have good writing skills, it boosts your professional confidence. It is very simple and easy to understand this point because we all know and go through the phobia of English. We all want to communicate at our best and all by ourselves with the clients in their language. So, when you know you have good skills in writing, you can do and demand anything in an effective way from your clients.


After reading the article above, you must be very aware of the reasons why it is too much emphasized that writing skills for law firms should be very good and up to the mark. It becomes base of all type of communication within the organization, as well as out of it, so it should be very good that it delivers the message in the best way and tell the recipient its actual meaning. You cannot skip the writing skills when you have your own law firm, so make sure you learn it before and keep on improving it once you start your law firm formally.

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How California Lawyers Are Preparing for the Massive PG&E Lawsuit

The Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is an American utility-owned utility headquartered in San Francisco. PG&E is under scrutiny for allegedly having caused the October 2017 North Bay Fires and November 2018 Camp Fire.

Lawsuits are now advancing to compensate for the people who suffered injuries, property damage and business losses related to the fire. The lawyers of California are overwhelmed with the amount of legal work going into the wildfire damage and the difficulties found with the process. Wagner and Jones Personal Injury are an example of one of the many lawyers in the California area that are preparing for the PG&E Lawsuit.

What Is the PG&E Lawsuit?

PG&E is alleged to have caused the October 2017 and November 2018 wildfires that destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses across California, along with several casualties. Evidence suggests the fires were a part of a related system failure caused by PG&E’s improper maintenance of equipment and the vegetation surrounding that equipment.

What is being declared against PG&E is its failure to comply with safety statutes and regulations, which has been presented in the past and present of its negligence. Another allegation stated is being a public and private nuisance in violating its free use of its property and improper inspection.

How and Why People are Suing

How California Lawyers Are Preparing for the Massive PG&E LawsuitThe first lawsuit against PG&E was filed over the destruction and casualties caused by the Camp Fire. Most of the citizens of California affected by the destructive fire are suing to close the gap that their insurance money could not resolve. People’s homes are worth more than the money they are receiving from insurance and PG&E are the only answer for them to get closure and financial relief.

The homes that were ruined by the wildfires were not all owned by the wealthy with million-dollar mansions. Many were people who had homes handed down to them and paid only property tax. Another example is an entire trailer park in Agoura Hills had been burned down leaving the residents left with nothing.

The Preparation Process

How California Lawyers Are Preparing for the Massive PG&E LawsuitMany lawyers are competing for the chance to sue the multibillion-dollar company even before the cause of the fire was determined. Many people displaced in shelters or temporary houses in the nearby area were flooded with legal advertising and in need of help.

The competition was so intense that out-of-state legal firms were not even in the playing field for participating in the lawsuit. Many of the homes destroyed by the fire were underinsured or completely lacked coverage, which makes the trial ever more lucrative and vigorous.

Suing PG&E is very expensive, so the out-of-state firms are going to try and being deep pockets to the trial. Most lawyers do not have the commitment to the hard tasks of preparing for a lawsuit against a company that is fighting for everything it has.

How the Lawsuit Is Going

How California Lawyers Are Preparing for the Massive PG&E LawsuitBeing faced with almost fatal lawsuits over the California wildfires, PG&E has filed for bankruptcy in January 2019, which could reduce the size of any payoffs to the fire victims.

The bankruptcy had put the lawsuits on hold at the time and lawyers are saying victims of the fire will most likely receive less money as a result. The wildfire victims negotiated a settlement and an agreement with the PG&E, but it refuses to pay because money is too tight now for them to commit to honoring settlements. This puts a strain on the lawyers trying to settle disputes and provide its clients with the money they need and deserve.

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Here’s The Top 5 Situations Contractors Should Get A Contract Lawyer For

With the changes that are happening to labor laws all around the country, it’s important for contractors to stay out of trouble and aware of the law. Between chasing down new projects, placing bids, and managing sites, it’s hard for any contractor to know everything. A contract lawyer is a vital element of any contractor’s toolkit for saving on headaches.

Here are five times to reach out to a contract lawyer.

1. When Hiring Employees

When you’re putting together any kind of contract for working with other people, you’re going to want to get a contract lawyer to look over things. Hiring people is easy, but ensuring everyone feels good about the employment situation is much harder.

You need to make sure that everyone feels fairly compensated, first and foremost. You also need to ensure that it’s clear what the role of your employee is and what you expect of them. Employees may only do as much or as little as they’re instructed to, so don’t draw up a contract expecting them to do more than is planned.

You can expand the contract but you’ll need to leave that door open with your contract. A contract lawyer can ensure that you’re able to provide your client with the end result they’re looking for. As a contractor, you rely on the people who you hire to make your client happy. 

Make sure you’ve got all the tools to make the most out of your employees written into your contract.

2. When Teaming Up On a Project

If you’re a contractor looking to team up with another contractor on a project, you’ll need a contract to ensure that you’re each paying your fair share. If you’re aiming at sharing profits on the project later on, you’ll want the profits to match the proportion that you invested. A contract lawyer can help ensure that everything seems fair.

Teaming up with another contractor or corporation is a necessary part of creating any project. If you handle all of the architectural installations, you’ll need an architectural firm, and even someone to provide the port-a-johns for you. You want to manage your relationship to avoid any kind of abuse or fraud.

There’s no end to the number of people it may require to build a project but if you’ve put together a contract template that works, you could reuse it. Each time that you pair up with a new company, change the important details and send it out knowing that you’ll be protected.

3. Working on a Government Project

Government contracts are a sort of golden calf in the world of contracting but they also come with their share of headaches. Every government project requires a long process of application process and bidding. You’ll need to hammer out every detail of every dollar you plan to spend far in advance.

The major problem that happens to a lot of contractors is that they paint themselves into a corner. They make it too hard to make any money from the contract because margins are too tight or the length of the contract is too long. You need to write in some flexibility so that you don’t go broke if something gets snagged along the way. 

Get a lawyer to help you with your contract so you’re not stressed about how to get a home loan later on.

A contract lawyer ensures that you not only adhere to the needs of the government but also labor laws and regulations. It’s important to be above the law now rather than to pay the fines and fees that could come later.

4. Working With a Corporation Larger Than Yours

When you work with any corporation larger than your own, you’re taking a risk. While it’s important to hitch your wagon to a larger project to ensure you get to work on larger projects later, they can “out-lawyer” you any day. Your best bet to protect yourself is to have a lawyer look at your contract before it gets sent out.

A contract lawyer knows the ways that larger companies are going to try to pass off the blame to you. They could leave you holding the bag instead of helping to lift you up when it comes time to settle up at the end of a project.

Larger companies with more resources can give you the opportunity to work on exciting projects you wouldn’t get to otherwise. However, if you don’t protect yourself, you could end up losing more than you gain.

5. Before Labor Disputes Arise

One of the worst things for any contractor to face is a labor dispute. This builds a bad reputation for your company and bad faith with your community. It also creates a stoppage in work that could sideline your project for a while.

If you want to get ahead of any labor issues, you need to hire a contract lawyer. Your contract layer is going to be able to ensure that you don’t end up trapped under a mountain of lawsuits or to be in the middle of a union strike. Once one strike begins, it could set off a chain that makes it hard for your project to go anywhere.

Labor disputes can be prevented with well-written contracts. Contract lawyers can save the day when it comes to staying in the good graces of all of the labor organizations in your region.

A Contract Lawyer Can Spare You Losses

Managing a bid, keeping order at your sites, and working on new projects are all essential elements of being a contractor. Managing the details of your contract is a headache you don’t need. Hiring a contract lawyer can help you spare the stress.

If someone is fatally injured on your site, check out our guide to learn what to expect.

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What Is a Chatbot and How Can Law Firms Use It?

Technology has progressed to a point where you can have a robot read you a dinner recipe. You can chat with experts across entire oceans, or use artificial intelligence to make high-level business decisions. And with so many new technologies being developed, it’s understandable to wonder, “what is a chatbot?”

The answer is simple — it’s in the name. A chatbot is simply a robot that chats with potential clients on your website to keep them engaged and interested. It’s a tool to improve your marketing and inform new clients about who you are and what you do.

Using a chatbot can lead to more clients and engagement on your website. Best of all, it means less work for you, so you can focus on what you do best: representing clients.

Keep reading below to learn more about chatbots and how they can help you.

“What Is a Chatbot?” Just a Chatty Assistant

Chatbots use artificial intelligence to communicate with the people who use them. Basically, they learn how to talk to people as they’re developed. By the time they find a home on your website, they know how to assist people with whatever they need help with.

In essence, they’re just virtual assistants. People can ask questions, and the chatbot will answer them to the best of its ability. Best of all, your chatbot can be programmed to lead people to whatever conversion you want.

Chatbots Engage Web Users

Chatbots are also a great way to engage users and introduce them to your firm. Many Internet users are hesitant to talk to actual people about whatever they may be looking for. So much of the Internet is run by robots that it can come as shellshock to speak to an actual person.

With a chatbot, these people can engage your firm without ever having to speak to anyone. It also means you’re leveraging automation, which will not only boost your success but also free up your time to get other work done.

They’re Easy to Set Up on Your Website

The best part about chatbots is that they’re easy to set up on your website. You don’t need to be a tech guru to get in contact with any variety of chatbot services. All you need to do is research the one you want.

Then, purchase a license to it. The company behind the bot will likely have a fleet of customer service representatives to help you through the installation process if you need it.

Get More Conversions and Leads with a Chatbot

There are many answers to the question, “what is a chatbot?” Some people will say that it’s an artificially intelligent assistant to improve your customer service. Others may call it an unnecessary gimmick on your website.

The actual answer is that chatbots are valuable tools to improve your connection with your clients. They give people something to talk to when you may not be available. They guide people through your website much in the same way lawyers guide people through complex bureaucratic laws.

And to find the right lawyer for you, just use our tool here. We’ll make sure you find exactly the lawyer you’re looking for so that you’re not alone when you need it most.

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Questions to Ask Before You Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents are something that nobody ever wants to happen to themselves. However, they do happen, and when they happen to you, you need an excellent personal injury lawyer to handle your case. The problem is, it can be confusing to find the best person to give you a legal representation.

If you’re looking for an attorney, here are a few questions that you need to ask them:

1. Have you had experience in cases like mine?

Each state in the U.S. has bar admissions to allow a lawyer to practice law in that area. For example, if you live in Los Angeles, you’ll need Los Angeles personal injury lawyers to help you with your case. So, if you have a cousin who’s an attorney in New York, they can’t legally represent you unless they have a license to practice law in Los Angeles.

You need to find a lawyer from your local area. Ask them if they’ve handled cases similar to yours and if they won any or all those cases. If they mostly won, then that’s good because you have a high chance of winning the case, too.

2. How long have you been practicing personal injury law?

Each lawyer have their strengths and weaknesses. One can be a great personal injury lawyer, while others aren’t that experienced in other practices such as environmental or real estate law. Ask your potential personal injury attorney about how long they’ve been practicing personal injury law.

It’s essential that they have experience for personal injury law. If they’ve only had experience in business law or entertainment law, they may not have sufficient knowledge needed to win your case. They can probably try to learn what they can, but you’ll be on time constraint.

3. Who will work on my case?

Most lawyers usually work in law firms where they work in teams. A client’s case may be handled by several different people such as the senior lawyer, junior attorney, paralegal, and others. If you’re not comfortable with the various people handling your case, ask your prospective attorney if they will handle the case by themselves or other people will be involved.

While you’re talking with the lawyer, make sure that you understand what they’re telling you. There will be a lot of legal terms that you may not be familiar with, so it’s crucial that they can explain it to you in a way that you can clearly understand. It’s also a good sign that they want you to understand what could happen during the case, so you’re not clueless.

4. How much will I pay?

When you’ve been in an accident, of course, there will be money involved. Medical bills will pile up, and even if you have insurance, there might still be some issues around it, which a personal injury lawyer can help you with. Aside from that, there are also other fees that you might want to prepare your pockets for, such as court filing fees and expert witness fees. Ask your lawyer how much money you have to shell out for the case.

5. Do they work on a contingency basis?

Most personal injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. The attorney working on your case will only get paid depending on how much money you’ll get when you win or when you get a settlement. It means you won’t need thousands of dollars to file a lawsuit. Ask the lawyer you’re meeting with if they work on a contingency basis. If they are, then that’s good. If not, then try looking for a different one.

6. What’s the estimated length of the case?

Your personal injury lawyer should be straightforward when you ask them about how long the case would take. If they insist that it would be quick and won’t last for months, don’t be too trusting. They have to give you a realistic estimate. If it’s going to be a lengthy case, ask them why it might take that amount of time.

7. Can you provide any references?

Ask the lawyer if they can provide references from their previous clients. You should at least find out how they handled matters of earlier cases. You should know how highly or poorly they handled their previous cases. You can also browse online reviews if there are any. Weigh in the negatives and the positives so you know if you can trust that lawyer for your case.

Final Thoughts

In case you get involved in an accident, which hopefully won’t happen,  make sure to hire a good personal injury lawyer. If you got severely injured, and you’re the provider of the family, money will be tight. But, if you have an excellent attorney to represent you in court, at least you won’t get knee deep in debt.


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