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7 Steps to Finding a Good Criminal Defense Attorney in Los Angeles

Have you found yourself in a situation that suddenly leaves you needing a criminal defense attorney? It’s not the kind of life situation most people plan for or envision in their lives, but when it happens it’s necessary to have a plan and ensure you’re as well-informed as possible.

Choosing a criminal defense attorney in the city of Los Angeles should be much more involved than just calling the first number that pops up in your search. This is your very livelihood at stake, and you may very well be facing fines and jail time. You want to be sure you choose an attorney that is up to the task and will help ensure the best outcome possible.

With that in mind, we’ve gone ahead and put together a guide that is meant to take you through the process of choosing not just any criminal defense attorney in Los Angeles – but a good one.

Here are seven essential steps you’ll want to adhere to in the process.

Ask for Referrals

A great place to start is to ask around with friends, co-workers, and even family members if they have personally dealt with a criminal defense attorney in the Los Angeles area. It doesn’t matter whether their experience was good or bad, the more information you can gather, the easier it will be to narrow down your options.

For those that do give you referrals, ask what their experience was – you will want specifics. What made them feel the way they did – either positively or negatively.

If you don’t have any friends or family members that can give you referrals, there is nothing wrong with looking up reviews online. Keep in mind, however, that sometimes these reviews can be jaded so you need to see them for what they are and use your own judgment. Each criminal charge will be unique to that situation.

Find an Attorney with Experience

The next important step is to find an attorney with experience. This isn’t just general experience. You want to specifically find one that is experienced with criminal defense in relation to the charge(s) you are facing. They should have in-depth knowledge of the courts in Los Angeles. In other words, look for an attorney that has been at this for quite some time, and is well-versed in the system.

You don’t want to leave your fate to someone who is just learning the ropes of practicing law or is new to the Los Angeles area. Criminal lawyer Ambrosio Rodriguez urges those facing criminal charges to make sure they call a criminal defense lawyer with a proven track record. Rodriguez knows first-hand how much of a different experience makes, and he is sure to share this tip with all his clients.

Set Up a Consultation to Discuss Your Case

Once your list has been narrowed down and you’ve chosen a potential attorney, it’s time to set up a consultation. The consultation will work differently for different law practices. Some will be free but others you will need to pay for. It’s best to ask at the time of booking the consultation, so you won’t have an unpleasant surprise.

The consultation is easily one of the most important parts of the decision-making process. Think of this as a job interview. You want to know that the attorney you choose is right for you and your case. What this means is that you will want to write out a list of questions to ask of the attorney, and be prepared to also answer their questions.

Typically, in a consultation, you will let them know the charges, share your side of things, and then the attorney will ask questions and let you know how they would approach the case. This also includes what their expected outcome would be or what they would aim for.

Do You Feel Comfortable Speaking With the Attorney?

While this may seem like a really simple question, it is an important thing to ask yourself. You need to have a professional rapport with your attorney, feel comfortable talking to them and asking them questions, and trust that they have your best interest in mind. It sounds dramatic but the attorney you choose can often make or break your case, so you need to feel comfortable with them.

Make Sure the Attorney Clearly States their Rates

Another tip is to make sure you discuss the attorney’s rates from the get-go before you even decide to use them. Again, it’s about making sure you don’t have any surprises down the road. Not only will you need to ask about rates, but you should ask about payment terms. When is payment due, can you pay in installments, and so forth.

Is the Attorney Easy to Reach – Speak To?

Typically, you also want to find an attorney that you can reach relatively easily should you have any questions or concerns. Things are bound to pop up with your case and situation, and being able to quickly reach your attorney and ask questions can help put your mind at ease.

You’ll also want to be clear about how these conversations are billed, again to eliminate any potential surprises.

Who Will Be Doing the Majority of the Case Work – the Attorney or a Legal Assistant?

Finally, if it’s a firm that your attorney works with, be sure to ask who will be doing the majority of your casework. Will it be the attorney or will the legal assistant be handling the bulk of the work? As well, when you do have questions, who is the best person to contact? Do you need to go through the legal assistant or speak to the attorney directly?

Making the Right Decision for Your Case

Picking the ideal criminal defense attorney in the Los Angeles area isn’t about just going with the trendy attorney at the moment, it’s about picking one that you believe in, trust in, and feel confident that they could represent you and your case correctly in the court of law.


Essential Characteristics of New York Criminal Lawyer

It is quite likely for you to come across several lawyers in New York City. These professionals will claim of having an unmatched record in dealing with different criminal offenses. Nevertheless, the reality is that not all of these experts offer everything they promise. Therefore, you must choose an appropriately experienced New York criminal lawyer when you are facing certain criminal charges.

To be very simple, you need to choose a lawyer who has a clear understanding of this work. It requires carrying out thorough research. Do not go for lawyers who approach you. Use different options for identifying the best attorneys. Having good knowledge of the qualities of a good criminal lawyer will help you make the right choice.


Good quality criminal lawyers will have a solid background in education along with experimental understanding. The lawyer will be very well versed in the tricks of the criminal defense trade. He or she will know the intricacies of the legal field. Going for the services of a highly qualified attorney will make it easier for you to win the case.

Passion to Win

The lawyer you choose for your case should like his or her work. If he does not like his work, chances are he will not be able to help you in winning the case. Always keep in mind that passionate online lawyers will have the courage to go out of the way to secure favorable results for their clients. If you fail to find a passionate counselor for defending your case, it would mean getting a ticket straight for the jail.


Confidence is what makes a lawyer. It not only goes for criminal lawyers but even for the other lawyers working in the legal field. The lawyer you choose should show confidence in you as a client and in his or her potential of getting the right result for the case. Moreover, cocky attorneys do not get intimidated during court sessions. They have complete faith in their ability to emerge victoriously.


As is the case with all the different lawyers, even criminal attorneys should have the right integrity level. They must be very honest with their clients and keep them duly informed regarding the progress made in the case. They must also inform their clients about the likely results of court proceedings. In other words, the lawyer you choose for your case should be completely transparent about the different steps he or she is taking to make you win the case.

Choose Lawyers with Good Research Skills

Your criminal defense lawyer should have the ability to conduct proper research. This entails not just legal research for finding precedents but even research into an alleged crime committed by the client. The lawyer should have the potential of getting to and understanding the situation that the police might have overlooked.

Negotiating Skills are Important for Criminal Lawyers

The majority of the legal cases tend to get settled out of the courtroom. Prosecutors and defense negotiate different contracts and terms. Once the terms are settled, they take the same to the judicial superior for approval. Thus, criminal defense lawyers need to have the ability to make the best possible deals for their clients.


Criminal defense attorneys should exploit all available avenues with dogged dedication and determination. This will help them defend their clients in the best possible way. They should pursue every scope that comes their way.

One of the most important attributes you need to look out for in a criminal lawyer in New York is caring about clients, the clients’ family, and the results of the decision.


How to Hire the Best Criminal Defense Attorney

When the police arrive at your door to escort you away to their police cells, you realize you need the best criminal defense attorney there is. Criminal attorneys are people who are very learned in the law for the sole reason of defending the individuals or companies who are charged with criminal conduct. They are also known as public defenders.  

Criminals in Dakota can be amazingly clever at covering their tracks and leading the police astray and the best criminal defense attorneys in South Dakota will be needed if you don’t want the real criminals making you look like the guilty one.

Must you speak to the Police?

You may want to, but you don’t have to if you are a suspect of a crime. An interesting aspect is that the courts actually allow the police to engage in lying to deceive suspects during questioning in order to get a confession. 

Because police are trained in interrogating people, it is always recommended that you have an experienced defense attorney to help you.

Also, in South Dakota, the law limits the time the State can charge you with some offenses to 7 years. There isn’t any time frame for serious crimes and you can be charged up until death. 

State or Federal Attorney? 

What kind of defense attorney do you need? If you have been on the wrong side of state law, you will need to hire an attorney that specializes in state law. 

These sorts of cases include the likes of robberies, family disputes and traffic violations among others. Federal cases include cases where there is a violation of the US Constitution and will include the like of copyright cases, bankruptcy, and others. There are criminal defense attorneys who deal with both. 

To Trial or Not? 

Even if you’re not guilty, who will believe you? At least by learning what happened and who was responsible, a criminal defense attorney can fight for you. 

The best lawyers will check out all the facts and circumstances to see if your case will go to trial. Once the attorneys have had discussions they can make an informed decision as to whether to proceed to trial or not. 

With any criminal allegations, the truth is that you’re actually fighting for your freedom. Not only that, there could be more accusations and ramifications that you’re not even aware of. How to hire the best criminal defense attorney will require you, therefore, looking for powerful, aggressive attorneys who know all the ins and out of criminal defense cases. 

You want Experience 

Representation with any negotiations needs to be presented in a certain way, so the more experienced your legal representation is, the better the outcome of your case will be. The best attorneys don’t blame like everyone else but will first establish the facts and then come to a judgment.  They will be there to defend you when you’ve been charged with a crime and speak on your behalf. 

Hiring a criminal defense attorney doesn’t just happen as there are in fact many attorneys who handle criminal cases. Finding a good attorney can take time but you want one who offers a free first consultation. This is so important because you need someone that you ‘gel’ with, after all, they’re the ones who are going to keep you from being put behind bars. 

Broad Experience in ALL aspects of Criminal Defense 

The first free consultation will give you insight as to whether the criminal defense attorney is one that you can stay with. Alvine Weidenaar, LLP have broad experience in all aspects of criminal defense in state and federal court and have already successfully defended many clients in murder trails, capital cases, and other criminal cases.

They’ve successfully collected millions of dollars in settlements and benefits for clients, and they can do the same for you. 

You should come prepared with all your paperwork and also understand how many yeats the attorney has been practicing criminal defense, and if they have experience defending against the kind of charge you’re facing. 

The best criminal defense attorneys will represent you in your criminal case, whether it has to do with the murder, sexual assault, rape, robbery, fraud, drugs, damage to property, juvenile crimes, driving under the influence, and everything else. 

You’ve got Rights 

You have rights, and you have the right to be represented by a clued-up lawyer. This is important because criminal cases can be complicated, but the right attorneys will keep you informed of the progress of your case. 

Fees are always a sensitive matter and to avoid surprises or even disputes in the future, you need to know how much you’ll be paying for your case. Many attorneys represent their cases on a contingency basis. It is a fee for services only where there is a favorable result.

With criminal cases, legal fees vary. Much depends on the severity of the crime as well as the complexity of the case. There are lawyers who offer hourly fees as well as flat fees for criminal cases, and whichever route you choose, the best lawyers try to at least keep costs to a minimum.

A criminal defense lawyer can be contacted by you, and apart from being asked pointed questions, the attorney will investigate the case to determine any possible avenues.  The attorney gathers all information so as to build a strong defense for your case. 

All-Rounder Criminal Defense Attorneys

Always look to hire the services of a specialized criminal defense attorney. There are those lawyers who concentrate on a specific area of defense that you may specifically need. 

Some work on financial crimes for instance while others will focus on rape defense. 

It can be fantastic when you find criminal defense attorneys who work on everything. They are the ultimate credible authorities on all areas of criminal law and what’s more, they have excellent communication skills to boot. 


Invasion of Privacy: Know When It Happens and How to Fight Back

As we move from 2019 into 2020, there’s one thing that is abundantly clear. This decade has been one of massive technological advancements. Incredible leaps and bounds in the technological arena marked the development of the past ten years.

With all of that technology comes a great many benefits. You now have easier access to communication. I can ring up and video chat with my mother on the other side of the globe in just five seconds — for free! Businesses can operate more efficiently than ever before, saving us all money.

One unfortunate result, however, is the proliferation of invasion of privacy situations. The cost of a vastly interconnected world is that it’s now become much easier to hop on one of those connections and see very personal, private things about people because practically all of your information is on the worldwide web.

If you’ve been the victim of an invasion of privacy, you know just how horrible it can feel for a stranger to know everything about your most personal things. But never fear — in this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know in order to fight back against this gross violation of privacy.

Get Images Removed

If the invasion of privacy that happened involved visual media getting released to the public, then the good news is that you have significant options for recourse.

For any website that hosts the images of yourself, you can file a DMCA notice to have that content removed, as you technically own the copyrights to private images of yourself that were taken without your consent.

You can also have those images removed from Google search listings. And if they are removed from Google search listings, chances are that no one will ever be able to see them or find them.

As a general rule, privacy regulations are always on your side in these matters.

Appropriation of Names or Likeness

Another common way that your privacy can be invaded is through an appropriation of your name or likeness. If a company uses your name or likeness for their personal profit without your permission, you are entitled to a civil suit against them.

False Light

Another invasion of privacy is when personal information about you is released to the public in either a false or misleading way. This is not permissible by law, as you cannot slander people without repercussions.

However, in order to win the civil suit, you will have to prove malicious intent as well as show any damages that you have sustained as a result of the release of false information.

Invasion of Privacy Should Always Be Taken Seriously

Now that you know what the different kinds of invasion of privacy scenarios are and how to deal with them, you’ll be well equipped should anything like the above happen. Remember that privacy regulations and the law are always on your side, and if you file suit against the invaders you could receive substantial damages.

For more legal advice, be sure to check out the rest of the articles on the website!


Defense Attorneys in Franklin, TN Search

If you’re in Franklin, TN and you’re searching for a defense attorney that can help you, don’t worry. We’ll tell you how you can find one easily. There are a lot of them out there on the market, but in general you’ll know that you can get the most out of your lawyer with our guide. There are many things that you’ll want to ask your attorney and therefore what you say is important to the lawyer, as this can determine whether or not you’ll want to hire them or move forward with someone else.

Ask the Right Questions

When looking to hire a lawyer, you want to know that you are getting the best lawyer that can help you in your case. Is this a DUI case? Is this a criminal defense case? You want to know that your lawyer has studied and received actual degrees for law that can help you, and has experience in the defense field – especially regarding your case. Ask your lawyer how many of your type of cases they handle in any given year, and what percentage of their cases are involving similar charges. At the same time, you’ll want to know how often they go to trial, and whether they know the prosecutors.

You never want to hire a lawyer who is known by the prosecutors as a friend. While it’s good to know that they’ve had experience even as a prosecuting attorney, as many of them do at some point before converting to defense law, you want to ensure that they’re not going to take the side of the prosecuting attorney in any case. Their job is to defend you.

See if They Have a Website

Everyone is on the internet now, and this includes lawyers and businesses. Therefore, you’ll want to check online to see their website. Look for quality reviews online and see whether people are just 5-starring them with fake reviews, or whether they were actually helped. You want to get the best out of your lawyer, and by going to their page, make sure that it is informative and gives you a good record of how they can help you. Some lawyers have no problem sharing their backstory with you as well.

Check for Personable Traits

Of course, other than knowing what kind of plea deals you’re going to want to ensure that you get a quality lawyer who will treat you like a person. One thing that you want to consider is their personality when you’re talking to them. There are little signs, and you want to know that you’re not just another “client” to them, as many lawyers may make you feel. Be sure that you can keep communication open with them, and you may be surprised that you have a great attorney on your hand.

If You’re in Franklin

You can count on Ben Powers at Legal Power’s Law firm to give you the best support possible when looking for a Franklin attorney, because he understands people and cares about their cases. He also cares about everyone and knows how to succeed in the courtroom where other attorneys often fail. Hire him today and don’t hesitate to give him the benefit of the doubt.


Ontario Criminal Defence Lawyers Face Ongoing Challenges over Legal Aid Funding

The area of criminal defence law is a complex one and arguably also one that is the subject of the greatest number of misconceptions. Criminal defence lawyers are often targeted as being unethical and obstructive of justice due to the nature of the people they have to defend. Restrictions on legal aid in Canada have also added an extra challenge for criminal defence lawyers.

But for one Ontario criminal defence lawyer, the field offers unparalleled creativity and the opportunity to play an even more robust role in the upkeep of justice. The unsavoury nature of many cases in criminal defence law places defendants at particular risk of unfair treatment, which can have implications for the wider criminal justice system. Criminal defence lawyers play a key role in ensuring justice is delivered for everyone.

How does criminal defence law work?

To match the wide range of criminal offences that can be brought against someone in Canada, there are a number of possible defences. Automatism and insanity are two that are closely linked through mental health, where a defendant can claim permanent or temporary lack of control over their mental faculties when allegedly committing the criminal act.

Entrapment, consent and duress/compulsion are three criminal defences where the defendant may feel they were either forced into committing the act or permitted to do so by the ‘victim’. Mistake of fact is where a defendant can claim the act was a genuine mistake, while intoxication might allow the defendant to alter the type of charge. Necessity and self-defence/provocation are two final criminal defences where the defendant can claim they acted to protect themselves, having no other choice.

Market challenges in criminal defence law

In Canada, the field of criminal defence law is under pressure from external factors, such as limited growth in white collar crime enforcement, which is said to suffer in comparison to the resourcing and investment provided in the United States. Another area causing concern is reduced access to legal aid, with Ontario recently making cuts as part of its deficit reduction strategy.

While criminal defence law fares better than civil law disputes, limited access to legal aid still has ramifications for the wider justice system. It threatens to deny justice to a section of the population that simply can’t afford it, which is fundamentally at odds with the idea of a fair and equitable society.

Legal aid cuts also create a false economy according to some reports, which point out that unresolved issues because of lack of legal aid invariably leads to higher spending from other areas of government. Studies show that for every dollar spent on legal aid, $6 is saved in government spending on social services.

Why expertise matters in criminal defence law

Elsewhere, criminal defence law experts point to the reduced access to legal aid playing a part in the rise in self-representation. The issues this causes for the wider justice system are many – with processes significantly slowed down through poor or no preparation by law novices, and the risk of justice failing to be delivered because of lack of sufficient knowledge. Canadian legal experts say that suitable representation helps to keep the justice system moving more smoothly, particularly when it comes to the proper preparation of documents and the suitable construction of arguments.

Drawn-out legal processes are already the subject of complaint in Ontario, where new rules on jury selections have caused confusion in relation to old and new trials. It has led to fears that some previous jury verdicts of guilty may have to be thrown out, and has placed an extra strain on court resources and more extensive litigation.

A new area to grasp for criminal defence lawyers in Canada concerns matters relating to indigenous people. At a recent event lawyers heard that issues relating to land rights claims and properties on reserves has created a perception gap between criminal defence lawyers and indigenous people. It boils down to differing interpretations of what land actually is – while most people in the West view lands as a commodity, for many indigenous people it is more like a living thing.

Attendees at the meeting were told that criminal defence lawyers have an obligation to understand what indigenous laws are and gauge their understanding of Canadian laws, which is not always possible due to limited interactions with indigenous people outside the court process.

How criminal defence law can kick-start a legal career

Another aspect of criminal defence law in Canada is the springboard it can provide to new law graduates entering the profession. With much of this work in the early career stages being funded by legal aid, any notable achievements and results can help new lawyers establish their reputation. While criminal defence law may lack the initial prestige and glamour of big city firms, hard work and dedication can bring greater rewards further down the line.


How to Find a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

Understandably, most of us won’t have the name of a good defense attorney in our contact list. This is because most people do not have to worry about being involved in crime or getting arrested, however, in the rare instance that you or a family member or friend gets arrested, it’s crucial that you search for the best criminal defense attorney in your area. 

When going to trial, having the right experts to fight yours or your loved one’s case can help strengthen your credibility and increase the chances of you winning your case. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are a few tips on how to find a good criminal defense attorney.

Should Be Receptive

If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges, it’s important that you act as quickly as possible. Every second counts so it’s important that you seek out a criminal defense attorney that is going to act on your behalf straight away. When contacting an attorney, they should respond to you quickly, with their legal team arranging an appointment with you or a loved one within the next working day. 

Specializes in Criminal Law

While they do not have to exclusively practice criminal law, you will want to find a criminal defense lawyer who at the very least specializes in criminal law. If you cannot find anything on their page about criminal law, it’s highly likely that they are not the best lawyer for your case. 

Plenty of Experience in Local Courts

Once you’ve found an attorney that is qualified in criminal law, you need to make sure that they have plenty of experience in local courts too. This aspect of determining whether the attorney is right for your case tends to be overlooked but having local relationships and connections can make a real difference when it comes to fighting criminal charges.

Check Reputable Sources

Knowledge is power, so the more research you do on the internet about attorneys, the more confident you will feel. While some sources on the internet will be reputable, others are not, so make sure that you do your research in local criminal defense attorneys to get a better idea of who can help you in your case. You may want to look at Orent Law Offices who are criminal defense attorneys based in Phoenix, with over 30 years of experience in defending those charged with crimes. Once you have done this, you should check out other platforms such as Facebook, as they tend to not allow attorneys to remove bad reviews. It’s important that you check out ratings and reviews from previous clients so you can be confident with your choice.

Ask for Referrals

One great way when it comes to finding the best criminal defense attorney is by asking your nearest and dearest whether they know any good lawyers in the area. Those who have first-hand knowledge of how a defense attorney works can help give you more of an insight into how the whole process works and what they will do to help you throughout. Also, if you run your own business and use a lawyer, you may wish to ask them who they would recommend for a criminal case.

Knowing the Basics

You will be hard-pressed to find an attorney that knows the A-Z of law, however, they should be knowledgeable on the most common types of crimes, meaning they can explain to you what the likely charges and penalties will be against you. A good criminal defense attorney should also know what types of questions you are likely to be asked in your trial, helping you to stay calm and relaxed. Finding a criminal defense lawyer who you feel comfortable with can also help to reduce stress levels.

Possess Courtroom Confidence 

When going to court, you will want your criminal defense lawyer to be confident and assertive. In some situations, your attorney has a matter of seconds to make an objection, which could be the make or break when it comes to winning your case, therefore, it’s important that your attorney has plenty of experience to know what the court rules are, as well as exude confidence throughout a court hearing.

Whether you are going to court or a loved one has been involved in a crime, taking the tips listed above on board can help you find the best criminal defense attorney in your area, helping to strengthen your case and increase the chances of you winning.


10 Tips for Choosing the Right Criminal Defense Law Firm

If you or a loved one faces criminal charges, it’s imperative to have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side. However, to choose the best lawyer, you need to find the right criminal defense law firm. Here are ten tips on selecting the right firm so you can get the best criminal defense attorney fighting for your rights.

Here are the tips:

1. Consider Experience

First, you should look to a law firm that has experience in the area of criminal defense. You also want a firm that has dealt explicitly with clients facing the same type of charges you are facing. It also helps to know the answer to the question “What does a criminal defense lawyer do” when you are looking into a firm.

2. Check Reviews

Check the reviews any law firm has received from former clients. You can also check testimonials and case results. You may also want to do a search of a select few law firms you are eyeing on Google and visit websites like Yelp to check client reviews.

3. Check Attorney Ratings

In addition to checking reviews, you should also check ratings for attorneys on A 10.0 rating on Avvo is considered excellent, but very few get such scores. Such a rating also means they have gotten excellent reviews from their peers, judges and previous clients.

4. Local Court Experience

While law firms need experience to represent clients effectively, they should also have plenty of experience in the local courts. Every court has its own set of procedures and attorneys should know how to maneuver. This makes it essential for them to be familiar with these courts so you can have an edge in your case.

5. One Attorney or a Team?

Any law firm you choose when facing criminal charges should employ multiple lawyers skilled in the area of criminal defense. At the same time, you will want to know whether the firm would use one attorney or a team in your case. Often, a team is better because you will always have plenty of attention dedicated to your situation. If you have a single lawyer, they can be distracted due to handling several cases at once.

6. First Impressions are Often Lasting

Usually, your first impression of a law firm or attorney is a lasting one. For example, if you were unable to get the answers you needed to your questions when you first called a firm or left a message and didn’t hear back from a lawyer for longer than a week, you might want to avoid using that firm. You want a firm and lawyer to be responsive and respect your needs.

7. Communication is Essential

You also want to go with a law firm that is easy to communicate with, including in times of emergencies. Any attorney you consider should provide you not only with their work number but their cell phone number and email address as well. You should also get the email addresses of any other lawyers and staff assigned to your case.

8. Give Your Account of the Events

No matter what law firm you ultimately choose to represent you in your criminal case, you must give your account of the events leading up to your arrest. Don’t omit any details, and always be honest. You should also inform the firm of your background and provide a list of character witnesses and provide a list of witnesses in your case.

9. Never Expect Guarantees

If a law firm makes a guarantee that they will have the charges against you dropped, you should avoid it. The best criminal defense firms never make such promises. The factors surrounding your case, evidence, witnesses and more determine the outcome instead.

10. Compare Rates and Get it in Writing

Always compare the rates offered by various law firms. You should never expect a low fee but should avoid going with the most expensive one as well. Attorneys should explain their costs, and before hiring any law firm, you should get a contract in writing. Always inquire about fee schedules and payment plan options before you hire an attorney.


6 things you must discuss with your criminal defense attorney on the first meeting

Being charged with a criminal offense is something that can really take a toll on your life. No matter if you are guilty or not, the experience of having to deal with the police, court visits and a mountain of papers can leave you feeling uneasy at the very best. 

The first thing you need to do, if you are faced with this type of situation is contact and hire an attorney. But since the number of attorneys has grown significantly in the past few years, deciding who is going to represent you is not an easy task. The first meeting you have with your attorney is going to determine if they are suited to represent you or not, so you need to take it very seriously. Below is a list of topics you need to cover when you first meet your attorney, to make sure that your future is in good hands. 

Their experience with similar cases

First things first, you need to determine if the legal professional you are talking to is suited to represent your case. Depending on the level of difficulty of your case, you might have to do some research before finding someone who has experience with issues similar to yours. 

Ask the attorney about past experience and what recommends them to handle your case. Discuss past clients and, if possible, ask if you could talk to a couple of them who can vet for the services of your attorney. Don’t rush into decisions just because you are desperate to stay out of jail. 

An attorney should be a legal expert that is doing everything in their power to turn the odds in your favor, so you need a person that is interested in your case and is willing to invest their time and energy into winning it. No matter how good of a professional they are, if they don’t have a high level of expertise in cases similar to yours, the chances of you winning will be significantly lower. 

Their success rate

Apart from their experience, you also need to make a point in discussing their success rate in cases similar to yours. They could have been working hundreds of cases, but if they lost the majority of them, then they are not the expert you should be looking for. 

Ask about similar cases, what their strategy is and how they managed to win, even if the circumstances were not necessarily favorable. Ask for exact numbers, not just stories about court meetings. How many cases did they handle? How many of those did they win? What did they do when they lost the case?

Remember that winning a case does not necessarily mean keeping the defendant out of jail. In some cases, it may mean getting a lower sentence, or obtaining a plea bargain. 

The attorney fees

Fees are an important aspect that needs to be discussed from the beginning of your collaboration. This can be a sensitive subject, as you want to hire an attorney that is good enough to turn the odds in your favor, but at the same time you don’t want to get into financial problems and struggle to pay their huge fees. There is no other way to ask about their fees, other than straight-forward. You want to get a clear answer from the start, so you know what to expect. 

Some attorneys charge hourly rates, which can result in significantly high expenses for you, if your case takes a long time to resolve. Other attorneys work on a fixed fee, meaning you will know upfront who much their services are going to cost. 

criminal attorneyThe potential outcome of your case

No attorney can completely guarantee the outcome of your case, but they do have some experience and can tell you what to expect. Ask for best- and worst-case scenarios and request for them not to give you false hope. 

“To get a response that is as close to reality as possible, make sure not to leave any important detail out. The discussion you have with your attorney is protected by attorney-client privilege, meaning you can safely speak about what happened. They need to be aware of everything you did or said during the course of events, so that they can start drawing out an action plan for your case and give you clear answers.” advises a criminal attorney Salt Lake City.

The outcome of your case depends on many variables and no attorney, no matter how good they are, can completely guarantee the results. If you find a lawyer who tells you that they will 100% win your case, thank them and go see another one. This is purely a technique to make you hire them. 

Your criminal history

Again, keep in mind that everything you discuss with your lawyer is confidential, meaning you words will not leave their office, except under very special circumstances that could put someone’s life at risk. This means you should tell your attorney everything about your criminal history, to avoid them not being prepared in court. 

Every detail can be extremely important, so discuss the crime without leaving anything out. Keep in mind that they were not present there at the time the crime was committed, so even if they don’t ask about certain details that you think might count, mention them. It’s better for them to have more information than they need, rather than find out in court that you were more involved that you actually told them. 

Communication methods

It is extremely important that you can contact your attorney whenever you need it, so make sure to discuss how often and by which means you will be communicating. Talk to them about the frequency 

Can you call them only during a certain time of the day, or are they available at any time? Will you be speaking with them directly, or will you be also communicating with others form the firm? These are all questions that will help you determine how reliable your lawyer is and help give you some peace of mind during this unfortunate experience.


7 Important Reasons to Hire a Competent Defense Lawyer

When a person is arrested, they are often in a heightened emotional state. It is a time for them to consider hiring a criminal defense attorney. There will be fees and other costs associated with hiring an experienced attorney. This overall expense in minimal when compared to how seriously a person’s life can be altered if they don’t have the best possible legal defense. There are many reasons for hiring a criminal defense attorney.

1.Informed About Possible Outcomes

A good criminal defense attorney will be honest about all of the possible penalties a person could face if they should they be convicted. They also know what steps are necessary for the best possible outcome. These legal professionals will know if it is in their client’s best interest to take a plea deal offered from a prosecutor or if going to court and having a trial is the best option

2.Judicial System Experience

The judicial system can be complicated. An experienced criminal defense attorney will understand exactly how the judicial system works. The legal system can confuse people who work in it daily, a defense lawyer will know about the intricate workings of the courts. They know how to guide their clients through the entire legal process.

3.Law Enforcement Conduct

No matter how much individuals view television, Facebook or the media, they will not fully comprehend the legal limits for what law enforcement is permitted to do when gathering evidence in a criminal case. A criminal defense attorney knows the details concerning proper law enforcement procedures. They will know how to identify mistakes and blind spots. They know what law enforcement is permitted to do when they investigate their clients. Any possible infringement of their client’s rights could result in evidence being thrown out. It could also result in the dismissal of their client’s case.

4.Relationships With Prosecutors

An experienced criminal defense attorney will have spent many years developing relationships with judges as well as prosecutors. They know it is to their client’s benefit for them to have a positive relationship with their adversaries. This relationship is valuable when it comes to negotiating an affordable bond or the best possible plea deal for their client and more. These relationships are important and could be a huge benefit to their client’s case.

5.Dealt With Similar Cases

The value of a criminal defense attorney’s experience may be difficult to understand. These are people who deal with criminal cases and the court system daily. They have handled many different types of criminal cases during their legal careers and will have handled one similar to any client that comes their way. They will be able to tell their clients what they will experience with the court system. Criminal defense attorneys have a history of knowing what legal defense will work for a client’s case and which ones will not.

6.Save Money

Many people believe is more expensive attorney can’t save them money. History demonstrates those willing to spend additional money for a criminal defense lawyer who has significant experience greatly benefit from it. They will know what is necessary for the client to be given the best possible sentence for their situation. This has helped people keep their jobs and others from losing their business and more. People need to calculate the income they would lose from being fired from their job and incarcerated for an extended period of time. How much earning could a person lose if they can’t continue to operate their business? It is possible that much of this financial stress could be avoided when represented by someone who knows how to obtain the best possible result.

7.Protect The Future

A knowledgeable criminal defense attorney will know how to fight for their client’s future. They will know how to get penalties decreased, charges reduced or get their client’s case dismissed. This could result from identifying law enforcement errors in how they illegally obtaining evidence against their client. It’s possible they could get charges dropped so their clients can keep a felony conviction off of their criminal record. They could get a reduction in punishment so their clients can avoid jail and not lose their job and more.

Anyone who has been charged with a criminal offense should contact Criminal Lawyer Gold Coast. They know what can happen in a client’s case and make sure they understand what can happen to them. Giving a client important advice on what steps they should take is an essential part of their services. A criminal defense attorney knows how a good legal defense can get the best possible result from a bad situation.


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