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7 Important Reasons to Hire a Competent Defense Lawyer

When a person is arrested, they are often in a heightened emotional state. It is a time for them to consider hiring a criminal defense attorney. There will be fees and other costs associated with hiring an experienced attorney. This overall expense in minimal when compared to how seriously a person’s life can be altered if they don’t have the best possible legal defense. There are many reasons for hiring a criminal defense attorney.

1.Informed About Possible Outcomes

A good criminal defense attorney will be honest about all of the possible penalties a person could face if they should they be convicted. They also know what steps are necessary for the best possible outcome. These legal professionals will know if it is in their client’s best interest to take a plea deal offered from a prosecutor or if going to court and having a trial is the best option

2.Judicial System Experience

The judicial system can be complicated. An experienced criminal defense attorney will understand exactly how the judicial system works. The legal system can confuse people who work in it daily, a defense lawyer will know about the intricate workings of the courts. They know how to guide their clients through the entire legal process.

3.Law Enforcement Conduct

No matter how much individuals view television, Facebook or the media, they will not fully comprehend the legal limits for what law enforcement is permitted to do when gathering evidence in a criminal case. A criminal defense attorney knows the details concerning proper law enforcement procedures. They will know how to identify mistakes and blind spots. They know what law enforcement is permitted to do when they investigate their clients. Any possible infringement of their client’s rights could result in evidence being thrown out. It could also result in the dismissal of their client’s case.

4.Relationships With Prosecutors

An experienced criminal defense attorney will have spent many years developing relationships with judges as well as prosecutors. They know it is to their client’s benefit for them to have a positive relationship with their adversaries. This relationship is valuable when it comes to negotiating an affordable bond or the best possible plea deal for their client and more. These relationships are important and could be a huge benefit to their client’s case.

5.Dealt With Similar Cases

The value of a criminal defense attorney’s experience may be difficult to understand. These are people who deal with criminal cases and the court system daily. They have handled many different types of criminal cases during their legal careers and will have handled one similar to any client that comes their way. They will be able to tell their clients what they will experience with the court system. Criminal defense attorneys have a history of knowing what legal defense will work for a client’s case and which ones will not.

6.Save Money

Many people believe is more expensive attorney can’t save them money. History demonstrates those willing to spend additional money for a criminal defense lawyer who has significant experience greatly benefit from it. They will know what is necessary for the client to be given the best possible sentence for their situation. This has helped people keep their jobs and others from losing their business and more. People need to calculate the income they would lose from being fired from their job and incarcerated for an extended period of time. How much earning could a person lose if they can’t continue to operate their business? It is possible that much of this financial stress could be avoided when represented by someone who knows how to obtain the best possible result.

7.Protect The Future

A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney will know how to fight for their client’s future. They will know how to get penalties decreased, charges reduced or get their client’s case dismissed. This could result from identifying law enforcement errors in how they illegally obtaining evidence against their client. It’s possible they could get charges dropped so their clients can keep a felony conviction off of their criminal record. They could get a reduction in punishment so their clients can avoid jail and not lose their job and more.

Anyone who has been charged with a criminal offense should contact Criminal Lawyer Gold Coast. They know what can happen in a client’s case and make sure they understand what can happen to them. Giving a client important advice on what steps they should take is an essential part of their services. A criminal defense attorney knows how a good legal defense can get the best possible result from a bad situation.


5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

A criminal conviction can bring about extreme consequences that may significantly affect your life. Penalties could include jail time and hefty fines. In addition, you could lose your job and parenting time with your children. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, you need the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney.

An experienced criminal defense attorney can build a strong defense on your behalf.

Criminal defense lawyers are legal professionals who represent you in criminal cases. Although you can fight out some small legal matters on your own, it is always best to have the support of a criminal defense attorney. Some cases may seem straightforward on the surface, but they may end up becoming complex and incurring severe consequences. Following are several reasons why you need a defense attorney. 

What Situations Would You Need A Defense Attorney

There are many situations where having a defense lawyer is essential, as noted by the Law Offices of Hal M. Garfinkel. When implicated in a crime, and the police want to ask you some questions, it is best you first seek advice from a defense attorney. This way, you will know how to respond and avoid unintentionally incriminating yourself. Also, when charged with a crime, a defense lawyer will be present during the investigation, protect your rights, and ensure due process is followed by the authorities.

When defending yourself in a case, you may not even be aware that some of your rights were violated. A defense lawyer can argue that the evidence was collected using illegal means, and ensure that evidence is not admissible in court. A good attorney can also analyze a plea deal offered by the prosecution, and advise you whether to accept it, seek a better one, or go to court. Any option that the lawyer recommends will be in your best interest, and he or she will inform you of the possible outcomes involved in each decision you take.

Defense Lawyers Have Legal Knowledge and Experience

An attorney who focuses on criminal defense has spent years studying and practicing law in this legal area. Their intricate knowledge of the judicial system makes them better prepared and equipped to handle your case. They will guide you each step of the way, and decipher any legal complexities you encounter. If you choose to defend yourself, your efforts may not result in the desired outcome, especially if you are not aware of the legal process.

They Will Build a Strong Defense Strategy

A defense strategy is a critical aspect of a case. A weak strategy will result in undesirable results, such as a prison sentence or steep fines. A criminal defense lawyer can develop a strategy after listening to your version of events and sifting through the details of the prosecutor’s evidence. 

Some strategies include reviewing the investigation process, retaining expert eyewitnesses, scrutinizing eyewitnesses’ accounts, preparing you to tell your version of the story, and working on ways to get the evidence thrown out of court. A powerful strategy can lead to the dismissal of the case, a lighter or alternative sentence, or a smaller fine. 

An Attorney Can Speed Up the Process

Criminal Defense Attorney

A defense attorney can be instrumental in clearing your name.

No one wants to be entangled in a lengthy legal case. Sadly, most court cases can take a long time to conclude. This can become stressful and financially costly and reputation-wise. To clear your name and minimize costs, a defense attorney can be instrumental. He or she can take quick actions to mitigate the risks involved, take care of the tedious paperwork, and ensure things are moving along.

Should You Hire A Criminal Defense Attorney?

If you are facing a criminal charge, it is in your best interest to have a criminal defense attorney. A lawyer will give you the best legal advice, develop a strong defense strategy, expedite the process, ensure you get the best possible outcome, and make sure justice is upheld.


5 Tips For Succeeding in the Role of a Defense Attorney

If you’ve never had to play the role of defense attorney, it’s best to prepare yourself. Many consider it to be the most difficult form of law practice.

If your defendant is guilty, you may have to work against a negative public opinion and public outcry. If your defendant is innocent, it can put a lot of pressure on you to do everything you can to clear their name.

Are you preparing to be a defense attorney and want to channel the best? Here are five tips for succeeding as a defense attorney.

1. Carefully Choose a Jury

Both sides of the case want people on the jury that are easily swayed to support their side. But, unfortunately, it’s usually a lot harder for the defense. Juries tend to come in ready for a conviction and don’t want to look like supporters of crime.

Top defense attorneys will talk fast to try to reveal any natural biases in potential jurors. They’ll also look up the jurors’ backgrounds to find something in the case with which they’ll be able to connect. Then, they’ll find a way to emphasize that during the trial.

2. Don’t Let Your Clients Incriminate Themselves

When in the role of defense attorney, never stop emphasizing that your client should never talk to the police when you are not present. Many refuse to heed those words and end up getting themselves into trouble.

Try to convince them that it’s in their best interest to keep quiet altogether. Often letters and phone calls from prison will reveal things that negatively impact their case.

3. Focus on “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt”

Many individuals outside the world of law don’t realize that someone has to be proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. If the consequences are more severe, the proof has to be held to a higher standard.

A good defense attorney uses this to their advantage. They will try to cast reasonable doubt about one or more key elements of the case.

4. Know the Statute of Limitations

Knowing the statute of limitations is crucial — especially since it varies by state and type of crime. The more severe the crime, the longer the statute of limitations. Misdemeanors tend to have one year, but there may be no statute of limitations for murder and embezzlement of funds for the public.

5. Look for These Case-Making Situations

Finally, there are several key points that can make or break a criminal case.

  • Witness often misidentify the person who committed the crime, resulting in false accusations.
  • If the defendant has a reliable alibi, it can prove they were not present when the crime was committed.
  • If evidence was improperly obtained, you can file a motion to suppress this evidence in court.
  • If the crime was committed under duress or in self-defense, it may not be considered a crime.
  • In some states, if the crime was an accident (there was no criminal intent), charges may be thrown out.

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How to Succeed in the Role of Defense Attorney: Now You Know!

Now you know the most important aspects of playing the role of defense attorney. Looking for the latest legal practice advice? Don’t forget to stop back regularly here at for more!


5 Tips to Heed When You’re Facing Criminal Allegations in Toronto

While Toronto is widely touted as one of the safest cities in North America, with relatively low crime rates, there are still plenty of cases that see the courts in this city every year. If you’re unfortunate enough to be one of the people who has been accused of a crime within the city limits of Toronto, you might be concerned about how the court process is going to unfold and what kind of consequences you’ll have to deal with. Understandably, this is certainly a time when you might face panic and anxiety. However, before you take any action to defend yourself or make any public statements, it’s best to take the following 7 steps as part of an overall response plan:

1. Consult with A Local Criminal Lawyer

Regardless of what kind of crime you’ve been accused of, it’s always wise to at least discuss your case with a reputable criminal lawyer in the area. Simply participating in an initial consultation will usually put your mind at ease because you’ll leave with an idea of what you’re up against and who your attorney might be able to help you formulate a defense that will result in a ruling be rendered in your favour. Luckily, you can easily find lawyers in Toronto by searching for the term “Criminal lawyers Toronto.”

2. Write Down the Details of Your Case

While you might think that your mental recollection of the case is sufficiently accurate, you’d be surprised at how many additional details you might be able to remember just by jotting the events of the alleged crime or your alibi on paper. This draft probably won’t be read in court or given to the judge or prosecutors, but it can serve as a useful reference for you and your lawyer while developing a defence. 

3. Gather Any Applicable Evidence

If you can find any documentation or witnesses that can substantiate your defence, it’s important to compile all of that information in an organised manner. Even the smallest details or pieces of evidence could contribute to swaying the judgment in your favour. If you know for a fact that you weren’t even at the scene of the crime, try to get in touch with people who you were with on that date so you can coordinate their testimonies as soon as possible. The longer you wait after the date of the alleged crime, the more difficult it might be to obtain testimonies from people who aren’t your close friends or family members. 

4. Do Not Speak to Anyone About Your Case Other Than Your Attorney

Many people can’t stand the thought of bottling up their opinions about their case and not discussing it with anyone. While it might be okay to confide in your closest friends or family members, to avoid incriminating yourself, it’s generally safer to keep quiet about your case unless you’re talking to your attorney. This is an important tip to remember, as you may be questioned about the case out of the blue, and you should be prepared to decline to comment. 

5. Don’t Let the Situation Control Your Life in the Meantime

Finally, one more tip that applies to everyone who is facing criminal charges – particularly for serious offences – is to not let the situation control or ruin your life during the period leading up to the trial. Try to go on about your business as normally, as this will help you keep stress levels low, make better decisions, and maintain a more professional appearance that will convey your innocence. 

A Good Lawyer is the Greatest Asset You Can Have

Ultimately, since your attorney will be acting as the mediator between you and the courts, choosing the right person to represent you is probably the most important decision you’ll have to make before the commencement of the pre-trial phase.


What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer

When you’re facing criminal charges, your life is about to be turned upside down. How your case goes depends largely on your attorney.

But if you’re like most people, you have no idea what to look for in a criminal defense lawyer. Sure, you watch CSI, but TV and real-life aren’t the same.

Here are a few factors to keep in mind when looking for an attorney.

Get Recommendations

Before you hire a criminal defense attorney, you should find someone with a good reputation among the legal community and clients alike.

The best place to start is by asking friends and family if they know of any good criminal attorneys. Even if they don’t know of a criminal lawyer specifically, they can often point you in the direction of a different attorney who can then give recommendations for a criminal lawyer.

The truth is, good attorneys have a reputation to match. They always prioritize doing a good job for their clients. Their former clients and their colleagues will recognize this and will be more than happy to speak well of them.

Once you compile a list of recommendations, make sure to learn more about each attorney’s individual experience with criminal law.

Find a Specialist with Local Court Experience

You wouldn’t hire a heart surgeon to clean your teeth, and you shouldn’t hire a divorce attorney to handle criminal law either.

When you’re hit with criminal charges, your life is at a crossroads. You could go to jail, or you could go home to your family and carry on with your life. It depends, in large part, on the attorney you hire.

The right criminal defense attorney isn’t just experienced in criminal law – they’re experienced in handling cases like yours. Tax evasion is different from sexual assault is different from breaking and entering. The laws around different aspects of criminal law change all the time.

A specialist will know all the latest versions of their specific subset of law.

Furthermore, a specialist in your local area will know their way around the local court system. They’ll recognize local prosecutors and judges, know how they operate and how to appeal to them. They have relationships they can leverage to smooth out your case.

Look for Someone Who Clicks with You

One of the most overlooked aspects of what to look for in a criminal defense lawyer is finding the right personality.

When you’re facing criminal charges, your life is about to be turned upside down. Prosecutors will dig through every aspect of your life to build their case. In order to defend you, a criminal defense lawyer will have to do the same.

They’re going to be knee-deep in your personal business for quite a while. That’s not a pleasant experience for anyone and it’s natural to feel defensive. But in order for your case to succeed, you have to be open with your attorney.

This will be a lot easier if you find an attorney whose personality works well with your own. Pay attention to whether or not you feel comfortable talking to an attorney.

Figuring Out What to Look for in a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

Chances are, if you’re researching what to look for in a criminal defense lawyer, you or a loved one need an attorney ASAP.

That’s where we can help.

We offer a free legal directory to find lawyers in your area by location and specialty so that you can find a local professional with just a few clicks. Because when criminal charges are looming, there’s no time to waste.


How To Prove Innocence When Falsely Accused Of Sexual Assault

Many times, we have seen innocent people going to jail for a sex offence they did not commit. As devastating as it sounds, it is the sad reality. What makes it even worse is that these cases tend to take a wrong turn very quickly.

According to experience, you might end up serving time if two things happen first if the complainant has enough evidence.

Second, if the lawyers are not too smart to counter the evidence, either way, it is the job of your lawyer to ensure you don’t end up in jail. But worry not, you are innocent until proven guilty.

Here are ways on how to prove innocence when falsely accused.

Take Matter Seriously

After our involvement in many such cases, we noticed that the biggest challenge is normally the client.

This is because they often take the accusations lightly. Their innocence tends to blind them from seeing the imminent danger. With such an attitude, they often prison without knowing it.

Eventually, the lawyers will have a hard time proving your innocence. This will waste too much time dealing with your state of mind than on the case. So the minute you are accused falsely, take the accusation seriously. That way, it will be easy for your lawyers to do their jobs and prove your innocence.

Maintain Silence

During your arrest, the police will read your rights as they handcuff you. The only phrase to pay attention to is ‘You have the right to remain silent.’ As lawyers, we always advise our clients to make use of that rightfully. Keep your mouth completely shut. This is because anything you say can and will be used against you in the court of law.

To avoid making matters worse, simply ask for a lawyer. So far, those are the only words you should utter. Exercising this right will give us an easy time when dealing with the case. We will have a clear idea of what they might use against you and plan for it.

Get The Best Lawyers

Acquiring the best attorneys is the next step that you should take. Make sure they are not only qualified but also have a good track record. They are the only people standing between you and the prison gates. Lawyers who understand criminal law perfectly will save you a lot of time and money.

They tend to know which stones to turn and which ones not to. They will also know if you are too incriminated for them to take a deal. Any move your lawyer takes will be critical to the case. Those are just some of the benefits of a good lawyer when being falsely accused. There are quite many more.

Don’t Get In Contact With Your Accuser.

Many clients usually say ‘If I just have a few words with the accuser, I may save myself.’ We have never seen that turn out well. Once you are accused, such thoughts should be discarded from your mind immediately. Having any contact with your accuser can make matters worse than they are. By doing that, you will be helping the complainant to build a strong case.

This is a very important point to note. Even if they request for a meeting so that you two can settle the matter, decline. Not unless it is officially done in the presence of you and your attorneys. They did accuse you once, what will stop them from adding other accusations?

Turning The Case Around Is One Way Of How To Prove Innocence When Falsely Accused

This is the work of your attorney. If he or she is smart enough, then the case can be turned around. Being that false accusation is a crime, you can scare off the accuser. We must make complainant know they will be charged if the accusations are false. We then go ahead and line up the charges they are risking to face.

If at all they have no chance of winning the case, they will withdraw their charges. Quite several cases we have worked on have had such a turn of events. You can even go ahead and file a case against them. That is if you want the accuser to pay for wasting your valuable time.

Gather As Much Evidence As Possible

Every decision the judge and the jury make in court is based on the evidence available. The prosecutor will have evidence, and so should you. A good attorney will look at every angle and collect all the evidence without living any behind. These include text messages, call logs, and anything to prove you are being accused falsely.

This is the only way you will be able to prove that you are not the perpetrator. In case the victim was raped, that is, and you just happened to be his or her target. If you gather enough evidence, then you will have an easy time proving your innocence.

Avoid Plea Deals

Some accusers usually want to run things fast and get what they want. The only way they can do this is by convincing you to enter a plea deal. We strongly advise that you should not fall for it. A plea deal is where you are asked to plead guilty in exchange to some leniency. Most plea deals tend to reduce your sentence.

No matter how good the plea deal is, try and avoid it as much as possible. Any great lawyer will tell you to keep off the plea deal and take your chances. You might end up taking a plea deal, and yet you would have won the case.

In A Nutshell

Being accused falsely is not something anyone can see coming. It might get you off-guard, and any step you take might cost you. So how do you defend yourself against false accusations? By following the above ways on how to prove innocence when falsely accused.

The list has been designed for anyone accused of rape. By applying every method, you will be able to do minimum damage and get results. The last thing you want is to end up in prison simply because you had no idea what to do.

Feel free to visit our website for more information on the law and to find your closest law office.


What Constitutes Criminally Insane in a Court of Law

Is it possible to commit murder while sleepwalking? What if you did and then had no recollection of the ordeal?

Such was the case in the infamous murder trial of Steven Steinberg. Jurors determined he wasn’t responsible for his actions due to temporary insanity.

What does it mean to be criminally insane? How does one prove it, and what are the consequences? Read on to learn all the details.

History of the Insanity Defense

Society has always recognized the existence of outliers. While mental illness wasn’t completely comprehended, our ancestors did have a vague understanding.

By the late-thirteenth-century, England’s courtrooms began to recognize the “complete madness” defense. Judges would find a person not guilty by reason of insanity when the accused failed the “wild beast” test.

This test measured the defendant’s memory and understanding. The ‘mad’ defendant would show a comparable understanding as an “infant, brute, or wild beast.”

Thus, they couldn’t get held accountable for their actions.

How to Prove Criminal Insanity

This same notion continues to come into play in today’s courtrooms. How do you prove criminal insanity based on today’s legal standards? To be successful, an insanity plea must contain the following elements:

  • The defendant didn’t understand what they were doing
  • The person failed to know right from wrong
  • The individual acted on an uncontrollable impulse

Often, the person pleading insane is also suffering from a diagnosed mental condition. Not every state offers the insanity defense.

An experienced attorney is usually necessary when attempting to use this legal strategy.

Consequences of Getting Labeled Criminally Insane

Despite the attention a plea of insanity gets, it’s rare for such a defense to be successful in court.

When it is successful, the consequences are not desirable. While the criminally insane may avoid jail time, they will get institutionalized instead. Here’s what can happen when a person gets deemed insane:

  • Court mandates a hospital order (defendant can’t leave the hospital)
  • A restriction order
  • Supervision and treatment order

Unlike a criminal sentence, there are no limits on how long an insane person will get held. The person will remain institutionalized until they’re no longer a threat.

In most circumstances, institutionalization lasts longer than incarceration in prison.

What’s Temporary Insanity?

Another common defense strategy is to plead not guilty by way of temporary insanity.

Temporary insanity means the individual was insane when the crime occurred. This means the person lost control in the heat of the moment. Here are some factors involved with this defense:

  • The crime wasn’t premeditated
  • The person had a diminished capacity to reason at the time of the crime

Often, a mental health expert will need to testify about the individual’s state of mind. Evidence like psychological evaluations or a lie detector test is crucial in these cases.

The Controversial Insanity Defense

Criminally insane individuals do exist. Often, their crimes are a result of untreated mental illness. Institutionalization and medication are useful solutions.

What’s your take on this controversial legal defense strategy? Let us know your views by leaving a comment in the box below.


What are the responsibilities of a criminal lawyer?

Life has many twists and turns to offer. It is quite likely that you might require legal help to bail you out of certain unexpected situation where you find yourself seeking refuge in a legal professional, a criminal defense lawyer to be precise.

In this write-up, let us find out the various roles and responsibilities of a criminal lawyer. So, read through the paragraphs that follow.

Primary responsibility is definitely to maintain integrity. It is important that he must represent his clients honestly in the court of law. Also, it is mandatory that he must not indulge in any conflict of interest. In other words, honesty essentially means that the same lawyer must not represent both the parties involved in the case.

Duties of a criminal defense lawyer

Check out the following listed below-

  • Case assessment

Before taking up the case, the criminal lawyer will assess its well. He will consider all the essential aspects related to the case. If he is defending a client who is at fault, he must be able to handle the situation wisely and smartly.

  • Gathering information

In order to proceed in a positive direction, he must collect necessary and relevant information pertaining to the case he is handling. He has to obtain proof, documents, scan through documents. Also, if he can get in touch with witnesses, it will ensure that the case is strong. It means putting in a lot of od time, energy, and most importantly effort.

  • Conveying updates to clients

From time to time, the lawyer must sit with the clients, explain how far the case has proceeded, what will be the best option for them at the moment, and what will be his next course of action. At all times, you must inform the clients about the proceedings, latest developments, whether positive or adverse. It is also important that he decides the hearing dates that the court allots.

  • Good analytical power

It is imperative that he must have the capacity to analyze any situation that is pertaining to the case. Getting into the depth is crucial. Since he will have worked with different clients and have faced various situations, he must also be able to ascertain the next move of the opponent. Here is where his skill actually lies.

  • Stay abreast with latest rules and compliances

It is a well-known fact that several criminal lawyers are operating in the field. However, you must have your own USP that will make you stand out from the rest. And if you can do so, you stand a better chance of getting more clients. As such, it is crucial to strengthen your case with the latest compliances or norms that have been introduced in the judicial system.

Aside from the responsibilities mentioned above, it is also his duty to be able to cope up with stressful situations. No matter whatever adverse situations arise, the lawyer must be capable of rising up to the situation, tackle it to the best interest of the clients and come out triumphant.


Tips to Choose the Right Criminal Lawyer for Your Defense

You never know when you might get involved in a criminal offense. It is here that you should have an experienced and skilled legal counsel to represent you in court so that you are given a chance to prove your innocence. The courts will hold you innocent until proven guilty. Getting entangled in a criminal lawsuit is stressful, and it is here that you need skilled and qualified criminal defense lawyers to represent you in court and guide you throughout the legal process.

What will the criminal defense lawyer do for you?

Criminal defense lawyers will take up your case and represent you aggressively in court. They are experts in the field of criminal law. They will ensure your best interests are looked into when you are a party to criminal litigation. They are specialists in the field of crimes related to drugs, theft, probation, juvenile justice, restraining orders and expungement. These experts will also help you prepare the documentation for the case and collect evidence that works in your favor. For them, their clients are the top priority, and even if you have committed the crime and are guilty, they will work towards getting you the minimum levels of punishment and penalty you deserve.

How do you find the right criminal defense lawyer to represent you?

When you start searching for the right criminal defense lawyer for your needs, make sure that you hire a professional who is experienced and skilled in the field of criminal law and justice. Talk to professionals that have been in the criminal field of justice for a long time so that you are assured that your case is in the right hands. Most criminal defense lawyers have personal websites, and you can see more on their credentials. The right lawyer will not only be experienced but compassionate as well. Make a list of the top criminal defense lawyers in your area and go through the website.

Read online client testimonials and reviews

To make sure that the lawyer has good track records in the past, read client testimonials and reviews online. Read them carefully so that you get an insight into whether the lawyer is genuine or not. You may contact legal firms that specialize in the field of criminal defense. These firms will also help you find a good criminal defense lawyer for your case with success!

Get a free consultation

Reputed criminal defense lawyers will also give their clients a free consultation when it comes to an understanding of the case. They will talk with their clients and make them aware of their fundamental rights when it comes to criminal case litigation.  

The duration of the criminal case will depend upon many factors. The competent court of law will take into account the severity of the crime, the circumstantial evidence, the nature of the offense committed and more. However, a good criminal defense lawyer will always aggressively defend you and be proactive when it comes to unexpected twists and turns of a criminal defense case.


Lawyer Scientist: Fighting DWI Charges with Science

“No scientific analysis performed by a government expert is one hundred percent accurate each and every time they perform the test,” says Ali Cannon.  “My extensive scientific training and experience in the testing used by the government in driving while intoxicated cases is extremely beneficial in finding and exposing errors and inaccuracies.”

Ali Cannon is the youngest recognized Forensic Lawyer-Scientist by the Chemistry and Law Division of the American Chemical Society.  She completed the three courses needed for this which are extensive and quite intense. This distinction is held in high esteem and Cannon of Cannon Law recently achieved this honor.  

“The ACS-CHAL Forensic Lawyer-Scientist is one who uses validated and legitimate science for the benefit of justice. These are lawyers who study the science and apply it legitimately in the courtroom. They expose invalid or non-validated science and use valid science in the courtroom. They eschew the smoke and mirrors techniques of old and embrace the science for the benefit of all.”  This is according to the American Chemical Society.

Axion Analytical Labs administers the three tough courses in Chicago, IL.  The courses are in place to help lawyers have a better chance when defending those accused of drug-related crimes.  The names of the courses are the ACS Forensic Chromatography course, the ACS Solid Drug Dose (Forensic Drug Analysis) course, and the ACS Forensic DUID (Forensic Principles of Driving Under the Influence of Drugs) course.

The first course (Forensic Chromatography) teachers lawyers a theory behind chromatography while they also learn about how mass spectrometry and flame ionization detectors work.  After that, they watch how the instruments work and perform their own tests. Tests such as lab work which helps them get a better grasp on how blood ethanol samples work and how they affect DWI and DUI cases.  

The second course which is the Forensic Drug Analysis covers how substances that have been seized like pharmaceuticals, marijuana, and other drugs are analyzed.  They show how these lab tests are used in cases pertaining to possession and pre-consumed substances and how the analytics determine if there is an illicit substance involved or not.  The lawyers get to run these tests and see them of their own cognizance.

The third and final course is the Forensic Principles of Driving Under the Influence of Drugs.  This class is centered around urine, hair, saliva, and blood analysis. The students also learn how to better understand pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics.  What this does is teach them the effects these substances have on the human body and how it changes the function of a person’s motor skills and therefore affects driving capabilities.  

Cannon’s achievement will bring more firepower to the defense of the clients she represents while instilling more confidence in her own abilities.


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