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What You Need To Know About Suing A Lawyer

Lawyers are there to help us deal with some of the most difficult times of our lives.  They help us buy houses, plan our estates and set up businesses while resolving disputes with others from employers to neighbors.  All of these processes will generally go without a hitch, but you might be wondering what you can do if there is a problem. It is possible for you to sue your lawyer?  The simple answer is yes, but you might have a lot of questions relating to suing a solicitor.

What Can You Do When You Receive Poor Service?

Poor service is a very vague issue and it can relate to anything from poor communication to problems with the fees you are charged by the lawyer.  These problems can be very frustrating, but they might not be negligent on their own. If you have poor service from your lawyer, the internal complaints procedure that the law firm has should be your first stop.  If this does not help resolve the issue, you can try the Legal Ombudsman who will look into the case and resolve it.

Can You Sue A Lawyer?

You can, but you will need to show that you have suffered more than bad service from the lawyer.  You will have to prove that the lawyer was professionally negligent. The lawyer will need to have done something or failed to do something that has caused losses for you.

There are many examples of solicitor negligence including their failure to carry out a search when you purchase a home.  Missed court deadlines which result in your inability to pursue a claim is another example. Other forms of negligence will be providing incorrect legal advice and the poor drafting of a will that leaves you unable to claim your inheritance.

How Much Can You Sue For?

If you are making a professional negligence claim against a lawyer, you can only claim for damages.  This will be the amount that you have lost as a result of the negligence. The damages should place you back in the position you were in before the lawyer acted negligently.

There are a few ways that damages can be measured in these cases.  A good example of this will be a conveyancing negligence case. In this type of case, you will only be able to claim the difference in price that you paid for the house and the price you should have paid if there was no error.  In some rarer cases, you could sue for the entire value of the property. You might also be able to claim the amount you had to pay another lawyer to fix the issue. These are additional costs that you would not have faced if there was no negligence.

Is There A Time Limit For These Claims?

There is a time limit for all professional negligence claims.  This is generally 6 years from the date of the negligence. If you only find out about the negligence at a later date, you will have 3 years from the date of discovery of the negligence or the end of the 6 years depending on the one that is later.  There are some rare cases where a long-stop limit is applied and this will be 15 years from the date of the negligence.

What You Need To Do To Sue Your Lawyer

If you believe that your lawyer has been negligent, you will need to act as soon as possible.  It is recommended that you contact a different law firm and set up an initial consultation. Lawyers who specialize in professional negligence cases will be able to determine the validity of your claim.  If your lawyer has been negligent, they will be able to help you resolve the issue and pursue your case.

Not all professional negligence cases will need to go to court.  In most cases, the issues can be resolved with mediation and negotiation.  Before you rush to court, you should send a letter of claim to the lawyer and set out the case against them.  Your previous lawyer will have a chance to respond and set out their defence. This will generally start the process of discussing a settlement and most cases end here before getting close to court.

If You Lawyer Insured?

All lawyers need to have some professional indemnity insurance.  Their insurance company is likely to pay your damages if your claim is successful.

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How Should Aspiring Public Interest Lawyers Choose a Law School?

Specialized programs such as public interest law allow aspiring lawyers to intensify or modify their knowledge in a particular area of ​​law. Public interest law specifically is a legal practice which seeks to help marginalized or less-privileged people and is often a ‘nonprofit’ profession.  

How Should Aspiring Public Interest Lawyers Choose a Law SchoolStudents who are interested in this program have reward opportunities. Careers in this field involve fighting for public and community interests. An example is the investigation of human rights violations. Read on to discover the opportunities in this field and how to choose the right school.

Opportunities Public Interest Law Schools Offer Students

Public interest law schools are destined to provide a comprehensive university education seeking to insert students into the conception of professional social responsibility through actions of public interest that may benefit vulnerable groups or imply the strengthening of our social and democratic state of law.

The pedagogical purpose of the school is to provide students with skills and competencies to face diverse cases, preferably of high social incidence. It teaches them to investigate and reason legally, as well as to elaborate strategic documents in the context of a real case. It is about acquiring litigation skills through public interest actions of wide visibility.

Not only is it an academic training space for the professional practice of law, but it also allows the student to contrast the legal concepts learned in his career with a specific situation that challenges them. Finally, the public interest law schools fulfill a vital social role in promoting institutional changes through the tools that the law allows.

How to Choose the Best Public Interest Law Schools

Dealing with the basics first, an aspiring public interest lawyer must work hard on his qualifications if he wants to study in the most prestigious faculties around the world.

Entering, for example, a US or UK faculty to study law, in general, is not a simple matter since most have a low student acceptance rate. For instance, the Yale Law School, the best in Law in the US, had an acceptance rate of less than 8.4 in 2017, since only students with excellent grades and an impeccable score on the admission exams are admitted. So, if you want to gain admission into one of these law schools to study public interest law, you must have a history of excellent grades that can help you beat the crowd and deal with the challenge of being a student.

It is not enough to have attractive extracurricular activities. It is also necessary to have a balance between good grades and activities outside the school to show comprehensive preparation when applying for an important institution. For example, you could try your hands in student politics or activism. It also helps if you have published articles on specialized topics. You can even take up a custom writing service side gig that specializes in the field you aspire for. The activities that stand out are those that demonstrate leadership, athletics and voluntariness.

Getting a scholarship to go to college can make a big difference when choosing any school. Unfortunately, public interest law is a field of law which isn’t as lucrative as the corporate type. There is a slim chance of becoming rich as you may become in other fields of law. So, knowing this, it is important for aspiring lawyers to think of the financial costs of their preferred law school before choosing to enroll. And choosing a school which offers loan forgiveness and scholarships to students in this line is a great way to start.

Another factor that can increase your chances of being accepted is the experience you have in the workplace. It is advisable to finish college, work on something related to your career and then apply for a law school to complement your education since you are more mature.

A good letter of endorsement or recommendation will also be useful. You have to be able to explain with good arguments that your request is focused on the subject for which you want to study in such school and explain why it is your dream to be accepted. If the letters of recommendation are linked to the subject of the application, they increase the chances of being approved.


In principle, we have envisioned these points for future public interest law students to consider before entering college. Of course, other analyses can also be done.

However, adherence to selection criteria does not fully guarantee a good choice, especially because the competition is always getting stiffer and the quality of teaching may worsen throughout the course. However, it will certainly reduce the risks of making the wrong choice right away.

Do your best to minimize the odds of failure now. Leaving it for a later time or in the hands of chance can be very costly. More costly than you can imagine!

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Studying Law In Australia: What To Expect

Australia seems like the land of dreams for a lot of international students since it offers a variety of courses that are useful, interactive and that can certainly land students who are willing to invest their time in studying hard amazing internships and other well-paid students’ jobs. However, among the most popular courses nowadays are those related to information technology, social sciences as well as law. A lot of people are asking themselves what makes the law so popular and in fact, here we are to offer some reasons.

Studying Law In Australia What To ExpectWhat is so great about studying law in Australia?

Australia, geographically, might be very far away from other continents, which makes a lot of students reluctant to join university programs offered there since they are worried about leaving friends and family. However, what a lot of students don’t think about is the fact that they will make a lot of new friendships and relationships in a country as diverse as Australia and that living there can contribute greatly to their life experience. Here are also some things to consider about this country.

  1.     The best educational system in the world

Australia truly has one of the best education systems in the world, and its universities are ranked very high on the list. Most of the Australian universities are extremely reliable and able to provide excellent knowledge for any career chosen since they also offer a variety of courses. Just when it comes to the law, The University of Melbourne is 8th and the University of Sydney is 11th in the world.

  1.     Easy access to students’ visa

Unlike in the USA, Australia welcomes and appreciates international students so acquiring students’ visa should not be a process that can turn into a nightmare since the very application process is very easy, even when it is urgent.

  1.     Easy access to academic help

If you need help with writing an essay, there is an online writing service that can provide custom essay anywhere in Australia, Sydney included. Academic essay writing service is legal, and these professional writers who work for some Australian essay writing service offer a good, helping hand to students who are in a hurry to meet the deadlines and need an urgent task done. Most of these essays and research papers are written by experts in particular fields, so students don’t have to worry about plagiarism.

  1.     Improving language skills

English is a global language so you should take the opportunity of studying in Australia in order to reach a satisfying or native-like level of fluency. Having a great level in English can help you land even better jobs later.

  1.     Discover diversity

Being a part of such a diverse society as Australian is can be a truly inspiring experience, and you can work a lot on your personal development and open-mindedness related to other cultures.

  1.     Easy access to part-time jobs

Find a quick job in Australia shouldn’t be a problem since they offer a lot of part-time jobs for students as well as paid internships so all students can apply and show that they are passionate about a certain field.

Studying Law In Australia What To Expect

What are the requirements to enroll in Australian law schools?

A lot of students opt for studying law in Australia because there are plenty of law schools in Australia that are very prestigious and ranked among the first fifty law schools in the world and that’s an incredible achievement. In addition, this also means that these schools are not for students who want to spend their studies partying, surfing, and scuba diving. This means that if you want to have good job opportunities after graduating from law, you will have to spend your summer breaks as well as winter ones working as an intern in some law firm.

There are some additional requirements that you need to pay attention to as well, such as proving that you are proficient enough in English to be able to attend classes and pass exams. However, a lot of schools have their own requirements hence it would be best to contact the school you choose directly.

What’s even more attractive for students is the very opportunity for mobility in Australia since, for example, if you study law in Sydney, you can spend a semester or two in Europe, Asia and in the USA in order to gain more international experience but the mobility program asks for a lot of dedication and a competitive spirit too.

What are the benefits of studying law in Australia?

Being a student of law and becoming a master of law in Australia might be challenging but what makes the system great in the fact that most schools offer core subjects that are obligatory, but a lot of them offer additional subjects that are reliable and with a lot of information available online as well. Therefore, Australian law schools can help you get to know the legal process and some different parts of the law such as comparative trade law, international law, or even copyright patents and trade law.

If you are wondering “how long is a law degree in Australia?”, then you should be happy to know that bachelor studies are four years long, just like in any other country. However, most law schools in Australia offer students a chance to study for five years and gain two degrees. In order to get a master of law in Australia degree, you need to invest one or two years more depending on the school and what’s great about it – you can truly focus on doing research and discover what part of the law you are passionate about.

Additionally, studying law in Australia is a great first step to an amazing career if you work hard since a lot of law schools offer help to students to find internships and practical training. This is a great thing to do since every law student needs to have a more experienced lawyer by his or her side in order to learn some practical knowledge as well as improve communication skills and be better at interpersonal skills as well.

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7 Reasons to Get Your Master’s in Legal Studies Online

Are you thinking of pursuing a Master’s in Legal Studies?

If you are, congratulations! You’re about to join an elite portion of the population.

Studies show that only 8% of Americans have a master’s degree.

Getting a master’s degree will help open more job opportunities. Your earning power will increase. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that you’ll be earning 21% more than the people with just a bachelor’s degree.

But we have a question for you: will you pursue your Masters in Legal Studies online or at a conventional law school?

If you are considering enrolling at a conventional University, you need to change your decision and study online instead. Why? Read more here about this service.


Online legal programs are designed for self-study and are usually personalized to fit your needs.

This makes them more flexible than conventional classroom studies.

If you choose an online program, therefore, you’ll be able to combine learning with work or other responsibilities.

You’ll also be able to learn at your own pace since there is no fixed timetable. If you have to work or take care of your kids during the day, you can study at night.

Online learning comes with features that allow you to record lessons, read at your convenient pace, and replay lessons when you are free and relaxed.

With these features, you can read and replay recorded lessons as much as you like.

This will help you get a deeper understanding and also refresh your memory, making it easy for you to do assignments and pass exams.

When pursuing legal studies online, you don’t have to worry about what time the library closes because you’ll have 24/7 access to your University’s online library.


If you choose conventional classes, you’ll be forced to commute to and from school. This is waste of time, not to mention that it’ll make it difficult for you to focus on your family and work.

If you pursue legal studies online, however, everything will be happening on the browser on your computer. You don’t have to get into your car, fight traffic, drive or walk to school, and attend classes daily.

With online Master of Legal Studies programs, you’ll be able to learn from the comfort of your home or workplace.

This will help you concentrate on your studies and save time to work or engage in family activities.

Online students save as much as five to 10 hours a week in commuting time.

Reduced Costs

Getting a Master’s degree in Legal Studies online can be a more affordable option than enrolling in a conventional law school.

The online tuition fees are usually less than the conventional university fees.

But that’s not all.

With online classes, you’ll be able to avoid travel costs.

Interestingly enough, you can save money by buying pre-owned textbooks, as well as finding some of your learning materials that are available online for free.

There’s also no need to take student loans.

If you are trying to save money, pursuing a Master’s degree in Legal Studies online remains the best option.

Online learning ensures you spend your money on things that matter; it enables to be in control of your finances.

Interacting with Law Students from Around the World

In today’s world, you can’t call yourself an expert of law if you don’t have a basic understanding of international criminal law, comparative law, and other legal categories.

But let’s be honest; you cannot study comparative law in a conventional classroom.

You have to study other countries’ constitutional systems and interact with law experts from different countries and jurisdiction systems to gain a deep understanding of the law.

Online legal studies are more diverse than traditional programs. You’ll be able to interact with and learn from students from different parts of the world.

Think about the interesting discussions you can have with students from different countries and legal backgrounds. It’s fascinating, right?

If you decide to pursue legal studies online, you can be sure to gather new ideas and understand legal issues from different points of view.

Pursuing a master’s degree online will also allow you to build a strong and reliable global network of legal professionals.

You’ll become friends with like-minded people who will guide you, give you legal advice, or let know when a job opportunity pops up.

In simple terms, you end up getting more than you paid for when you study online.

Quality Education

There is a myth that conventional universities produce quality graduates than online programs.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Here is the truth: online learning institutions produce high-quality students than conventional institutions. This is because online tutors are able to give more attention to the individual needs of the students.

They never leave students alone in their studying environment, and this helps students understand hard topics and encourages them to study even more. This is something that you’ll never see in a traditional classroom setting.

Online programs offer more comfortable learning environment than conventional classes, making it easy for students to focus and understand even complicated legal concepts.

Also, online learning institutions have invested in highly trained tutors that offer high-quality education to students.

The tutors are friendly and always willing to assist you right from the first topic until you graduate.

You Can Pursue Masters in Legal Studies Online and Still Keep Your Job

Leaving your job to study is always a good idea. But let’s face it; we are living in tough economic times, and the rate of unemployment is increasing.

Once you leave your job to go and study, you’ll be replaced immediately, and there is no guarantee that your former boss will accept you back.

Pursuing an online Master’s in Legal Studies will let you keep your current job, which means you will be able to pay your bills and school fees as you study with no problems.

Take A Bold Step

If you’ve not had much experience with online learning, pursuing Masters in Legal Studies online may seem like a bad choice. But it’s not.

Online learning comes with many benefits, some of which we’ve discussed. You should embrace it. Take a bold step and enroll today.

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