Cerebral Palsy
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Can I Sue if My Child Gets Cerebral Palsy?

What is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy affects a person’s balance, posture, and the ability to move about in a usual, healthy manner. This disease is known as a motor disability and affects a large share of younger children and new born babies. Because there is damage to the brain’s cerebral area that control movement, the brain is unable to signal the muscles to move in the usual fashion.

As with any other disease or illness, everyone reacts differently and requires different assistance or medication forms. Cerebral Palsy can affect a person in many different ways and on different levels from very mild to severe, requiring lifelong care. Some people may need little to no help. There are three types of Cerebral Palsy, and these depend on which part of the brain is affected. There is stiff muscle CP, Uncontrolled movements, or poor balance and coordination.

While symptoms can change over the course of someone’s lifetime, Cerebral Palsy does not usually become progressively worse. What and how Cerebral Palsy affects one person may not affect another person the same way. Other complications, such as seizures, mental disability, speech, hearing, and vision problems can arise. Bone structural problems can also be a problem, such as seen in joint problems, contractures with the joints, and scoliosis of the spine. The spastic type of Cerebral Palsy is the most common.

The early signs of Cerebral Palsy are seen in children who have difficulty reaching their motor movements like rolling over, sitting up, standing, and walking. Parents may notice that their baby younger than six months has a difficult time holding their head up. When the parent picks up the baby, the head may fall backward. The baby’s body may feel stiff, and arms and legs seem floppy.

As baby reaches a milestone, the baby may not possess the ability to roll over, bring hands together, bringing hands to mouth, sit up, or crawl. As the baby grows and reaches at least ten months to one year, their crawling movement may seem lopsided, and the child tries to push off with one hand and leg and drag the other side. Crawling seems obsolete as the child scoots around on his buttocks, or hops on their knees, and crawling does not exist.

If a parent suspects that their child has CP symptoms, they need to talk with the child’s doctor to make a definitive diagnosis. First, the parent needs to monitor the child carefully to track their growth and development by keeping a daily diary. The doctor may perform a developmental screening test to see if the parent’s concerns are sound, and referral and medical evaluation are necessary.

Parents are heartbroken when and if their child has developed Cerebral Palsy due to brain damage. This disability can happen during pregnancy, before birth, during birth, and within 30 days after delivery.  Many parents ask, “Was this a birth injury?”

It takes the expertise of a birth injury attorney to find out the reason for the diagnosis. Parents think of the most common cause of Cerebral Palsy is a possible lack of oxygen during the birthing process. Researchers now believe that a lack of oxygen to the baby’s brain happens in very few cases. However, the majority of Cerebral Palsy cases are not known.

The question arises,

Q.  Can I sue if my child gets Cerebral Palsy?

A. You really must seek the services of a Cerebral Palsy attorney to determine if the proper standards of medical care were given during the delivery of your child as brain injury can result in Cerebral Palsy.

Cerebral Palsy is a lifelong diagnosis, and the child will no doubt need specialized care throughout their life, meaning that all of this could lead to a mound of medical expenses and lifelong care and specialized education, which all costs much money. The reason for the diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy needs to be researched and looked into in-depth by the birth injury attorney to find out if this diagnosis was due to an error in medical care.

If this diagnosis is due to malpractice, you need compensation. Be advised that we offer a free consultation to determine if you have a case. If you have a case, we work hard to get you the settlement you deserve. This life-changing injury affects everyone, but mostly the child. You pay us no fee unless we win your case. We are working for you to ensure that you receive compensation for injuries.


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