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Boost Your Leads With These Top Criminal Lawyer Marketing Tips

It is essential to market your law firm for achieving success. Criminal law is a crucial branch of the legal system and should be marketed to achieve success.

Mohammad Siddiqui (MBA, Legal Marketing Lead) with LawFirmMarketing360 says “Criminal lawyer marketing has been an ignored subject for a long time. General law firms usually divert their marketing budgets to higher earning practices such as corporate law, and divorce law”.

Let’s look at the importance of criminal law practices and tips on how to achieve success through criminal lawyer marketing.

The Importance Of Criminal Law & How Legal Marketing Fits In

The Top Lawyers

Criminals require the utmost justice because their sentences can often be misleading relative to the crime they committed. This is why it is important for your firm to fill the market gap and provide readily available services to criminal lawyers.

In 2020, a surge in murder cases was reported as the crime rate rose to around 7 murders per 100,000 people in the US. Crime has always been, and always will be a continuous deterring factor.

The criminal law market is there but is your law firm tapping into it? Are your clients discovering you on the Google Map pack, Google ads space, or organic SEO spots? Are you finding it difficult to gain more criminal law clients on a consistent basis? If the answer to these questions is yes, you should definitely consider opting for specialized legal digital marketing services to effectively market your services.

Practical Tips On How To Successfully Market Your Criminal Defence Law Firm

You still have the opportunity to fill a large, unfocused by many, market gap. Not many criminal defense firms are concentrating on investing in criminal law which presents a chance for your firm to increase business operations, as well as the scale of service.

Increase Marketability Through Technology

Virtual Data Room

Building a user-friendly, easy-to-operate website is the first step. Display services through attractive graphics, pictures, and text. Next, add client trust through secure payment methods.

It is also a good practice to follow a market penetration strategy at first, where you lower your prices compared to the competition to get your word out and achieve higher sales. Note that a lot of criminal law firms get a  lot of cases referred by past clients, this is why it’s imperative to get new clients in on a consistent basis as they fuel your future criminal law services referral business as well.

Hire A Marketing Agency

Can You File An LLC Without Help From Another Company Legally

If you want rapid and effective results, it is always a safe option to employ specialized external services. These agencies will handle all of your marketing headaches, allowing you to concentrate elsewhere.

These services offer:

  1. SEO focused text to direct high traffic on your website
  2. Will build a thorough and compassionate online marketing plan to offer your criminal law clients a respectable medium. The online marketing plan includes graphic designing, textual content, sourcing images, attractive advertisement, and more.

Outsourcing the marketing of your business will allow your website to build organic traffic. You will also be offered affordable marketing strategies without the need to hire a team.

Create A Dialogue

These days, word-of-mouth spreads like wildfire online. Use this to your advantage by offering free marketing strategies such as free online webinars, legal directories, and free online lectures.

It is highly advised to undertake legal pro-bono work, and put it on your website, to enthrall clients. You will be fulfilling your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in the process.

Follow these steps, amongst many other ideas, to add success to your business. In the process, you will be giving justice to hopeless people as well. A win-win deal.

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