Car Accident Lawyer Houston
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Car Accident Lawyer Houston – Top 10

Owning a car is your ticket to independence and freedom. We all need cars to get to and from work and to run the hundred-and-one errands that daily living demands from us.  But what happens when the joy of auto ownership turns to anguish and frustration because you’ve been involved in a car accident? No one ever anticipates needing the best car accident lawyer Houston has to offer.  Read on to learn more about the Best Houston Personal Injury Lawyers specializing in motor vehicle accidents.  

Whose fault was the accident, what if the other car involved in the accident doesn’t have insurance? How long do you have to file a claim after a car accident, and who is going to pay for all the damage and the medical costs for injuries incurred? 

Lots of Unanswered Questions – A Lawyer can Help

When you’re reeling from the aftermath of a car accident and you have a host of unanswered questions, an experienced auto accident attorney Houston can help you understand what legal rights you have. 

When you realize that insurance companies have their own lawyers and adjusters, it is wise to not try and face the legal world on your own but to hire a car accident lawyer in Houston,  but which one? 

Should I get an Attorney after a Car Accident?

A small bumper bashing such as when you back into another car in a parking lot won’t require a car accident lawyer in Houston. This is because there is little or no damage and no one was injured. 

There will be times, however, when a car accident lawyer in Houston will be required. Typical scenarios requiring a lawyer are –

  • When a serious injury occurred which includes hospitalization
  • Where a car accident results in a death
  • An inaccurate police report
  • When other parties such as pedestrians are involved.  

Car accident claims can be complicated and this often means that injured victims end up getting less than they should because of improperly handled claims.

When to get an attorney for a car accident? 

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you’re going to need a car accident lawyer in Houston. The amount of money you could recover is very large and you’re going to need someone to help you navigate this confusing process. However if your injuries were so minor that you didn’t require a doctor, then you may not need a houston car accident attorney.

There are many circumstances where having a car accident lawyer in Houston is important. If your injuries are serious and you haven’t been at work for weeks you will need a lawyer. You could also be getting a whole lot of opposition from the insurance company. This is because they certainly don’t have your best interests at heart. These are times when you will want a car accident lawyer in Houston on your side to take on the insurance company on your behalf. 

It is important to have legal counsel otherwise you risk losing your rights. Insurance companies know that many people are ignorant to the law and they take advantage of these people.  Insurance companies do whatever it takes to avoid payment and without a lawyer on your side, your chances of seeing any kind of compensation for a car accident is nil.

 I got in a car accident in Houston – What to do? 

Once you’ve experienced the terrible sound of crunching metal you often can’t think straight as to what actions to take. It’s times like this you’ll want a car accident lawyer in Houston on your side. 

  • Of course, you want to gather evidence immediately, but if you have been injured, summon medical care first.
  • Don’t leave the scene of the accident. Leaving will simply cause you more problems. You have to stay until everything regarding the accident is wrapped up by the relevant authorities.
  • Make use of your cellphone and take pictures of the accident. Take as many pictures as possible.
  • Also, take pictures of your injuries.
  • Collect the contact details of witnesses and have them sign their names below the details. Get their contact details so you can call them up when required.
  • Call the authorities and file a police report.
  • Contact a good Houston car accident lawyer.

Best car accident lawyer Houston has available

The best car accident lawyer in Houston is the one that specializes in car accidents as opposed to a car accident lawyer Houston firm that covers many areas of the law. Even so, these that deal with all areas of the law are as talented and skilled as any other.

However, the more experience the attorney has with car accidents the better. Also the best car accident lawyer in Houston firm has fair cost agreements and they don’t have any hidden costs.

You want to find a local lawyer – a car accident lawyer Houston expert who actually lives and practices in Houston. These lawyers are familiar with all the rules and regulations of the area, they understand weather- and road conditions and how they can impact on a car accident.  

What makes the Best Car Accident Attorney?

It’s a tricky question. There are different types of personal injury claims one can make, and in a field of law that can be specialized, your car accident lawyer Houston will need to know what they are dealing with. 

Personal injury law is complex. All kinds of implications can be brought up so you want to make sure that your choice of car accident lawyer Houston is such that the legal team is experienced to handle personal injury law.

  1. Research the reputation of a car accident lawyer Houston.  This step is extremely important. If someone is willing to refer a Houston personal injury lawyer to you means they did a great job for them, and will likely do the same for you. There is also reliable information online on all the car accident lawyer Houston experts. The sites will also let you know how long the lawyers have been practicing and what their track record is like. 
  2. Read Customer Reviews – those people who have already made use of their services and what their experience was. A car accident lawyer Houston with a good reputation will ensure you have a better chance of success with a settlement process.
  3. Also, in the field of personal injury attorneys, laws are always changing and your car accident lawyer in Houston needs to keep up to date with the latest changes. 
  4. Ask for Stats – To find the best car accident lawyer Houston there is, you need to always do research to find the most experienced legal experts there are – the ones that have an excellent reputation and who also have a higher ‘winning-the-case’ statistic than ‘losing the case’ stats. A good example of the best car accident attorney would be the Baumgartner Law Firm. They were founded way back in 1985 which means they’ve been representing clients for well over 3 decades. 
  5. Who you know & What you Know – The best car accident lawyer Houston has a thorough knowledge of Texas state laws and has great connections with the judicial branch in the area. You want the car accident lawyer Houston to have done work similar to what your case presents so that they are aware of resources that can help with your case.
  6. Trial Experience – Your case may go to trial but you may be up against a defendant who doesn’t want to go to trial and who offers a settlement amount. Your Houston car accident lawyer must be able to work out what is best and know how to get maximum results.  

The best car accident lawyer Houston is the one who can bring you justice and secure the outcome that you’re pleased with. 

How to find a car accident lawyer near me in Houston

There are a number of ways to look for a reputable car accident lawyer Houston, and word of mouth is always a good option. Those who have had a good experience with a car accident lawyer Houston will want to recommend them. As it is, they often go onto social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to talk about their experiences with a company.

There are online law sites that help you to find lawyers by area of practice and by location. 

You can always go into the Google search bar and type in the words ‘accredited car accident lawyers Houston’ to find reputable lawyers among the lists which are brought up. When you click on their names you’ll get their disciplinary history as well. You’ll want to check that the lawyer you’re interested in hasn’t been disciplined in the past. Some of these sites are FindLaw,, and among others. 

What does a car accident attorney do? 

The best car accident lawyer Houston professionals know how to classify the type of accident you were in and then determine how much compensation you will get. They have all the experience you don’t have – getting all the evidence together to support the claim, gathering police reports, medical records, witness statements as well as lost wage information.

Having someone knowledgeable handling all the complications of your case eases the burden and stress on you. 

The attorney organizes all the facts so that you can win the case and get compensation. With a capable lawyer, you can’t hope to know all the things that will be required of you after a car accident. 

Some of the things the best car accident lawyers in Houston will do for you –

  1. Complete the accident investigation
  2. Calculate the value of your claim
  3. Prepare and file your claim
  4. Do all the communication with adjusters on your behalf
  5. File a lawsuit
  6. Get payment for your medical bills as well as compensation for lost wages.
  7. Solicit an offer from the insurance company which will be sent to you to review
  8. If the attorney can’t get a fair settlement with the insurance company through negotiations, they will file a lawsuit or demand arbitration.
  9. Your car accident lawyer Houston can file a lawsuit on your behalf and will know how to mitigate possible defenses raised by the other side. Your lawyer will prepare your case for trial. 

How to settle a car accident claim without a lawyer?

There are times when you can try and get by without a lawyer. Minor car accident claims can be negotiated and settled out of court, more so if you have proved that the other driver was at fault.

You can’t just say the other driver was at fault. You have to prove that the other driver was negligent and that they caused your injuries through their sheer negligent act.

A typical and common example of a serious road accident is when someone comes through a red robot, whether deliberately or otherwise. You will have had to collect good evidence at the accident scene and check that no-one is injured.

You will have had to write down the other driver’s contact details as well as their insurance details. 

Make sure to find witnesses and get them to write down what they witnessed, to date it and sign it.

Take plenty of photos. Call the other driver’s insurance company and alert them to the fact of your intention to file a claim. Call your own insurance company and provide details of the accident.

Gather all your evidence and keep it together in a file – all your reports, statements and pictures, plus the police report. Keep all your medical bills, records and receipts there as well. Keep proof of the time and wages you have lost from not being able to go to work. 

The insurance company will assign an adjuster. Keep track of the claim numbers and quote the numbers throughout your correspondence. 

There may well be a lot of negotiating with the adjuster over the car’s value.

Finally, it’s time for a demand letter reviewing the facts of the accident and also the negligence of the other driver. Accompanying the demand letter should be copies of all medical records and other paperwork you kept in your file as mentioned above.

If you have done everything you know should be done and you still have problems resolving your claim then there are other options – the Small Claims Court. These courts are found across the USA  and you can go online and find the small claims courts in your state. These courts are a good choice for those who have been involved in a minor car accident and want to try and resolve the claim without hiring an attorney.

Should I hire a lawyer for a minor car accident?

Yes and no. If the damage to your vehicle is minor and you can drive your car home after completion of the police report, then you won’t need to hire a car accident lawyer Houston. Some people will disagree and say that even if you can drive off, it may only be days later that you start to experience pain in your neck and shoulders. In many instances, injuries that may seem like nothing may be more severe than you realize. 

If you discover this with you, see a doctor to make sure you’re alright and then talk to a minor car accident attorney to establish your options. 

So ultimately the answer is yes. Getting help from a car accident lawyer Houston after an accident that you at first thought was minor is important.

Car accident lawyer free consultation: Where to Find

Car accident lawyer Houston firms can be expensive and there are many Texans who can’t afford one but there are fortunately services available for those who can’t afford legal representation. 

Have a look at Legal Aid. The services vary from state to state but pro bono services are free. There are also quite a few organizations that provide legal aid but you will need to be eligible for the services. There are some law firms that provide this legal aid and pro bono attorney that specialize in legal aid. 

These pro bono attorneys donate time to help clients who can’t afford legal help. It is interesting to note that the American Bar Association actually recommends that lawyers donate 50 hours of pro bono service a year. 

A couple of websites that offer legal assistance free of charge –

  • Lone Star Legal Aid which serves the Houston area
  • Texas Legal – founded by the State Bar of Texas
  • – for low-income Texans 

Auto accident lawyer: no injury

Not every car accident results in injuries. You can be so thankful when you can climb out your car uninjured. There are car accident lawyer Houston firms that won’t represent you without an injury. Trial Lawyers for Justice take on cases only where people have sustained injuries, so you may need to look elsewhere as it can be harrowing taking on the driver at fault’s insurer.

A car accident lawyer in Houston can help you so that the insurance company doesn’t get away without compensation for you.

Yes, it’s possible to handle your own car accident claim without hiring an attorney which can be economical for you. But it can be so frustrating and thankless that you may end up using the money you saved to buy painkillers for your frustration-induced headaches. 

Navigating the law alone can be frustrating, complex and confusing. Even if you weren’t hurt it can be far less stressful to get a lawyer on your side. 

10 Best Car Accident Lawyers in Houston

If you are looking for a Texas auto accident lawyer, Houston, Texas has many superb lawyers who belong to many professional organizations such as the Inner Circle of Advocates, the American Board of Trial Advocates and others. The best lawyers keep up with changing trends and many have even served as presidents of the Houston Bar Association and others. They are board-certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and they are all contactable 24 hours a day. 

Here are the Top 10 Car Accident Lawyers in Houston

1. The Freeman Law Firm – Houston Car Accident Attorney

This  Houston car accident attorney offers the people of Texas sound legal advice with many years of legal experience. There are a number of attorneys at their firm who are Board Certified and clients can be confident that the Freeman Law firm is able to enjoy experienced, quality legal representation.

This car accident lawyer Houston team always put in plenty of prep-work for the event of trial and they have received powerful results for their clients. Their primary areas of concentration include among others, personal injury, semi-truck accidents, car accidents, pedestrian accidents, general liability, and drunk driving accidents. You can call the Freeman Law Firm on  (713) 973-1000 and expect a high level of legal help from this very able team. 

2. Stewart J. Guss – Houston Car Accident Lawyer

Stewart J. Guss is a car accident lawyer Houston who has two decades of personal injury law practice behind him. With the policy of ‘client first’ he has a team of attorneys who focus on personal injury cases. They work on a large docket of personal injury cases, taking cases on a contingency fee basis – only getting paid when they get a recovery on the case.

A car accident lawyer Houston firm like this offers a free consultation night and day, around the clock. It means nothing is hindering you from getting started with this auto accident attorney. Also, if you are uninsured and you maybe can’t afford health insurance co-pays, this Houston Car Accident Lawyer can help you get the medical treatment you need. As car accident lawyers, they can help you with every aspect of your claim when you call them on 866-636-0530. 

3. Sutliff & Stout Houston Injury & Accident Law Firm

These personal injury attorneys believe that good legal representation is a fundamental right. If you’re looking for a car accident lawyer Houston for your car accident injury case, Sutliff and Stout are board-certified lawyers.  This Houston Injury & Accident Law Firm also works on a contingency basis, which means you won’t pay them anything unless they are able to recover money for you. 

Some of their practice areas include among other motorcycle accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, and car accidents. If you contact them, the car accident lawyer Houston firm will come to your home or hospital to be of service to you. They will then take all the necessary steps to ensure a fair and just outcome for you. 

You can call or email them to discuss your situation. They’re open around the clock on +1 713-987-7111.

4. Zehl & Associates – Car Accident Lawyer Houston

This Houston Personal Injury Law Firm represents car accident victims in Texas and the United States. This car accident lawyer Houston team have recovered some of the biggest settlements there are, and with their proven track record, they can do it for you too. Trial lawyer and founder of Zehl & Associates’, Ryan Zehl, has successfully taken on some of the largest companies in the world and clients who have worked with him say it’s like having a family member on your side. 

As a Car Accident Lawyer Houston, they’re known as one of the best personal injury law firms in the United States. You can call them on 1-888-992-5798 for a free consultation where they will explain your rights. All consultations with this car accident lawyer Houston firm are free and working on a contingency fee, clients don’t pay them anything unless these lawyers win your case.

5. McDonald Worley – Houston Car Accident Lawyer

This award-winning personal injury law firm’s areas of practice, among many others, include car accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, texting and driving accidents.  These are accredited Houston Car Accident Lawyers who you can trust and their focus is on helping you recover the compensation you deserve.

This car accident lawyer Houston team has been helping their clients for decades and if you have someone who has been killed in a car accident in Houston, this law firm is there to support you in rebuilding your life after such a tragedy.

They’ve recovered millions for their clients and can do so for you too. They’re open 24 hours and you can call them on +1 281-623-1906.

6. Fears Nachawati – Houston Personal Injury Lawyers

This accredited law firm was founded in 2006, and although their attorneys come from different backgrounds, they’re united when it comes to getting the best results for clients. These Trial attorneys have earned selection to the 2020 edition of ‘The Best Lawyers in America.’ The car accident lawyer Houston team represents individuals, businesses and public and private entities and are one of the most respected law firms there are. The Dallas-based law firm represents clients in cases involving wrongful death and injuries from car accidents, 18-wheeler wrecks, wrongful death and much more. You can contact the Houston Personal Injury Lawyers on 1-866-705-7584.

7. Lapeze & Johns – Truck Accident Lawyers

These lawyers have many areas of practice, one of them being car accidents. Chris Johns and Keith Lapeze have more than 30 years of combined legal experience. These Truck Accident Lawyers handle cases on a contingency basis, only getting paid when they successfully recover compensation for their clients.

The prestigious car accident lawyer Houston firm is a formidable team with a proven history of success over the 3 decades that they’ve been in action. You can call them on 713-766-4855 if you need them to sort out death and disability from highway accidents, traumatic brain injury, burn injuries, death and more. You don’t even need to go into the office to see them. Fill in your case details online and they will get back to you with 24 hours. 

8. Hugh Howerton – Houston Texas Car Accident Lawyer

This seasoned, accredited trial lawyer has been representing injury victims for more than 3 decades, specializing in catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases involving cars, motorcycles, and trucks. 

The car accident lawyer Houston firm handles personal injury matters in Houston and throughout Texas. He is a Board Certified lawyer and is ranked as being a lawyer with the highest level of professional excellence.  This Houston Texas Car Accident Lawyer’s areas of specialty include trucking accidents, premises liability, company vehicle accidents, and workplace accidents. 

9. Thiessen Law Firm – Auto Accident Law Firm in Houston

If you’ve been involved in a car accident and you can’t see your way forward to work things out, you need an experienced criminal defense team on your side. Thiessen Law firm are award-winning attorneys who understand every aspect of your case. This car accident lawyer Houston team are one of Houston’s most distinguished criminal defense law firms and are available to their clients  24 hours a day.

This thorough Auto Accident Law Firm in Houston checks every detail of your case and they are prepared to fight for you. Their website has a host of positive testimonials from happy clients and they say you should never settle for anything less than what they can offer. As a respected criminal defense law firm in Houston, they’re inviting you to call them on (713) 677-2134 for a free consultation.

10. Michael Fleming – Houston Car Accident Lawyer

As an excellent Houston car accident lawyer, Michael Fleming has been practicing law in Houston for more than 30 years. He has represented clients in the state and federal trial and appellate courts and is Board Certified and a Super Lawyer – the ability to handle personal injury cases. He is a specialist in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has a team of highly skilled legal eagles whose experience allows them to represent clients in Houston and surrounds in a wide range of cases. 

With this highly accredited car accident lawyer Houston firm you can rest assured that your case is in excellent hands as they know how to prepare and win cases.  You can contact the law firm which is open 24 hours on +1 832-532-9903 and get your free consultation underway. 

Summing Up

A car accident, even one with no injuries, can be a harrowing event to sort out. You can try and go it alone but it can be time-consuming and frustrating. The best car accident lawyer Houston firms in Houston, Texas are known for the excellent way they fight for car accident victims, sparing them loads of unnecessary frustration.

Houston has no shortage of superb lawyers and by arranging your free consultation, you’ve taken the first step to sorting everything out quickly and easily and getting the compensation you deserve.

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