Car Accident Lawyers
Halt | September 18, 2019 | 0 Comments

Car Accident Lawyers: Does it Matter Who You Pick?

When looking for a car accident lawyer, some make the mistake of not looking closely into the details of the lawyer’s success rate. You see, a good number of vehicular accident and personal injury cases are often resolved via a settlement that is to the satisfaction of all the parties involved. It is easy for lawyers to tout these settlements as evidence of their successful track record and experience. However, such cases don’t always end in out-of-court settlements and you may find yourself having to go through a court litigation. Settling out-of-court is one thing, but a lawsuit is a completely different process.

Quite a number of times, some insurance companies may be reluctant to give car accident victims their rightful compensation. Reasons behind this decision of insurance companies may stem from policy limits or even minute technicalities. When you find yourself in such a situation, you need an attorney who is also an expert in car accident lawsuits to represent you.

Why You Need an Attorney with Experience in Lawsuits

If a car accident case escalates to a court case, it usually falls under the personal injury lawsuit category. Such kind of a court case is akin to a divorce, claims or any other type of litigation. If the car accident case escalates with someone filing a claim in court, the case proceedings is likewise elevated to a whole new level. The court rules and proceedings will have to be followed closely and it is vital for your attorney to know the ropes enough to comply with all the requirements that you need to abide by to win your claim. Rules that govern the normal insurance claim process do not necessarily apply in litigation.

An attorney with very little experience with lawsuits might endanger your claim just because he failed to follow judicial proceedings correctly.  This alone should be reason enough for you to choose lawyers who have an expertise in personal injury lawsuits.

So how do you choose an experienced lawyer to represent you in a car accident case?

How to Find the Right Lawyer

To land the right attorney to represent you in a car accident case, you should look into his or her experience as a litigator.  Therefore, it will be good to examine and ask the lawyer if he litigates many cases. In addition to hearing what he has to say about his own experience, according to the marketing experts at Black Swan Media, you should also verify their testimonials and reviews – especially the ones found on Google My Business.

Bring up the possibility of a lawsuit and if he appears confident at that possibility, then the lawyer is a good candidate.

You should also check for the following:

Network. Your lawyer needs to be well-connected especially in the jurisdiction where you will file your claim. Courts and court proceedings are different. It will be to your advantage if your lawyer is familiar with and knows the right people in the jurisdiction.

Standing. If your lawyer has a good standing and reputation as a litigator, other parties involved just may acquiesce to a settlement that is acceptable and even favorable for you. Should the case go on trial, you know you have a good lawyer representing you.

Guarantee. Yes, look for guarantees. Lawsuits can be costly and it will be a relief if your lawyer has the resources to offer you a “pay-only-after-you-win” guarantee. Such an offer also shows your lawyer’s confidence in his abilities.


When looking for a lawyer to represent you in a car accident case, it will be to your advantage to look for someone who has experience and has a good record of accomplishment with court litigations. It will be wise to consider the possibility of the case being escalated to a lawsuit. Being prepared for such a possibility will increase your chances of having a favorable outcome for your claim.

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