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If you were injured in a car accident then car accident lawyers help your options assist you in obtaining fair compensation for any medical and rehabilitation.


Illinois Auto Accident Laws Explained

The Illinois state follows a tort-system to decide the fate of the victims in auto accidents making one of the states that’s not a no-fault state. In simple terms, you can seek compensation from the party at fault or file car accident lawsuits. It is such a good thing that the law cares for your wellbeing, but you also have a role to play. This article will shed more light on the personal injury laws in Illinois.

Fault laws in Illinois Explained

If you are driving in Illinois, you must have an active insurance cover to mitigate the cost of damages in case of an accident. It is that simple. If you survive a car accident but sustain injuries, you should file a claim with your insurer. The law states that the auto policy must provide at least $25,000 to cover bodily injury and wrongful death, at least $50,000 as the total accident coverage for injuries and accidental death, and at least $20,000 for car damages.

However, if the costs surpass the limits of your coverage, you have the permission to sue the driver who was at fault. You may have identified speeding, overtaking, driving on the wrong side, or using the phone. Sadly, that is not enough. The case will be tossed aside for failure to present concrete evidence to show that the accused was at fault. Hence, you must learn more about car accidents and formulate a persuasive and winning argument. It can be tiring, especially if you are severely injured. Instead of following that long path, you can nail in the case by hiring an experienced auto attorney, someone who can pull the strings from all corners to make the situation a success.

The Comparative Negligence Law in Illinois

Moving forward, although most car accidents lead to a similar fate of a damaged car, injuries, and trauma, they are different. Some scenarios will elevate the value of the claim, while others will pull it down. So, make a point of familiarizing yourself with the odds to avoid disappointment. Another thing worth noting is the comparative negligence law. It states that your percentage fault will be deducted from the overall amount if you are partially to blame for the accident. Therefore, you need an experienced lawyer for a persuasive presentation and fighting for a fair deal.

If the negligent driver was uninsured, the law has paved the way for Uninsured motorist coverage to cover the expenses. The cover allocates at least $25,000 if you were the only victim, and at least $50,000 for the entire accident. You are entitled to Uninsured Motorist Coverage if you were you were driving a car that you do not own, were involved in a “hit and run,” or if you were walking when the accident happened. The Uninsured Motorist Coverage also helps if other people who were in your car sustained injuries. Bottom line, you need an experienced attorney to claim the money.

Final remarks:

Most people based in Illinois do not know about the rules that protect them in case of an accident. Well, we hope the info covered has helped but most importantly speak to a personal injury lawyer who will help advise accordingly depending on your situation.


Who Is at Fault in a Car Accident? 3 Things Investigators Look for

Despite the fact we drive our cars almost every day, many of us forget the inherent risk involved in getting behind the wheel of an automobile. Accidents happen all the time, and it is more than likely that we’ll each be in some sort of accident at some point in our lifetimes.

When these accidents occur, it can be all-important to determine what driver was at fault. The driver who caused the accident will be responsible for compensating the personal and property damage of those victimized by the incident.

It can be difficult to determine who is at fault in a car accident. Attorneys look at a few different topics to make this determination. Read on, and we’ll walk you through what investigators look for in a car accident case.

1. Admittance by a Driver

You’re likely familiar with the portion of the one’s miranda rights that go: you have the right to remain silent, what you do or say can be used against you in a court of law.

There’s a reason you likely know that line, but it doesn’t stop drivers from taking the blame for a car accident at the scene. These kinds of details, whether said directly to the reporting police or not, often find their way into the official report surrounding the incident.

If a driver takes blame at the scene of an accident for the accident itself, that admittance can carry a lot of weight in later negotiations. There’s no taking it back.

That’s why, even if you feel as if you might be at fault for an accident, it’s better to keep your mouth shut until you can talk to an attorney. There may be a number of details about the accident that you’re not aware of, and it’s better not to incriminate yourself if you don’t know if you’re truly at fault.

2. Evidence From the Scene

If you’ve recently been in a car accident, it can be essential to take as many photos of the accident as possible. When pursuing a car accident case, attorneys will use evidence from the scene to help prove fault.

Photos of damage to the vehicles and to one’s own body can help investigators prove how the car accident occurred. They will also look closely at the police report written up at the scene, which includes law enforcement’s conclusions as to how the accident occurred.

This police report is a huge piece of evidence, and it’s important to ensure at the scene that the cops are getting all the factual information they need.

3. Witness Testimonies

The police weren’t there at the scene of the accident, but other drivers were. Witness testimonies can be a huge part of determining fault in a car accident case.

These individuals can speak to how they saw the accident unfold and can support one another’s assertions. If you’ve been in a car accident, it can be important to get the contact information to those around you who witnessed the crime.

Who Is at Fault in a Car Accident Case?

Who is at fault in a car accident case? Figuring out what driver will be liable for damages from an accident can be tricky business. Investigators often look at the above to help determine who is to blame.

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Top 4 Things to Know About Filing Crash Reports After an Accident

Did you know that there are around six million car accidents per year in the United States? Chances are, you’ve been involved in one of these crashes at some point in your life due to the high numbers of distracted or impaired driving or even just bad weather.

Being involved in a motor vehicle accident is a jarring, scary, and frustrating experience. You have to call law enforcement, exchange information with the other driver, hope that you’re not the one at fault, and eventually deal with insurance claims.

Because of all of the emotions that occur directly after an accident, filing an accurate crash report may be the furthest thing on your mind but it is extremely important to do so. We’re going to tell you what you should know about filing crash reports and why they are so important.

Keep reading for more information!

No Accident Too Small

When the light turned green, you hit your gas pedal, but the car in front of you didn’t start moving. You lightly tapped their bumper and there wasn’t much damage at all. The other driver said not to worry about it and both of you went on your way.

Although there was very little damage, you should still file a report about the incident. This is due to the fact that after you leave the scene, the other driver can decide to report the accident and make false claims about how the accident occurred.

Some drivers do this in order to file claims against your insurance or even to receive payment from their own uninsured motorists’ policy. If a claim is filed against your policy and the driver embellishes the story, your rates are likely to increase – and that’s if your insurance company doesn’t choose to drop you completely!

In the case above, you technically were the driver that rear-ended the other vehicle. This means that the driver can claim that you hit them and left the scene which is illegal in most states. In most states, a hit and run is a felony which can make the small accident turn into a major charge!

Accident-01You May Not Realize Your Injuries Right Away

As mentioned, being involved in a car accident can cause your emotions to run high. Directly after the accident (even a small one), you will have a rush of adrenaline. This adrenaline can make it difficult, if not impossible to detect certain types of injuries.

When you decide to file a crash report, you are documenting the accident and what actually happened. This will make it easier to file any medical claims either with your own insurance or through the other driver’s insurance, if applicable.

Also, accident reports will involve police officers who are trained to spot injuries that you may not notice otherwise. This is often true with head injuries. Many people don’t realize that their sudden headache or dizziness isn’t due to adrenaline but instead are symptoms of a concussion. Police are able to point this out and help ensure that any injured individuals are checked out by medical professionals.

Accident Reports and Insurance

Filing a crash report doesn’t necessarily mean your auto insurance will increase, nor does it mean that you (or the other driver) have to file an insurance claim. All a crash report does is keep a record of the accident for all parties involved.

If you or the other driver is not choosing to file a claim with your insurance company, the chances of your auto insurance increasing are slim. However, you should still report the accident to your insurance company to make sure they aren’t caught off-guard by any surprise claims.

Filing Your Own Crash Report

Depending on your location and how much damage occurred, the police may not come to the scene. When this is the case, you can still choose to file a crash report on your own to ensure all involved parties have all the necessary information.

In states like Texas, the Department of Transportation requires an accident report within ten days of the incident. This report is kept on file for ten years and is available to you should there be any questions. Although Texas doesn’t mandate the reporting of all accidents, choosing to report a wreck can help protect you against any lawsuits filed at a later date.

It is important to note that the state of Texas does require reports to be filed for any accident in which damages are over $1000 or when an injury or death occurs. Most often, these reports are filed by police but can be filed by the individual as well.

Staying Safe on the Roadways

No one wants to have to deal with an automobile accident or the stress that comes with them. The best way to avoid these instances include not texting while driving, not driving while impaired, wearing a seatbelt, and following all local and state driving laws.

Of course, driving in inclement weather isn’t always avoidable but if you must, make sure that your vehicle is fit for the conditions. Periodically check your tires for proper tread and air pressure, check your windshield wiper blades, and have tire chains if you are in an area that receives snow.

Not every accident is completely avoidable but by choosing to stay safe and drive carefully, you can help limit your risks of being involved in a motor vehicle accident.


How to Prove & Win a Truck Accident Claim

Filing a claim against an insurance or any large trucking company is not a walk in the park. Most will use their vast resources to put a strong defense. But, winning a claim is doable depending on your situation and if you play your cards right. Let’s look at the steps you will need to take to prove and win a truck accident claim.

Collect Evidence

Collecting evidence is the first step towards winning a truck claim. If you are in a sound state, make sure to collect as much evidence as possible from the scene of the accident. The key information to look out for are:

  • The truck driver information: Find out the driver’s name, the insurance information, company name, license plate number, and contact details, etc.
  • Photos: Capture road conditions, traffic signals, and damages to the vehicles
  • Witnesses- Check around and ask the witnesses to wait for the police.

Get a Medical Report

What you are looking for when filing for a truck accident claim is personal injury compensation. You need to visit a credible doctor or hospital for a proper diagnosis. The medical reports will establish the impact the accident has had on you both short-term and long term. It will be used to determine the compensation you should receive.

Hire a Skilled Attorney

Now at the core of building up a winning claim is to hire the right auto accident attorney. Working with an attorney that understands the regulations and practices in the truck industry will give you a better chance of winning. Truck Accident Attorneys understand the different metrics that go into play with such claims. For instance, they can look at how long the driver was on the road, stops made, state of the driver while driving, etc.

But, ensure that you work a certified and reputable auto accident lawyer in your case. Go for lawyers that have the right experience with truck accidents. As a matter of fact, insurance companies tend to respect such lawyers and know they can go the extra mile to win the case. They will often opt to offer the best compensation to you and avoid a lawsuit

Establish Fault

A claim can only be solid if a claimant establishes and proves fault. You have to provide evidence that the driver was at fault. Although, there are incidences where truck drivers are not entirely at fault, laws caution against negligence. Most truck drivers are covered by the insurance of the trucking company.  You will need to work with your lawyer to prove the truck driver’s negligence and also on the part of the company. For example, were there external damages, did the driver report them? Basically, was the company negligent?

You will also need to work with a lawyer that can get you the truck inspection history and the maintenance report. This will help establish if the company had issues on repair and maintenance of the car i.e. probable breakdowns and malfunction etc.

Final thoughts:

Truck accident claims can be quite complex and tough to win depending on the laws. That’s why it’s important to work with an experienced auto accident in your claim if you are proving and win!


Why Is Multitasking While Driving A Legal Offense?

If you look into the modern world, you will see that most of the self-independent individuals have their automobiles. People like to drive their vehicles to save cost and time. But when you are driving cars, you need to keep some crucial points in your mind. There are many legal grounds that you need to maintain while driving a vehicle. The professional lawyers explain multitasking while driving in a better way. Multitasking, while running a car, is a legal offense. This can increase the risk of an accident by diverting your concentration.

What Does the Multitasking While Driving Mean?

  • If you become busy doing something not related to driving while running an automobile, then it is considered as multitasking at the time of driving. Include some tasks like
  • Eating food
  • Drinking alcohol
  • Handling phone or talking to someone by holding it in hand
  • Texting or emailing

All of these doings may divert your attention from driving. And as a result, you may face an accident or harm someone on the road. So these acts for the driver while running an automobile go under the multitasking while driving act.

How Multitasking While Driving Is Dangerous for You

The lawyers explain multitasking while driving to cut down the legal complications and help you to save while running an automobile. According to the experts, multitasking at the time of driving can increase your pressure and divert your attention to somewhere else. This can increase the risk of major accidents anytime on the road.

Moreover, multitasking while driving can slow down your speed and become a significant reason for failure to follow the traffic rules properly. This can create hassles for the other drivers. So, to maintain the pace and piece of the road, you should always follow the traffic signal and be attentive to driving.

Legal Actions for the Divers under Multitasking While Driving Offense

According to the reports every year, thousands of accidents worldwide get filed for inattentive divers. These incidents insist the law professionals bring law and implement it. According to the driving rules, if any diver does the offense like multitasking while driving, then he or she needs to pay a certain amount of penalty. This amount of penalty depends on the state of a country and the law there.

How to Avoid Multitasking While Driving

In modern days, we will get to see most of the automobile models available with the hands-free facilities for the driver. Now you don’t need to use your hand or hold your phone to talk while driving a car. You can easily use the speaker to handset the phone in the automobile to receive calls while driving. The Smartphones are available in the modern days with the speaking assistance for drivers. You need to install these new parts in your automobile and  Smartphones to avoid the multitasking risk while running an automobile.

You need to be conscious and attentive while running a car. It would help if you kept in mind that your inattentive driving can lead to a significant accident and even a fatal case. Keep you should never divert your attention as long as you drive a car. You have if you have any emergency call, you can side your vehicle, keep it in rest and complete your conversation before starting it again. It can save not only your life but also the others who are on the road.

An attentive driving can help you to reach your destination safely within a short time. So, be vigilant while driving on the road and keep you as well as other’s journeys safe.


Coping With Every Aspect of an Auto Accident

There are common fears held by most people, and getting into a car accident is one of them. We do all that we can do to avoid it; we wear our seatbelts, are conscious of our surroundings while on the road, and if you’re a pedestrian, you always look both ways. When it happens to you despite your caution and that fear becomes a reality, you’re faced with more than the potential physical turmoil of the car accident. Coping with all of the aspects of an auto accident – legal, emotional, and physical – is incredibly difficult. The best way to make this process less overwhelming is to piece apart each of the things that you need to do after the accident and take it one step at a time.


If you’ve ever been hit, the first thing that you probably thought of was the physical injuries that may or may not have come with the accident; are you okay? Are the other passengers okay? That is your priority. Get yourselves checked out at the hospital for injuries and make sure to ask for a brain scan for yourself and every other passenger that was present so that any head injuries are treated accordingly. You’ll want to schedule a follow-up appointment with your general doctor after a week or two has passed. New physical issues can arise long after the accident that were not present at first. Be sure to get those follow-up appointments before you close the case with an insurance company.


You’ll likely be reporting your accident to the police. It might happen at the scene of the accident, the hospital, a police station, or over the phone. It can be jarring, especially for those who are shy or who have an anxiety disorder. Do your best to remain calm and know that all you have to do is state precisely what happened during the accident. You might have to repeat yourself a few times, so do your best to be patient and remember that they’re here to help you.

Insurance battles

This might seem like the most benign part of the ordeal, but if you’ve been in an accident, you know that it’s not. The best thing to do when it comes to insurance battles is to remain firm yet calm. Sometimes, the worker you’re dealing with will be abrasive, or if you’re the one that got hit. You’re reporting the incident to the driver’s insurance company; the driver might downplay or flat out lie about what happened, making everything more difficult both for you and their insurance company. It can be very tempting to let it all go and pay the bills yourself when you’re dealing with an insurance battle that goes on for months and months, but be persistent and does not give up.


Car accidents can come with a lot of trauma. In some cases, people even battle PTSD after an accident. You might consider seeing a therapist. It can be beneficial after getting into a car accident. After the accident, you may want a place to talk about your feelings. You might find yourself experiencing flashbacks to the accident, being afraid to cross the street, or developing a fear of driving. A licensed therapist will be able to help you process the accident and cope as you handle all aspects of it. Whether you work with a counselor online or a therapist in your local area, therapy is an excellent place to discuss your concerns and start to cope.


Steps to Take After a Car Accident in South Carolina

Virtually no one plans to be involved in an accident. Accidents are often inevitable and part of the unforeseeable risks that we encounter through life. They come in different forms and involve different means. You could be taking a drive to the beach and need to avoid highway hypnosis and learn other safety precautions. You could be involved in a car, bicycle or even in an Uber accident etc. The severity of accidents differs, sometimes it could be minor and other types severe to cost you your life or other third parties involved. Most people panic and not sure what to do when they are in such a situation. Well, don’t! In this article, we will guide you through some of the crucial steps to take if you have a car accident in South Carolina.

Stop at the scene

This first step depends on the severity of the accident. You may have heard of “hit and run cases”. This is where motorists hit other people and flee the scene to avoid facing the law or justice. Ideally what most people do not know is that leaving the scene of the crime is an even bigger offense. It is prudent that you stop the car safely and offer any help to the victim(s) involved. The recommended action is to call an ambulance if there is an injury. While you might want to take the person to the hospital, it might result in more injuries. You will also need to gather information about the other drivers i.e. name, address, etc.

Call the police

After you have exchanged information with the other party, you will need to contact the authorities. Reports indicate that most people fear to report accidents because they fear policy cancellation. Others don’t report it at all because they did not cause the accident. Well, according to Charleston auto accident lawyer it is in your best interest to report the incident regardless of who is at fault. Surprisingly, most policies require insured parties to report all accidents where coverage applies, or risk policy cancellation.

Sample all the evidence

You might be well aware that the details you indicate on the police report affects your case. If you are not severely hurt and can still give an account of the accident, it is advisable to do it exhaustively

For example, where were you headed, what prompted the accident, the weather conditions, what you remember about the other driver, witnesses, etc. In a case of hit and run make sure to at least get the other driver’s number plate. It will help the police in tracking down the car. Another way to sample evidence is to take pictures of both cars and the roads. Pictures provide stronger evidence and help shape your case

All these note-taking will come in handy when you hire an attorney. He/she will use it to build strong evidence to ensure that you are compensated.

Don’t accept any offers and settlement

Let’s settle this here? Don’t call the police? We can avoid complications? We are pretty sure you have or will hear some of these statements. Sometimes the offer is from the other driver’s insurance company. Experts note that it is one of the tactics used by insurance companies to avoid liability in accidents. It happens in cases where the insurance company knows that their client is at fault, and want to avoid lawsuits. While the offer could be enticing, and the process easy it is not the smartest thing to do. Seek help from South Carolina Accident Lawyer who will ensure you get you what you deserve.

Tip: Accepting bribes and settlements makes you look guilty and can impact your case greatly

Call your insurance

This is another crucial step after being involved in a car accident. Whether you are the victim or not, you need to provide information about the accident to your insurance company. The insurance will need both your details and the other driver’s details. This step is very important, especially when claims are involved. Some of the information that will support your insurance claim include:

  • The details of the driver, occupants, and any relevant witnesses at the scene of the accident.
  • Pics or videos of damage to vehicles and any visible bodily injuries
  • Pics or videos of the potential causes of an accident such as a road hazard, driver error etc.

Contact a South Carolina Auto Accident Attorney

This is the most important step especially when lawsuits and claims are involved. You need to find a seasoned Auto Accident lawyer who will help you deal with all the legal implications that come with accidents. Yes, some accidents will only get resolved by a few phone calls while others will need you to hire an attorney. If a court finds you guilty, you might be awarded punishment depending on how severe the accident is. The other reason you need to hire a lawyer is when the insurance refuses you pay your claims and when the car accident injuries are severe. Get yourself a lawyer that will ensure treatment is facilitated and get you the compensation that you deserve.

Tip: Take time to research the law firm in South Carolina that you hope to work with. Find out credible information about them, their lawyers, experience, and expertise. Some Accident Lawyers are only interested in your money and will not offer you the service that you deserve.

Final thoughts:

It is quite clear that the steps you will take when involved in an accident will depend on the severity of the accident. Some incidences might necessitate you to hire an auto accident lawyer while others might not. If you do not get to the later stage, it is advisable to follow legal procedures i.e. notifying the police and calling your insurance. If you will need to hire a lawyer, you must remember that you shot to compensation will depend on the evidence and how the lawyer defends you. Find an auto accident lawyer in South Carolina that’s credible, skilled and has a good reputation in these type of legal processes.


Dash Cameras: Are They Any Use in a Car Accident Claim?

It’s a beautiful day. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and even though it’s a Monday morning you feel energized and ready to take on whatever the world has to offer you today as you drive to work.

Oh no! Just up ahead, a car pulls out into your lane without checking both sides of the intersection. You slam on the breaks, but KAPOW! You can’t help bowling into this person.

Now, if you had one of those nifty dash cameras installed, you’d be able to prove to the police and the insurance company that the accident wasn’t your fault. Or would you?

Dash cameras seem to be a polarizing subject. Some vehicle owners will swear up and down by their dash camera, refusing to even venture out on the streets without one. Other drivers, on the other hand, don’t really see the point. They aren’t always permissible as evidence in a court of law, so what’s really the point?

In this article, we’ll investigate to see whether putting a dash camera in your vehicle is actually worth the cost and effort.

Are Dash Cameras Helpful in a Car Accident?

So, in a single question: are dash cameras helpful in a car accident?

The answer is a resounding YES!

Dash cameras are extremely helpful in car accidents in a variety of ways. Firstly, they tell you what happened. Accidents often happen so quickly that it’s easy to be in shock right after without having a good memory of what just transpired. A good dash camera will clear that up for you and let you know whether you were in the right or wrong.

Second, when you call the police and file your accident report, they will take a look at the dash camera footage to see who was at fault for their reporting. The other party can later dispute it if they’d like, but chances are that they won’t if they know you have footage.

Without the footage, it would turn into a he-said, she-said situation.

Can Dash Cameras Lower Your Insurance Rate?

Although dash cameras are great while you are filing a claim, they unfortunately do not lower your insurance rate with most insurance providers in the United States. This is because drivers that use dash cameras are not necessarily any less likely to file a claim, they are simply able to provide information on what happened during the claim.

Regardless, the benefits of a dash camera are clear! Now that you know why you need one, make sure to visit to know what else you need to do in the event of a car accident.

Putting It Together

There you have it — armed with this information, you’re ready to decide whether or not to get a dash camera of your car. Quick hint: the answer is that you should!

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What Motorcycle Accident Victims Need to Know About the Law

It’s hard to deny the allure the motorcycles provide to many people. They are a fast and fun way to explore the open road. They can also be, unfortunately, quite dangerous. Accidents involving motorcycles are more common than we like to believe, and the injuries involved can be quite serious.

If you’re one of the many motorcycle accident victims out there, it’s important that you take the time to understand the legalities involved with such an incident. Accidents on the roadway of any kind can be legally complicated. But things can even more difficult to figure out when a motorbike is involved.

Read on, and we’ll walk you through what you need to know about motorcycle accidents and the law.

Riding A Motorcycle Is Risky

Motorcycle accidents are legally trickier to work through than normal automobile accidents. Why is this?

This difference is due to the fact that riding a motorcycle is inherently more risky than riding in a normal automobile. No matter how safe and in control you might feel riding a bike, this is just a fact at the end of the day.

Motorcycles are smaller, lighter, and offer far less protection to the rider than an automobile would. There is no wall of metal and glass to protect a motorcycle rider from the outside world. This lack of protection means that a motorcyclist is much more likely to sustain injuries or even be fatally killed in some kind of accident on the road.

In addition to the previously mentioned factors, motorcycles are often less visible to other cars on the roadways. There is less stability when riding a motorcycle, and these kinds of machines also usually require a high degree of skill to properly operate.

Why do these things matter? At the end of the day, isn’t an accident? The answer isn’t quite so black and white.

Determining Fault In A Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents, like most accidents, are governed by the legal concept of negligence.

Negligence refers to a driver or rider’s failure to adhere to a proper standard of responsibility. Operators on open roadways have a legal requirement to drive reasonably responsibly, and they have this obligation to other drivers on the road. This is the basic legal principle of all open roadways.

A number of less-than-responsible behaviors can result in accidents. A driver could be speeding, looking at their telephone, or driving drunk, to name a few possibilities. These are all negligent behaviors, and these behaviors could easily lead to an accident.

In most accident cases, an attorney will work to determine and prove negligence. If an attorney can prove negligence, they can pin the fault for injuries and damage to the driver who behaved irresponsibly.

In motorcycle accidents, it is often other drivers on the road who have acted negligently. A driver might have failed to look when merging lanes, or they have made an illegal turn, or so forth. Sometimes, it is the motorcycle driver who acts negligently: by driving recklessly on the highway, or by running a red light, or so forth.

If you’ve been in an accident, it’s important to hire a motorcycle accident lawyer to help establish your case. Proving fault and providing evidence can be quite challenging, and it’s important to have someone on your side who has the experience to do just that.

Difficulties With Motorcycle Cases

Often the operator of a motorcycle will have an uphill battle in proving their lack of negligence in an accident case. It can be harder for them than a normal driver. This is because riding a motorcycle, in general, is often seen by judges and juries as a less-than-responsible choice.

An attorney will need to go above and beyond to relieve their motorcycle-riding client of the burden of fault. Juries are often predisposed to view a motorcyclist as negligent.

Sometimes, things aren’t black-and-white either. Many motorcycle accident cases don’t end up placing the full fault on just one operator. Sometimes, the concept of comparative fault is used and both the cyclist and the driver are blamed for some percentage of the accident.

Even if a motorcyclist is only slightly at fault for an accident, this fault can reduce the amount they are able to claim in damages. This is a very common outcome in many types of motorcycle accident cases.

It is recommended that cyclists do everything they possibly can to reduce the chance of risk or incident on the roadway. Being able to provide evidence of these steps taken can be a huge asset in court. A cyclist must go above-and-beyond to show that they acted as reasonably and responsibly on the roadway as possible.

Obviously, cases can vary greatly depending on the particulars of each case. If another driver was very clearly in the wrong, it might not be hard for a motorcyclist to retain the compensation that they rightfully deserve.

It can be key to hire a skilled attorney to successfully win such a case. Proving fault and providing evidence of reasonably safe riding can take a skilled and experienced hand, and is not something any rider should take on all alone.

Motorcycle Accident Victims

If you’re one of the many motorcycle accident victims out there, it’s important you understand how these cases generally play out. Motorcycle accidents are legally more tricky than other types of accidents, and the above information lays out why.

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Involved In a Crash? 5 Key Signs That You Need A Lawyer After an Accident

The average number of accidents in the U.S. annually is six million. Although it can be hard to prevent accidents, it doesn’t mean we cannot do anything when they happen. If two parties were involved, someone must have done something wrong, leading to an accident.

Today, car accidents are regarded as the most common type of accidents. Although there are laws governing road usage, statistics reveal that 45 percent of car owners in the U.S. don’t know they need a lawyer after an accident.

Of course, if you have been involved in a car accident, you might need to contact your lawyer to get compensation. Even so, how do you know when it is necessary to contact them?

There are several key signs you should check to be certain you need a lawyer. Below is an insight into the five signs that you need a lawyer.

1. Three or More Parties Were Involved in the Accident

If the accident involved more than three parties, there is no doubt that you will need a car accident lawyer. This is mainly because it will complicate your insurance claim.

In such instances, the negotiation process might lead to multiple lawsuits. Besides, if it involved property owners, commercial entities, or pedestrians, it might complicate the process even further.

An example of such instances is when a truck driver enters a wrong intersection illegally, and a driver of a passenger vehicle swerves to avoid the crash. As a result, he or she hits a motorcycle on the other lane. The accident would have involved three cars, which will lead to a complicated lawsuit.

Although it might be a daunting lawsuit, the first thing you should do if you were hurt in the accident is to contact a car accident lawyer. He or she will not only ensure you get the compensation you deserve but also fight to minimize your liability to the other parties.

Note that fighting such a lawsuit alone might not be the best option. Cases that require multiple lawsuits might be complicated, especially if you don’t have enough evidence to prove you were not at fault. For this reason, ensure you get an experienced lawyer from a prominent company.

2. When the Damage on Your Car Is Serious

How bad are the damages to your car? Is it totaled? If the damages are extensive, you will need a car accident lawyer. Typically, your vehicle might be written off if the damages exceed 50 percent of your insurance.

In case you might need a new car, you will have to seek the services of a car accident attorney to win compensation from your insurance company.

Note that even when the damages are minor, it is imperative to have your lawyer go through the process to ensure you get decent compensation. Although the majority of car owners ignore minor accidents, it is advisable you exercise your legal rights and claim the necessary compensation.

Also, if your car was the cause of the accident, your insurance company will ask you not to admit liability and ask you to get a lawyer immediately. Ensure you get an experienced lawyer and let them know you suspect you might have caused the accident. Your lawyer will prepare you on your defense and ensure he or she works with other parties to get an out of court settlement.

Although experienced lawyers might charge a hefty fee, it will be worth it. The lawyer is not only capable of helping you get a new car as compensation but can also talk with your insurance company and agree on a decent amount as compensation. However, it is imperative to check for signs that you need a lawyer first before contacting them.

Sometimes, you might want to settle your disputes off-court, and you will not need a lawyer. As a result, you will get to save a considerable amount of money that would, otherwise, be used to hire the best lawyers. The most important thing is to check for signs that you need a lawyer before deciding to hire.

3. The Accident Caused Serious Body Injuries or Death

A car accident lawyer should be contacted immediately if there were serious injuries or someone died in the accident. Besides, you can also hire a personal injury lawyer if you were injured in the accident. Accidents where someone died or involved severe bodily injury can be quite complicated and might, sometimes, lead to multiple lawsuits.

If you were injured in the accident, you are required to file a personal injury lawsuit against the party involved to get compensation for your medical treatment. If you don’t have a car injury lawyer, you might risk facing charges on wrongful death counterclaim or personal injury. Note that in the event your car is registered under your divorced husband or wife, you might need a divorce lawyer.

Further, you might also be charged a high amount of money for potential damages. For this reason, it is always recommended to have a car accident lawyer represent you in court.

Even if you are certain the other party was in the wrong, such civic legal cases might be tricky when you represent yourself. The complexity of the issues in the lawsuit will require expert advice.

The accident lawyer will not only help you calculate the amount you deserve as compensation but also represent you in the court. Apart from that, the lawyer will ensure they guide you through the legal process as well as shield you from any possible counterclaims.

Lawyers from the other parties might try to reduce your compensation or place you at fault. Therefore, the services of your lawyer will be needed.

Also, the majority of experienced lawyers offer free legal consultation, which means you don’t have to worry about incurring extra charges as consultation fees. The lawyer will guide you on how to go about the legal process and provide legal advice where necessary. Although an experienced lawyer might charge a hefty fee, they will ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

4. You Need to Collect Evidence

If you were hurt in the accident and need to collect evidence, you might need the help of a car accident lawyer. Your lawyer will also help you analyze the evidence to establish who was at fault and the estimated amount you deserve as compensation.

Today, the majority of car manufacturers equip their vehicles with a recorder known as a “black box” that is specially designed to record critical information in case of an accident. If the cars involved in the accident are equipped with the recording technology, you can retrieve the information and use it in claiming compensation.

The information is also capable of establishing how fast the car was traveling and whether the driver had worn a seatbelt. However, you should also note that accessing the driver’s data might not be easy. You might need the help of your lawyer to get a court order to retrieve the data.

Note that in the event your car was the cause of the accident, it might complicate the process of collecting evidence more — thus, you will need the services of an experienced lawyer. All you need to do is search for a prominent law firm and hire the best lawyer.

5. The Amount Offered as Compensation Is Lower Than Expected

Sometimes, compensation can be done at the point of the accident- if both parties agree who is at fault. However, in case there is a disagreement, then you will have to find a lawyer. He or she will help you settle the dispute and help you earn a decent amount as compensation.

Also, if the compensation offered caters for hospitalization only, you can consult with your lawyer to get paid for other damages and the lost hours. That’s not all! If there were lost items, your lawyer should ensure you are fully compensated.

Note that the best way to ensure you get the required compensation is to hire a lawyer to go through the damages and estimate the required amount. If the party involved does not comply with your requests, you can proceed to court and seek more compensation.

You should also ensure you have all the required evidence when seeking bigger compensation. In case your car was written off, you might need the services of an experienced lawyer from a prominent law firm to get a new car as compensation.

Is Checking For Signs That You Need A Lawyer Necessary?

Of course, it is necessary! It is almost a sure way to get compensation. Whenever you are involved in a car accident, your first option should always be to check for signs that you need a lawyer.

Although some damages might seem minor, they can advance with time. For this reason, engaging a lawyer from the start is fundamental.

If you are involved in a car accident or any issue that calls for professional follow up by a lawyer, feel free to contact us. Our top lawyers will work to ensure you get the required compensation. After all, why should you fight the battle alone while we can easily help?


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